Well Kept Wallet Podcast

Welcome to the Well kept Wallet podcast where it’s all about getting you from where you are to where you want to be when it comes to your career, money, and lifestyle.

In this podcast I interview successful people who love what they do for a living. If you are looking for a job that you love or just want to stay inspired, that is the purpose of this show.

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Episode Guide

WKW 01: Introduction to the Well Kept Wallet Podcast

WKW 02: Interview with John Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire

WKW 03: Interview with Dan Nainan a 100% Clean Comedian

WKW 04: Interview with Louisa Eyler of Lock Laces

WKW 05: Coffee House owner Marc Renson on why he loves what he does

WKW 06: Stephanie Humphrey is a Tech Expert who has been on the Silver Screen

WKW 07: Staci Lawrence From Flash Mob America Shares Her Story

WKW 08: 20 Year Old who has Launched Several Successful Startups

WKW 09: Interview with Co-Author of Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green

WKW 10: Interview with Philip Nelson a Senior VP at NewTek

WKW 11: Nellie Akalp Sold Her Company to Intuit and Then Founded CorpNet

WKW 12: Bruce Gray is a Sculptor Whose Work is in Feature Films

WKW 13: Laura Grier – Adventure, Travel and Destination Photographer

WKW 14: Nicole Dunn is a Creative TV Producer from Dr. Phil’s “Decision House”

WKW 15: Elle Kaplan shares what it’s like as CEO of Lexion Capital

WKW 16: Helah Kehati Runs an Event Planning, Catering & Venue Management Company

WKW 17: Adam Shepard Traveled The World For 1 Year on Less Than $20,000

WKW 18: Bonnie Dewkett is a Professional Organizer Who Love’s What She Does

WKW 19: Dane Maxwell started a business from nothing that makes over $60,000 per month

WKW 20: Jeff Rose went from being a Soldier to becoming a Certified Financial Planner

WKW 21: Chris Miles on why he loves being a Cash Flow Expert

WKW 22: Interview with Chrissy Carew who Founded Insightful Player

WKW 23: Interview with Eric Scott the CEO of Dolphin Micro

WKW 24: Interview with Penny Sansevieri the CEO of Author Marketing Experts, Inc

WKW 25: Interview with Steve P Young the Host of the Mobile App Chat Podcast

WKW 26: Interview with William Shaker an Online Entrepreneur Who Has Sold Millions

WKW 27: Rebecca Braglio Quits Being an Attorney to Do What She Loves

WKW 28: How I Plan to Graduate from High School a Millionaire with Houston Gunn

WKW 29: Selling a Business for $30 Million and the 5 P’s with Jere Doyle

WKW 30: Leaving the Corporate World to Become an Entrepreneur with Jesse Marrus of Street ID

WKW 31: How to Create a Startup with Vincent Turner From Planwise

WKW 32: From Getting Fired to Being Fired Up with The Newsletter Guru, Jim Palmer

WKW 33: You Are Never Too Old to Land Your Dream Job with Hobie Porterfield

WKW 34: From $7 an hour to 7 figures per year with Real Estate Guru, Matt Theriault

WKW 35: Saving Outside of the Box with The Clark Howard Show Producer, Joel Larsgaard

WKW 36: Reaping Great Rewards With Little Effort, Featuring SavingsAngel.com’s Josh Elledge

WKW 37: Marketing Strategies and Do-it-Yourself Projects with Pete Sveen

WKW 38: How to Make a Million Dollars, Travel the World, and Live the Life of Your Dreams with Ryan Daniel Moran

WKW 39: Fueling Your Passion and Staying Ablaze with John Lee Dumas, Founder of Entrepreneur on Fire

WKW 40: Being an Employee Intentionally and Loving it with Bert Purdy

WKW41: Making Budgets Sexy With Jay Money

WKW42: Turning Passion into Business, With Fitpacking Founder Steve Silberberg

WKW 43: Inspiring Innovation and Incubating Podcasts with Meron Bareket

WKW44: Rainforests, NFL Players, Spider Monkeys and Business Launches with Scott Duffy

