The 15 Best Coupon Apps to Save Money

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You might think the only way to save money at the store is to clip coupons from the Sunday paper or sign up for a retailer’s e-mail list.

That’s far from the case. There are plenty of coupon apps that can save you money on just about any purchase.

Top Coupon Apps

To help you save the most money when shopping, here are the details of the most popular coupon apps.

1. Tada

Tada is a cash-back shopping app that pays you when you upload receipts.

Tada helps you earn money when you shop online by accessing stores through their portal and receiving cash back on purchases.

You can also use the app’s coupon feature and print coupons through a partnership with

You can cash out when your Tada balance reaches $10. Your balance is redeemable for various gift cards, including PayPal, Amazon, and more.

2. Rakuten

Rakuten is more than just a coupon app. It allows you to get a small percentage back for your entire purchases ranging from 1% to 40%, depending on the retailer.

Over 2,000 online retailers participate, including Walmart, Target, Lowe’s, JC Penney, Macy’s, and many clothing brands. Basically, if you can buy it online, you can get cashback.

They also have a discount code section on the Rakuten website with codes you can enter at checkout to lower your total sales amount.

Rewards are paid by check every quarter once you earn $5 cash back. It’s free to join & you also have the opportunity to earn a $10 bonus credit after

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3. Honey

If you shop on Amazon, you know there are a few ways to get discounts. Honey makes it a little easier to find more ways to save.

This coupon app automatically enters every known discount code on the checkout screen to save you money. It can even show you the lowest prices while shopping on Amazon.

Along with saving money at Amazon, Honey will also enter the best discount codes at most major discount retailers, department stores, and restaurants (including online pizza orders)!

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4. Ibotta

Another popular app is Ibotta. Many consider Ibotta the best coupon app for saving money on groceries and in-person shopping. This is more like your traditional approach to couponing.

Before going to a store, search the Ibotta app on your smartphone to see the deals and activate the digital coupons.

For example, you might get $1 back by buying a particular brand of potato chips or bottled water. You activate the coupon, purchase the product, and receive a cash-back credit in your Ibotta account.

There are even coupons for non-grocery items such as clothing stores, restaurants, and even gas stations after scanning a copy of your receipt with a smartphone. After earning $20 in rewards, you can get paid with PayPal or store gift cards.

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5. Drop

Drop is a cash-back rewards app that rewards you with money when you link your debit or credit card to the app.

It works automatically in the background, so once you download the app and add your cards, you can forget about the app and let it do its work.

With Drop, the rewards amounts will differ based on which stores you’re shopping at, but plan on earning 1% to 2% cashback.

Note that with Drop, there are a limited number of stores you can add to your list for earning points. For that reason, you’ll want to choose stores you shop at often in order to earn the most points.

Bonus: Drop also has other avenues for earning, including taking surveys and playing games.

6. Dosh

Dosh works similarly to Drop in that you simply link it to your credit and/or debit cards, and it works effortlessly in the background.

These coupons are nice because there’s no cutting, printing, or handing in coupon codes as you shop.

Dosh rewards you with cash back for purchases and will also give you bonus rewards on some purchases. Like all of the apps mentioned here, Dosh is free to download and use.

However, if your Dosh account is inactive for 12 months or longer, you will be charged a monthly fee of $4.99.

7. Checkout51

Checkout51 works similarly to Ibotta. Once you download the app, you can start searching it for offers.

You’ll find offers on gas, groceries, and more. Check the offers you want to take advantage of, and then tap “redeem” in the app once you’ve made the purchases.

Upload photos of your receipts, and Checkout51 will credit your account. You can cash out once you’ve reached a balance of $20.

Once you’ve chosen to cash out, you get your payment via a mailed check. Offers are updated weekly, which means there are new offers to take advantage of regularly.

8. Shopkick

Shopkick is an app available for iOS and Android devices that isn’t your typical coupon app.

In fact, it’s different from most of the apps listed in this article because you can earn points just by visiting a store. You will need to use your smartphone with this app and enable your Bluetooth location services.

Shopkick awards you reward points called “kicks” that you can earn by visiting a store, scanning item barcodes, and making purchases. Those are three different ways you can earn kicks.

You can earn points by visiting grocery stores and retail stores. For example, you can earn 100 kicks just by walking through the front door of your favorite electronics store.

When redeeming your kick points, they are exchanged for store gift cards.

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9. Groupon

To save money on experiences and visiting restaurants, you should check Groupon for local deals. Groupon says you can save up to 70% on select deals.

First-time users can get an additional discount for their first purchase.

You can save some additional money at Groupon by visiting the site through the Rakuten app (also recommended on this list) also offers a cash back discount.

In addition to finding local deals, Groupon can help you save money on vacation activities across the globe. They also have a “Coupons” section to save money at multiple retailers with coupon codes.

10. Amazon Coupons

Sometimes, you want to browse the specials before you shop. Amazon Coupons lets you look at all the current offers from every shopping category.

As with certain products on the Amazon website, they are only available to Amazon Prime members. That holds true with select coupons too.

