20 Easy Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

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It is amazing how many ways you can get free Amazon gift cards.

With these free gift cards, you can buy almost anything you need, and you can buy a few things you want without spending your regular paycheck.

To earn gift cards, you can do many quick tasks online. If you want to earn free Amazon gift cards, check out the options below.

How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

Since there are so many ways to earn free Amazon gift cards, let’s discuss all the options so you can choose the one that works best for you.

1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a legit survey site where you will receive daily survey invites, which means you earn free gift cards sooner.

Some sites only offer two or three paid surveys per month. At this rate, it can take a year to get one Amazon gift card!

For every survey, you earn points and with a $10 balance, you can get free Amazon gift cards. Besides gift cards, you can also get cash online via PayPal that you could then deposit into a bank account.

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2. Swagbucks

Easily, Swagbucks is one of the best-known ways to earn free gift cards online. It’s like getting free money.

For example, you get paid for these activities:

  • Online surveys
  • Playing games online
  • Shopping online
  • Testing products
  • Web searches

Besides these tasks, you also get rewards for watching videos, and you can complete micro-tasks for points too.

With Swagbucks, you make money doing daily activities with minimal effort. In other words, you don’t have to change a thing to make money, except you must join the platform.

With a $3 balance, you can get a free gift card. On the internet, few side hustles offer such a low reward balance. On other sites, your balance might be $10 to get one.

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3. LifePoints

LifePoints has over 5 million members and has been in business for over 50 years.

In addition, this company encourages members from many countries, so it’s a great site if you live outside the U.S. It’s nice to know that with this site, you can earn rewards and cash from just about anywhere in the world!

The paid surveys cover a variety of topics like asking questions about the movies you watch or about current events. Plus, you might receive invites to test products. You certainly won’t feel bored on this site.

You get points for each survey you complete, and your reward choices include an Amazon gift card code or other free gift cards.

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3. Opinion Outpost

For surveys, you might also consider Opinion Outpost. In most cases, each survey takes 10 minutes or less. And you can begin cashing out your rewards with a $5 balance.

You can also enter the $10,000 quarterly prize drawing.  With each survey you try to take, you get a free entry.

Although you will need to complete a profile with some basic information, you won’t qualify for every single survey. Instead, you’ll need to fill out a short questionnaire to see if you qualify each and every time.

Depending on your luck, you might spend a lot of time filling out short questionnaires that disqualify you from taking a survey.

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4. Ipsos I-Say

Ipsos I-Say pays you to answer surveys, and it will also pay you to test products.

As a loyalty bonus, you earn a year-end bonus for each survey you take. With this bonus, it’s possible to earn up to 600 extra points and you can exchange these points for a $5 free Amazon gift card.

Besides surveys and product testing, you also enter Ipsos free contests. That’s right, earn a free entry each time you get points. For example, you can win extra cash or a free vacation from a contest.

The site even offers online discussion boards and communities that you can join. Plus, you can use it to do research while shopping online.

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6. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

Maybe, you’re familiar with Nielsen, the world-renowned statistic-gathering company. After all, they have the famous “Nielsen family.”

Well, Nielsen does more than monitor TV watching habits and they want to know your internet habits.

Just install their app and get rewarded just for your normal internet usage. They do offer a free Amazon gift card reward option.

Beyond that, with Nielsen, you can get entered into a monthly $10,000 sweepstakes. Plus, you can earn tokens to play scratch-off games for even more money.

It really is as simple as installing an app and going about your day as usual. Getting Amazon gift cards couldn’t be any easier thanks to this site.

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7. Toluna

Toluna is a part-survey site and social media platform where you can also test products. In fact, Toluna offers more product tests than most survey sites.

You can interact with the other 10 million Toluna members on the platform in an online game and have some friendly competition.

Finally, you can redeem reward points for gift cards, including Amazon gift card codes or cash. Toluna is free to join, and there are no fees to maintain your membership with the site.