WKW 45: Finding, Buying, Selling the Right Business with Ace Chapman

WKW 46: Social Influence, Interpersonal Dynamics and The Art of Charm with Jordan Harbinger

WKW 47: Planning for Retirement with the Retirement Answer Man, Roger Whitney

WKW 48: How to Buy and Sell Internet Businesses with Justin Gilchrist

WKW 49: The Importance of Credit and How to Manage it Effectively with Becky Frost

WKW 50: How to Retire in Your Twenties With Austin Netzley

WKW 51: How to Find the Work that You Love with Scott Barlow

WKW 52: How to Make Six Figures Per Year Online Selling T-Shirts with Benny Hsu

WKW 53: How to Stop Overpaying on Your Taxes with Diane Gardner

WKW 54: What it Takes to Make a Living as a Writer with Jeff Goins

WKW 55: How to Start Investing in Real Estate with J. Massey

WKW 56: How to Create a One Page Financial Plan with Carl Richards

WKW 57: How a Firefighter Paid off $52,000 in Debt in Seven Months

WKW 58: How Mobile Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business with Greg Hickman

WKW 59: How to Get a Lower Interest Rate on Your Debt with Dan Macklin

WKW 60: Why You Should Have One Bed and One Bank Account with Derek and Carrie Olsen

WKW 61: Why Everyone Needs a Mentor with Geoff Woods

WKW 62: How to Get $18 Million in Free National Media Exposure with Steve Economides

WKW 63: How to Earn Recurring Revenue by Building Software with Dave DeVogt

WKW 64: The New Direction of the Well Kept Wallet Podcast

WKW 65: How Chess Can Make You Better at Investing with Doug Goldstein

WKW 66: Should You Always Use the Debt Snowball Method?

WKW 67: Is a 401(k) Right for You with Travis Marziani

WKW 68: How to Find a Side Hustle with Nick Loper

WKW 69: How to Become a Public Speaker with Grant Baldwin

WKW 70: The Formula for Creating Wealth with JV Crum III

WKW 71: Financial Experts Aren’t Perfect with Chris Peach and Joe Saul-Sehy

WKW 72: How to Cut Your Grocery Budget in Half with Erin Chase

WKW 73: The Importance of Creating a Financial Plan with Cary Carbonaro

WKW 74: How to Plan for College with Brad Baldridge

WKW 75: How to Make Passive Income in a Vending Business with Matt Miller

WKW 76: How a Website Can Help You Grow Your Business with Dustin Hartzler

WKW 77: How to Start Saving Half Your Income with Kathleen Celmins

WKW 78: How a Couple Paid off $120,000 in Debt in Two Years

WKW 79: How to Become Financially Independent at Age 37 with Chad Carson

WKW 80: How to Pay off $147,000 in Debt with Jackie Beck

WKW 81: How to Get Started in Voiceover with Carrie Olsen

WKW 82: How to Destroy $43,000 in Debt with Melissa Thomas

WKW 83: Eliminating $28,000 in Debt in Just Three Years with Zina Kumok

WKW 84: How to Make Money Using Lyft and Uber with Harry Campbell

WKW 85: How to Have Multiple Streams of Income in Your 20’s with Robert Farrington

WKW 86: How to Pay off $56,000 in Debt in Five Years with Jessica Garbarino

WKW 87: How to Achieve Financial Independence with Todd Tresidder

WKW 88: Starting Your Own Service Based Business with Aprill Harmon

WKW 89: 14 Year Old Invents Product and Gets Offered $30 Million

WKW 90: How Different Cultures View Money Around the World with Cara MacMillan

WKW 91: Getting Referrals to Grow Your Business with Tim Templeton

WKW 92: How to Network with Billionaires Featuring Matt Holmes

WKW 93: How to Tip Yourself with Mike Lenz

WKW 94: Paying off over $40,000 in Debt in 2.5 Years with Lauren Greutman

WKW 95: How to Create a Successful Franchise with Paul Maskill

WKW 96: How to Run a Successful Business at Home as a Mother of Four with Carrie Wilkerson

WKW 97: What it Takes to Acquire $54 Million in Real Estate with Joe Fairless

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