Trustpilot: 2.9 out of 5

11. Capital One Shopping

Capital One Shopping is a free coupon app that helps everyone save money, not just Capital One cardholders.

The app is free to download and use. Just search for the products you’re shopping for in the app, and Capital One shows you the prices at the most popular retailers. You can also access promo codes sourced by the Capital One community and earn Shopping Rewards each time you shop.

If Capital One already has a coupon for the store you choose, they’ll automatically apply the coupon to your order. 

You can redeem your Shopping Rewards for gift cards to further your savings on the Capital One Shopping platform. 

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12. is a free app for Android and Apple users to help you save on the most purchased products from your phone.

With the app, you can email coupons to print from your computer, link coupons to your store loyalty card, or find coupons for local businesses. offers coupons to the most popular stores, including Target, Whole Foods, Walmart, and Costco. In addition, they offer hundreds of cashback offers on your favorite products, making it easy to save money while shopping. 

If you don’t link your store loyalty card, you can upload your receipt to the app to get credit for your purchases. In addition, you can redeem your cash-back offers via PayPal, which will give you money for your purchases. 

13. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards turns any purchase into gift cards or cash back. Download the free app and upload receipts from anywhere you shop to earn points you can redeem for gift cards.

You don’t have to worry about making a specific purchase or shopping at a particular store. Fetch Rewards pays users to upload receipts to any store. They also run promos for specific brands or retailers that may pay bonus points, but every receipt earns something.

At a minimum, each receipt earns you 25 points, but some purchases will make you even more. Uploading your receipt takes only a few seconds, and you’re on your way to earning gift cards. 

Fetch offers gift cards to your favorite stores like Amazon, eBay, PSN, Uber, and Starbucks. You can also redeem your points for iTunes or Apple gift cards.

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14. ShopSavvy

ShopSavvy turns your mobile phone into a price comparison and money-saving machine. Download the ShopSavvy app for price comparisons, price drop alerts, and deal alerts.

It’s easy to search for your desired product in the app and get a list of the top retailers selling it at the best price. You can even scan a product’s barcode in a store to see if someone else has it for a better price.

If you’re on the hunt for an item at a lower price, set up a price drop alert to receive an instant alert when the price drops. You can also set up back-in-stock alerts to get your hands on favorite items.

ShopSavvy makes it easy to shop smarter, not harder. With a few keywords or barcodes, you can learn everything there is to know about a product, its pricing, and availability across all major retailers.

15. RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot is an app that saves money and helps people earn cash back.

RetailMeNot partners with over 15,000 brands and has over 200,000 offers on the app at any given time. 

Users can save by using special promo codes offered by RetailMeNot or cashback offers by shopping through the RetailMeNot portal. You’ll also find the occasional in-person deal allowing you to shop at a local store and save.

RetailMeNot staff members also monitor your shopping habits, hand-picking deals to personalize your shopping and help you save the most money. On average, they claim members earn $10 per order placed using the RetailMeNot app.

How Do These Coupon Apps Compare?

Amazon Coupons2.7
Capital One Shopping2.0
Fetch Rewards4.5
ShopSavvyNot Yet Rated


You can still save money by clipping coupons from the newspaper and the mail. However, using coupon apps makes saving money a lot easier and quicker. Plus, all these apps are free to use.

All you need is a smartphone to get started, and you can save the next time you visit your favorite grocery store or department store.

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  3. Ann Terwilliger says:

    I’ve used Coupon Sherpa, Shopkick, & a couple of others not mentioned here —Receipt Hog, Fetch Rewards, Checkout 51– all since they first started. They’re great! I have problems with SnipSnap. Many of the coupons that come up on it are no good, the stores won’t take them. When I first started using SnipSnap it worked fairly well but not any more. An example is yersterday I was at Ulta & SnipSnap was the only one of my coupon apps with Ulta coupons. When the cashier scanned the code on my phone it came up as “already used”. Many of the coupons in this app (for any store) are copies or photos of coupons others have received. I’ve had the same thing happen with SnipSnap at other stores.The cashier scans it & says “it won’t take it”. I have never had a problem with Coupon Sherpa. I don’t do much online shopping but do a lot of in-store shopping & prefer coupons I can use in-store. I’m wondering if anyone else has complained about SnipSnap or am I doing something wrong?

  4. Not a coupon app necessarily but using the Shoptagr app can save you money by alerting you of a sale price on your favorite items at most stores. You just save the item while at the brand/store website using the Shoptagr extension! I love this app!

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  6. Is there an app that will check my grocery cart for coupons and apply them? For instance, I have my Walmart grocery cart: the app checks my items and warns me if their is a coupon for a certain product in my cart. Walmart lists 1000’s of coupons on their site, but you have to manually go through them. It would be great if there was an app to just check my cart and apply coupons.

    1. Josh Patoka says:

      Apps, like Ibotta, have a barcode scanner that let you scan items to see if an active offer exists. You have to scan each item individually and opt-in to the offer before you redeem the receipt.

      I’m not aware of an app that can scan your receipt and dig through the offers to automatically activate them for you. It sounds like a million dollar idea if you ask me!

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