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8. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel lets you start earning money in 10 seconds. You can even receive points for watching ads and they pay points for online surveys and product trials.

When you redeem gift cards, you can get a $2 Amazon gift card with PrizeRebel, which is the cheapest reward possible on PrizeRebel.

This site claims you can earn anywhere from $.50 to $500 for taking surveys on their platform. It also boasts an average of 32 different products to test each month.

At a $500 potential payout level, PrizeRebel has the potential to be one of the highest-paying survey sites.

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9. InboxDollars

Another leading site that will pay you for your opinion is InboxDollars. Not only will they pay you to take surveys, but they’ll also pay you to watch videos, play games, and shop online for cash.

And you will even earn a $5 bonus just for signing up! PayPal cash is among the redemption options for this site.

Plus, you earn a bonus each time your referred friends earn money and you get a bonus from their friends as well!

With over $80 million in cash rewards paid out to users, InboxDollars is one of the top get-paid-to sites on the internet.

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10. YouGov

YouGov asks for your opinion about people, movies, brands, and current events and you earn 2,000 bonus points ($20) as a welcome bonus! 

With this bonus, you can get a gift card or cash. In most cases, surveys pay 250 points and you can redeem your balance when it reaches 5,000 points ($50).

This platform’s claim to fame is that it is a trusted partner to various brands and media outlets. Based on their partnerships, platform users help shape the news by taking surveys.

11. Amazon Trade-In

For your unwanted items, try the Amazon Trade-In Store and they even accept items you don’t buy from Amazon!

For a personal example, Amazon offered to buy a DVD I own for $15. A few years ago, I paid $18 for the DVD!

However, on other buyback sites, I might only earn a few bucks for the same movie. That’s a quick $15 bucks I can spend with my Amazon Prime account.

On this site, you see the buyback price from over 42 vendors, and don’t forget to get a second quote to sell your used electronics.

After all, other tech-centric might offer more for your non-Amazon devices.

12. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mturk is a creative way to make extra money through online tasks. It’s free to join, and most tasks only take a few minutes. For example, some tasks include surveys, data entry, and web research.

For a change, most of the paid surveys are college studies. These college studies ask different questions than most online surveys.

In general, they seem to be more personal and you won’t answer as many questions on personal brands.

You can redeem rewards for cash or a gift card from Amazon. So, this might be your new favorite way to receive free Amazon gift cards.

13. instaGC

As its name implies, instaGC rewards you with gift cards for your time. It might also be the easiest way to earn free Amazon gift card codes. With instaGC, you can earn money from multiple activities, including surveys, videos, games, and opening emails.

Plus, here are two other reasons to consider instaGC:

As long as you make a dollar a day, you can get a $1 Amazon gift card code.

When you redeem your points, they are delivered digitally with no wait time. Plus, you can use them online or in-store. You even have the option to send them to a friend.

14. Honey

Do you earn cashback on nearly every online purchase? If not, check out Honey.

With the Honey Gold feature, you get up to 15% cashback when shopping online, and you get your cashback with an Amazon gift card.

Honey also helps you save money on Amazon. They quickly show you the best price on Amazon. Sometimes, it can be cheaper to buy from a third-party seller.

With all online shopping, Honey tries to save you money. Before you checkout, Honey applies all known discount codes.

For example, you can save money when buying pizza or new clothes for the family. Although you don’t receive free Amazon gift cards with this perk, you save cash.

Besides gift cards, you can also get PayPal cash for your rewards.

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15. TopCashback

Billed as the “most generous cashback site,” TopCashback earns up to 40% cashback and this is at more than 3,500 stores.

Also, TopCashback has a fun rewards program. With gift cards, your rewards are worth more so you get a 3% bonus on Amazon gift cards.

For example, $10 in cash rewards is worth $10.30 in Amazon cash. Compared to other cashback sites, this bonus is special.

There’s no minimum redemption threshold, so getting a $1 Amazon gift card here is possible.

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16. Ibotta

For grocery purchases, look at Ibotta. This free mobile app will pay you when you redeem certain offers at participating stores.

