14 Best Pet Insurance Companies

Golden doodle dog, cute with tongue out looking into camera

The best pet insurance companies offer a variety of coverage options for your pet. How can you know which pet insurance company you should choose? It’s nice to know that if your pet got sick or needed emergency surgery you …

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17 Best Places to Buy College Textbooks Online

image of a library showcasing their online textbooks

College can be an expensive time with a never-ending stream of expenses, including supplies, gadgets, housing and food. This list of costs doesn’t even account for the ever-rising price of college tuition, which climbs 8 percent every year.  While there …

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51 Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free

Man with a boy and girl eating in a restaurant FI

Taking the kids out to eat always sounds like a good idea. You can avoid cooking while making some memories. Everything is going great until you get the check and realize you are paying $9.99 for a kid-size grilled cheese …

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11 Best Places to Buy Discount Shoes Online

Woman wearing discounted shoes while walking outside on boardwalk

Shopping for shoes from the comfort of your home can save you time and money. Not only will you keep more cash in your pocket, but you’ll also have a better selection than what you’ll find at most brick-and-mortar shoe …

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17 Unique Ways to Get Free Gift Cards

Pile of gift cards sitting on a table

Gift cards make great gifts to give and receive. They are the next best thing to getting actual cash. And, as digital wallets become more prevalent, and we use cashless frequently each year, gift cards are becoming a more common …

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