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  1. I do several things, including Amazon Mechanical Turk and ReceiptHog. However, if given the choice between cash and a gift card, I get the gift card every time.

    • I like gift cards too because I know exactly how much I can spend instead of charging the entire purchase to my bank account.
      Getting the gift card the first time definitely saves time as you don’t have to exchange it for cash.

  2. Hey there. I’ve got to appreciate you for writing this long article to help many people out there find and earn free Amazon gift cards. You’ve shown not only one, but a lot of ways to earn one. Thanks!

    • Thank you!

  3. This is a great post. Bing rewards is a cool option to get gift cards because you need to spend only a few minutes every day. I’m also evaluating WHAFF rewards, which seems to be a legit option to make money by installing mobile apps. However, it takes some time to reach the minimum payout.

    • Thanks for sharing that tip!

    • Bing Rewards is a favorite option for me too.

  4. I have tried everything I can and joined a lot of these websites, but still I’ve had no luck. I had problems with InstaGC and they ended up taking $5 off due to having no ID. Swagbucks requires verification via mail in order to redeem. I have done everything I can to make getting the stuff I want off Amazon easier, but instead I am wasting money when I could be saving it. I am sorry, but this is frustrating to me.

    • That does sound frustrating. I would contact each of them to let them know of their shortcomings. That way they have the opportunity to fix the problems.

  5. Hey there.

    I’ve got to appreciate you for writing this long article to help many people out there earn free Amazon gift cards. Not only one, but you have shown a lot of ways to earn one. Thanks.

    • Thanks! Not everyone realizes they can get free Amazon cards so many different ways!

  6. Who would’ve known there were so many different ways to get free Amazon cards!

  7. Have you tried Rewards1? I would love to hear your thoughts on this site.

    • I am not familiar with it. However, on doing some checking it appears some people have reported delays in getting paid. Also, in Google Play it only has 3 stars. I hope that helps you decide whether or not to try it out.

  8. “51. Participate in Medical Experiments”. BEWARE folks. Is it really worth risking our health and lives for a measly gift card? It’s bad enough that The 21st Century Cures Act (see section 3024) removes patient protections by removing INFORMED CONSENT laws. They could be giving you anything or doing God-Knows-what to your body and health. NOTHING is worth anything when we lose our health due to iatrogenic injury/death. Our good health should never be taken for granted or is worth risking for trinkets or monetary payoffs.

    • Did you follow the link to read the article? It actually states in the article to use caution and make sure you understand the risks before agreeing to any type of medical trials. That being said, without clinical trials (in which sometimes the risks are far outweighed by the potential benefits – think cancer drugs, etc.) many of the drugs and other treatments we have now wouldn’t exist. But yes, caution should be used. One should never enter into any kind of medical trial without knowing the risks.
      As far as waiving informed consent, it does state that it can be waved for minimal risk research. One would think that could be interpreted to mean that any such trial would be, at the least, not life threatening to be a part of. To be part of something that could harm you is pretty scary stuff! You do bring up some valid points, and I don’t disagree with you. So, thanks for commenting.

  9. I use Swagbucks, Bing, Perk Points, MyPoints, E-Poll, Harris Poll, e-Rewards, SurveySavvy, American Consumer, Shopkick, TV Fan Forum, Schlesinger Associates (in person surveys and emails), Ibotta, and Checkout 51 to make money. I just started Inbox Dollars. It is nice getting some of my expenses paid. Last year I paid for Amazon Home Services by using my Amazon Gift Cards. I saved $180!

    • That’s great, Cassandra! Every little bit of extra money you can make helps with your bills!

  10. If you travel a lot and use rental cars, another way to score Amazon gift cards is through Avis. If you sign-in through their special offer page, you can get 10% off your rental or 20% off using Alexa to make your reservation. The percentage off is paid with a gift card after your rental is complete.

    • I may have to check that out. Thanks for mentioning it!

  11. #43 Listia – ‘you sell items, instead of buy them’….This is incorrect. On Listia you do not ‘sell’ items, you ‘give’ them away. Listia terms state that credits you earn by giving your stuff away to who wins an auction (confusing, I know) belong to Listia, and Listia reserves the right to suspend your account at any time for any reason with no notice and take back any credits you may have, even if you paid cash for them. In order to redeem your credits, you would have to save up quite a few. That’s a lot of your stuff that you will be giving away trying to accumulate enough to get an Amazon gift card, only to risk Listia suspending your account, which they will do for any number of reasons including more than one person per address, having an account (be wary if you live in an apartment), any negative feedback from someone you ‘gave’ your stuff to, and if your phone number has ever been associated with a Listia account (even if it belonged to someone else). I would suggest if you do go this route, always immediately use the Amazon gift card because if you don’t and your account gets suspended, you will no longer be able to access it.

    • Thank you for sharing this information about Listia. We appreciate your comments and viewpoint.

  12. How can I get a free Amazon gift card? Is there any such site?

    • If you follow the links and ideas in this post you might be able to get a free Amazon gift card. Good luck!

  13. How can I get amazon card?

    • Check out the article and links on how you can earn gift cards!

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