Besides saving money on groceries, you also get cash or gift card rewards. Before you go to the store, activate the Ibotta app offers. Afterward, snap a picture of your receipt. Within 24 hours, the cash rewards go into your account.

Ibotta also offers bonus cash for online shopping. Each month, you can get a bonus for buying certain products.

Finally, you can get a $10 welcome bonus with Ibotta. To earn the bonus, activate and redeem your first offer.

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17. Microsoft Rewards

At first, Microsoft Rewards and Amazon gift cards don’t sound similar. But, by making Bing your default search engine, you earn reward points. With each search, you get 5 points. Then, you can get a $5 Amazon gift card with 5,000 points.

You can also earn extra points by taking the daily quizzes. You can also participate in daily offers for points. To find these extra offers, install the browser extension.

Unless you must use Google for your work or research, it pays to use Bing. Joining Microsoft Rewards is free.

18. Bananatic

To test apps, you might also try Bananatic. With Bananatic, you earn gift cards for testing games. Of course, you can redeem your points for game prizes and skins. However, Amazon gift cards are another reward option.

In addition to testing games, you can shop online and download apps. And, as you use the app more, you “level up.” This means you can earn more points with each activity.

You can cash your points out through the ‘Shop’ section of the app. It’s also possible to redeem your points for gift cards, headphones, and more.

This site even has a leaderboard to see how you rank vs. other users. This can be even more motivating when it comes to earning points.

19. Shopkick

Shopkick lets you get rewards that you can redeem for gift cards.

You can earn reward points in three different ways:

  • Walking into a store and scan bar-codes
  • Viewing online stores and record prices
  • Watching videos

Plus, you earn points for making a purchase. Keep in mind a purchase isn’t required. So this is what makes Shopkick different than other shopping apps. And it’s what makes it a fun app to earn free Amazon gift cards.

To join the fun, download the Shopkick app. Then, enable location services. Finally, open the app and visit a store. Inside the store, start scanning barcodes.

If you have the time, visit multiple stores in one trip.

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20. Rewarded Play

Rewarded Play, owned by Influencer Mobile, is a gaming app that pays you to play. Available only on Android, Rewarded Play rewards players with gift cards to major stores for ranking high in their games.

You must be better than the average player to make money playing games on Rewarded Play, and you can earn up to 5,000 points daily. Any points beyond 5,000 won’t count.  

You’ll find some of the most popular games on the app, like Yahtzee, World Series Poker, Mahjong, and Sudoku, but the list can change often.

You earn points each time you make purchases or reach certain levels, and you can turn your coins into gift cards. Besides playing games and reaching certain levels, there’s an opportunity to earn bonus points by returning daily and earning ‘comeback points.’

To cash out, you’ll need 45,000 coins, which equals a $5 gift card. It could take up to a few months to earn enough to cash out.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to getting free Amazon gift cards, you may have some questions about whether or not this is actually a legitimate opportunity. These frequently asked questions might be able to help.

The most well-known sites in the space that offer free gift cards include Swagbucks, SurveyJunkie, and InboxDollars

Are sites that offer Amazon gift cards legit?

Yes. Every site we have listed above is legit and will provide you with free Amazon gift cards for completing simple tasks.

Do these sites offer other options besides gift cards?

Yes. Some offer PayPal cash, while others will do direct deposits to your bank account.

Do these sites give codes or a physical Amazon gift card?

These sites generally don’t provide a physical Amazon gift card and instead give redeemable codes. If you want a physical gift card, asking for one might be your best option.

Which sites offer sign up bonuses?

InboxDollars, YouGov, and Ibotta are just a few options offering sign-up bonuses to help you cash out more quickly.

What are some of the tasks to earn Amazon gift cards?

Some sites let you take paid surveys, watch videos, or test products. Others have you download a free browser extension.

How Do These Options Compare?

