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  1. This is a really great post. I love playing video games, so this article is great. I have always wondered how to make money playing video games. Many of these sites seem great!

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      • Good! I’m glad you liked it. I hope it helps you out in the future.

  2. Make games to be on mobile phones without flash.

    • How is that possible?

  3. I need games that provide money.

    • Well, you’ve come to the right place.

    • They need to have little requirements.

      • That’s what makes these ideas great. You can begin making money immediately.

    • I really love gaming. It’s fun, so let’s get started!

      • That sounds like a great goal!

  4. This is so cool!

    • We’re glad you like it!

  5. GameForCash is good as well. They basically show you the ins and outs of being a paid gamer.

    • Awesome! We’ll have to look into that!

  6. Hi, all!

    I want to play Games to get paid from Laos. How do I do it? Can anyone lead me to that stage?

    Thanks in advance.

  7. Wow, I’m from Australia and I’m gobsmacked at how easy it can be to make money doing something I love.

    • Me too!

  8. That’s a nice way.

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  9. I am very glad to have this opportunity. I love to play games because playing take away worries from my life and make me very happy. I have been looking for a way to be paid when playing games. I am happy to have found one. Thanks.

  10. Thanks for making this list! It’s super cool. If you’re looking to revise it in the future, I started using givinghalf to earn some extra bucks. They let you earn whether you’re playing the game or not. Just leaving your browser open gives you points.

  11. I am in Uganda. I don’t know if I will be considered, but I am interested in starting.

    • I’m not sure how many of these ways to make money playing games work in your country, but it is definitely worth trying.

      • Deacon, I am not sure that’s why I was inquiring, but I am requesting you consider because I need to begin earning to take care of my young ones at home.

  12. Hi,

    I came across your site,, and I’d like to find out about the possibility of purchasing some advertising space. Please let me know if this is something you’re interested in and we can discuss things a little further. Thanks for your time.


    • Please send an email to: info at to find out more.

  13. Does this thing work for all countries?

    • Since we have listed so many different sites, the best way to find out would be to check with each one individually. I hope you have success!

  14. I like this. I’ve been looking for a way to make some cash for quite a while.

    • I’m glad we can help.

  15. Here are 5 more games that pay you real cash to play and win: Look for Online Interactive Money Games Pay to Play.

  16. I love playing games and wish that I could get paid for doing so.

    • You can with this post! Just try a few of these ideas out. Good luck!

  17. I just read your page and I’ve been thinking, that for quite some time now, I’ve had the idea, (ie: 10-12 years), I’ve been interested in trying to play for pay, but never found quite what, or how, to go about it – especially because I have Fibromyalgia and am wheelchair bound. This has weighed heavily on me because of excruciating pain and unemployability. So, this is, or rather, looks like a great way to be able to provide for a family. Still, I need to find the best solution or right place. I’m wondering if you could maybe enlighten me to which one would be the best considering penny ante would get me nowhere as a salary.! I’m waiting in anticipation of your response. THANK-YOU for your time.

    • That’s what this post is all about. I would take a look at a few of the sites listed and if some appeal to you, give them a try. I wish you luck.

  18. Hi,
    I, too, have Fibromyalgia and am unable to work outside the home. Are there websites that allow USA players to earn cash while playing free games on a Windows 10 desktop PC?

    • I don’t know for sure. You might have to look in the terms and conditions or policies of the sites you are interested in. If you think your computer would not be fast enough or compatible, you could always send an inquiry about it to the company and check to be sure.

  19. Does it work for all countries?

    • I’m not sure that it does. The best way to check is to look at the Policies, Terms, and Conditions sections of each site you are interested in. If that doesn’t answer the question, contact them directly and ask if it works where you live.

  20. Do you have any suggestions as to what kind of game to join for real cash?
    isabrinam frosabrm Malaysia

    • Try one of the ideas in this post! Good luck!!

  21. Hi, I’m interested in more information on how to make money by testing video games.

    • This post should help you then. Good luck!

  22. Hi, I’m interested in more information on how to make money by testing video games.

    • Follow number twenty-four in this post to help you get started testing video games. Good luck!

  23. I’m ready to play.

    • That’s great! Just follow the links in the post to get started. Good luck!

  24. I am very skeptical of all these internet money making sites. However, I know that if it’s true, I have a whole lot of potential to make a lot of money, based on what I have read. Anyway, I’m going to try to see what I am working with. I need money badly.

    • I hope one or more of these ideas works for you. In addition, we have more post on our site about ways you can make money. Be sure to check them out.

  25. I love playing online games and would love making money to play.

    • Check out some of the links in the article to get started!

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