real estate for non accredited investors

Top 9 Unaccredited Real Estate Investing Platforms

Despite being considered one of the best long-term investments, real estate hasn’t always been accessible to everyone. It often requires a substantial amount of money to get started and effort to maintain the property. Real estate crowdfunding sites have made

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10 Ways to Invest Your Money Wisely

When I think about investing my money I’m influenced by several things. I think about my age, retirement, how much I’m able to put away each month, and I won’t lie, I’m also motivated by fear. The fear of having

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10 Best Investments for Monthly Income

Being able to afford retirement is a financial goal many people want to achieve. Some people reach this goal by saving enough money to no longer rely on working full-time to make ends meet.  There is another option to help

Cash For Gold USA

Cash For Gold USA Review: Is This Gold Buyer Legit?

Given the current state of the economy, many people are looking for ways to make extra money. If you have jewelry or other valuables that you no longer want, it’s easier than ever to turn those items into cash.  Companies

Crowdfunded real estate

17 Best Crowdfunding Real Estate Sites

If you don’t have the time, skills, or cash to own rental property, investing through a crowdfunded real estate site lets you own rental property without all the headaches. In addition, your investment might earn a 12% yield while the

Stock Rover Review Featured

Stock Rover Review: A Robust Stock Screener To Evaluate Stocks

Researching stocks is a crucial part of the investment process. A stock screener like Stock Rover can provide more tools than your online broker.  Some of the best features include in-depth analysis, portfolio tracking and analyst reports. This review can

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12 Best Equity Crowdfunding Sites for Investors

Startups and entrepreneurs need to look for creative ways to raise funds and expand their businesses. Equity crowdfunding sites are a popular alternative to small business loans or business lines of credit. These sites create unique opportunities for investors by

stock simulator featured

7 Best Stock Market Simulators

For most people, investing in the stock market is both exciting and nerve-wracking. Luckily, the best stock market simulators can help reduce investing-related stress.  Stock market simulators (also called trading simulators) give you a chance to test your investment strategies

portfolio analysis tools

8 Best Portfolio Analysis Tools

One trait of a successful investor is making sure their portfolio has proper diversification. But how can investors analyze their portfolios to ensure they are on track to meet their goals? The best portfolio analysis tools can track your investment

Fund That Flip Review

Fund That Flip Review: Invest In Real Estate Online

Investing in real estate can be a lot of work, and figuring out how to get started may seem overwhelming. If you’re interested in adding real estate to your investment portfolio, you might want to check out Fund That Flip.

best short term investments

10 Best Short Term Investments

If you’re looking to maximize your investment profits in a minimal amount of time, you might want to consider investing in some of the best short term investments. Not everyone likes keeping their money locked up for long periods.  It

Masterworks Review Featured

Masterworks Review: Invest in Art With As Little As $500

As one of the oldest asset classes in the world, people have been buying and selling artwork for centuries. It also provides a unique investment opportunity for anyone wanting to diversify their portfolio. But there’s one catch: Paintings often sell