CompanyTrustpilot (Out of 5 stars)Cash Out Min
Survey Junkie4.3$10
Swagbucks4.3No min
Ipsos I-Say1.7$5
Nielsen Panel2.5 $5
Toluna2.8 $5
Amazon Trade-InNANo min
Amazon Mechanical Turk2.0No min
TopCashback2.1No min
Opinion Outpost3.7$10
Microsoft RewardsNA$1
Elite Deal Club2.9$1
Listia2.5No min
Rewarded PlayNA$5


There’s a large demand for free Amazon gift cards. As a result, it’s easy to find them online.

Maybe you only want to focus on one activity or have time to attempt several options.

Regardless, you should have no problem finding a fun way to earn Amazon gift cards with these options.

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  1. debi alexander says:

    The app “5miles” is good to check in each day and you accumulate points. You are also able to sell items through this app. There is one feature of this site that I have grown to mistrust and detest. You get trapped into bidding for items from their sellers. Then the items take forever to arrive. Yes, even before the current pandemic. I have parkinson’s. My fingers twitch uncontrollably and land on a current item that you really do nor want or need. If you happen to forget or want to deal with the purchase right then….i have twice experienced being embarrassed and seeing sellers act shameful bye texting you multiple times, emailing you obnoxiously and relentlessly contacting you in the Dash Deals msg area. It’s all quite off-puting, honestly. I got trapped into an item that looks like a Roomba. For $20! I glanced at the description and added another one to the list and hit pay. $40 for 2? I was quite excited. The day finally arrived and one smashed up box. On further investigation, I discovered this cheaply created “smokescreen” was nothing more than a round plastic case attached to a ready to break any minute toy car. With all that said, it has no suction power, zip, zilch, nada! I carefully wrapped the toy and placed in box for return w/refund. Just an hour later, I got a message “we are marking your order received and completed”. Oh no they didn’t! They can not close an order like that! I have sent many messages to their customer care unit. All messages from them are automated too. I suspect money laundering and quite an elaborate scheme at that.
    So my suggestion from experience? Get the app. Or ask me to send you a link. We both make extra points. Then return each day same time to collect points toward many choices of gift cards. But stay away from the Dash Deals. If you see an item you want, just search for item. Most times it is available at sellers store for much less. Screen shot picky of your transactions. Just a better safe than sorry. Live and learn.
    Peace and blessings,🍭 debi

  2. Joe Bonds says:

    Have you tried the Crowdtap app? It’s pretty cool and you can earn all sorts of different gift cards.

    1. Julie Bridwell says:

      Thanks for your reply Joe. We’ll look into it!

  3. How can I get amazon card?

    1. Check out the article and links on how you can earn gift cards!

  4. mariyaliz says:

    How can I get a free Amazon gift card? Is there any such site?

    1. If you follow the links and ideas in this post you might be able to get a free Amazon gift card. Good luck!

  5. #43 Listia – ‘you sell items, instead of buy them’….This is incorrect. On Listia you do not ‘sell’ items, you ‘give’ them away. Listia terms state that credits you earn by giving your stuff away to who wins an auction (confusing, I know) belong to Listia, and Listia reserves the right to suspend your account at any time for any reason with no notice and take back any credits you may have, even if you paid cash for them. In order to redeem your credits, you would have to save up quite a few. That’s a lot of your stuff that you will be giving away trying to accumulate enough to get an Amazon gift card, only to risk Listia suspending your account, which they will do for any number of reasons including more than one person per address, having an account (be wary if you live in an apartment), any negative feedback from someone you ‘gave’ your stuff to, and if your phone number has ever been associated with a Listia account (even if it belonged to someone else). I would suggest if you do go this route, always immediately use the Amazon gift card because if you don’t and your account gets suspended, you will no longer be able to access it.

    1. Thank you for sharing this information about Listia. We appreciate your comments and viewpoint.

  6. If you travel a lot and use rental cars, another way to score Amazon gift cards is through Avis. If you sign-in through their special offer page, you can get 10% off your rental or 20% off using Alexa to make your reservation. The percentage off is paid with a gift card after your rental is complete.

    1. I may have to check that out. Thanks for mentioning it!

  7. Cassandra White says:

    I use Swagbucks, Bing, Perk Points, MyPoints, E-Poll, Harris Poll, e-Rewards, SurveySavvy, American Consumer, Shopkick, TV Fan Forum, Schlesinger Associates (in person surveys and emails), Ibotta, and Checkout 51 to make money. I just started Inbox Dollars. It is nice getting some of my expenses paid. Last year I paid for Amazon Home Services by using my Amazon Gift Cards. I saved $180!

    1. That’s great, Cassandra! Every little bit of extra money you can make helps with your bills!

  8. “51. Participate in Medical Experiments”. BEWARE folks. Is it really worth risking our health and lives for a measly gift card? It’s bad enough that The 21st Century Cures Act (see section 3024) removes patient protections by removing INFORMED CONSENT laws. They could be giving you anything or doing God-Knows-what to your body and health. NOTHING is worth anything when we lose our health due to iatrogenic injury/death. Our good health should never be taken for granted or is worth risking for trinkets or monetary payoffs.

    1. Did you follow the link to read the article? It actually states in the article to use caution and make sure you understand the risks before agreeing to any type of medical trials. That being said, without clinical trials (in which sometimes the risks are far outweighed by the potential benefits – think cancer drugs, etc.) many of the drugs and other treatments we have now wouldn’t exist. But yes, caution should be used. One should never enter into any kind of medical trial without knowing the risks.
      As far as waiving informed consent, it does state that it can be waved for minimal risk research. One would think that could be interpreted to mean that any such trial would be, at the least, not life threatening to be a part of. To be part of something that could harm you is pretty scary stuff! You do bring up some valid points, and I don’t disagree with you. So, thanks for commenting.

  9. Have you tried Rewards1? I would love to hear your thoughts on this site.

    1. I am not familiar with it. However, on doing some checking it appears some people have reported delays in getting paid. Also, in Google Play it only has 3 stars. I hope that helps you decide whether or not to try it out.

  10. Josh Steinberg says:

    Who would’ve known there were so many different ways to get free Amazon cards!

  11. Laxmi Prasad says:

    Hey there.

    I’ve got to appreciate you for writing this long article to help many people out there earn free Amazon gift cards. Not only one, but you have shown a lot of ways to earn one. Thanks.

    1. Thanks! Not everyone realizes they can get free Amazon cards so many different ways!

  12. Evan Christianson says:

    I have tried everything I can and joined a lot of these websites, but still I’ve had no luck. I had problems with InstaGC and they ended up taking $5 off due to having no ID. Swagbucks requires verification via mail in order to redeem. I have done everything I can to make getting the stuff I want off Amazon easier, but instead I am wasting money when I could be saving it. I am sorry, but this is frustrating to me.

    1. That does sound frustrating. I would contact each of them to let them know of their shortcomings. That way they have the opportunity to fix the problems.

  13. vrimee_earnfreedollars says:

    This is a great post. Bing rewards is a cool option to get gift cards because you need to spend only a few minutes every day. I’m also evaluating WHAFF rewards, which seems to be a legit option to make money by installing mobile apps. However, it takes some time to reach the minimum payout.

    1. Thanks for sharing that tip!

    2. Josh Patoka says:

      Bing Rewards is a favorite option for me too.

  14. Danish Ayaz says:

    Hey there. I’ve got to appreciate you for writing this long article to help many people out there find and earn free Amazon gift cards. You’ve shown not only one, but a lot of ways to earn one. Thanks!

  15. I do several things, including Amazon Mechanical Turk and ReceiptHog. However, if given the choice between cash and a gift card, I get the gift card every time.

    1. Josh Patoka says:

      I like gift cards too because I know exactly how much I can spend instead of charging the entire purchase to my bank account.
      Getting the gift card the first time definitely saves time as you don’t have to exchange it for cash.