NCPMobile App Review: Is This Rewards App Woth it?

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Are you interested in getting rewards every time you shop? If so, the NCPMobile app could be worth checking out.

You can make money with this app by sharing information about what you purchase on your shopping trips. You can even complete surveys to boost your earnings.

Our NCPMobile App review will help you determine if this platform is a smart way for you to earn extra money just for sharing your opinions and purchases.

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Overall Rating


The NCPMobile app helps you earn points that can be converted to rewards when you share information about your shopping trips. Simply scan your purchases with your phone and answer easy questions to earn points.

  • Ease of use


  • Cost


  • Features


  • Mobile App



  • Earn rewards completing everyday tasks
  • Bonus prizes via sweepstakes contests
  • Charitable donation option 
  • Additional ways to earn points


  • Time vs. money payout is low
  • Scanning products could be cumbersome

What is the NCPMobile App?

NCP Mobille App

The NCPMobile app offers you a way to earn money when you shop. NCP is short for National Consumer Panel. This app is the brainchild of the Nielsen company and is available on Android as well as iOS devices.

You might remember Nielsen from decades ago. It was used to collect information about what people watched on TV. This data collection resulted in the famously published Nielsen ratings that shared which television shows were most watched. 

Nielsen later partnered with another well-known market research firm called IRI to create the NCPMobile app.

As with most shopping rewards apps, you use the platform to share information about what you’re purchasing at the store. Then, you get compensated in return.

How Does the NCPMobile App Work?

If you want to try the NCPMobile app, here’s how it works.

Download and Sign Up

NCP Mobile sign up

Your first step is downloading the NCPMobile app and signing up as a member. It’s free to register. That said, it’s important to know that you aren’t automatically accepted into the group. Instead, you have to share demographic information about you and your household. 

NCPMobile is searching for members in specific demographic groups, but you won’t know if you qualify unless you apply.

Once you sign up and are accepted, you can use the app to share your purchase information.

There are some apps that will pay you to scan receipts, but the NCPMobile app doesn’t work that way. Instead, it functions a bit differently from its competitors.

Select “Scan New Purchases”

NCP Mobile sign up process

You need to let your app know when you’re ready to record a new purchase. After you’ve selected the “Scan New Purchases” button on your app, you can take the next step. 

Scan the Barcode

NCP Mobile sign up

You’ll use your smartphone and the NCPMobile app to scan the barcodes of every item you’ve purchased on your trip.

Some users scan items as they put them in their carts at the grocery store to save time. 

Other users scan items at the checkout line or when they get home. Scanning the barcodes is as quick and easy as doing it in the self-checkout line.

Completing this step gives the app-specific details about what you purchased. However, you may need to share more information as well. 

What About Purchases Without a Barcode?

NCP Mobile sign up process

If your purchase doesn’t have a barcode, you can still record it. The NCPMobile app has an option that allows you to select non-barcoded items.

You can get credit for purchases like:

  • Apparel
  • Coffee
  • Flowers
  • Fruits
  • Meal kits

And much more. It’s easy to enter items in these categories into the app to earn points.

Add Details About Your Purchase

The app might ask for other details about one or more items you purchased. For example, it might ask if you got any discounts on your purchase and which store you shopped at.

Or, it might ask how you paid for your purchase and if you used any coupons at checkout.

Note that with some store purchases, you may need to enter the amount you paid for an item. 


Once you’ve finished entering the information about your purchase, you can submit your transaction. 

Within a few days, you’ll be notified that you’ve earned points from that purchase. It’s important to note that the points you earn for each submission typically increase over time.

In other words, the longer you use the app, the more points you’ll earn. 

Use Surveys to Boost Your Rewards

NCP Mobile boost rewards

Although you will earn points for sharing purchase information, NCPMobile offers other ways to earn, including completing surveys. 

You can boost your rewards by taking surveys. The survey feature is nice because most surveys are pretty short (around 10-15 minutes) and can be used to earn extra points in your spare time. 

Although you aren’t required to complete surveys, you’ll earn reward points much faster if you choose to participate. 

This is just one reason why NCPMobile is considered by many to be one of the top survey apps you can use. 

How Much Can You Earn with the NCPMobile App?

Like most shopping apps, you won’t earn enough money to pay your bills. 

However, you can use the app to earn extra money in your spare time. You might be able to earn enough gift cards to pay for a few birthday or holiday gifts. Or, if you’re lucky, you might get some extra money by winning a sweepstakes prize.

That said, if you’re searching for side hustles to help you pay the bills, there are better ways to make money from home

Nevertheless, if you want to earn a few extra dollars while completing tasks you’ll have to do anyway, this app is worth downloading. 

Is the NCPMobile App Worth It?

If you want a way to earn extra cash, then yes. Only you can decide if the NCPMobile app is worth your time. It will take you time to scan the barcodes from your purchases. 

In addition, it takes time to answer the other questions the app will ask you about your purchases. 

Keep in mind that the app pays you more points the longer you use it, and you might find it more worthwhile after you’ve stuck with it for a year or more. 

Using the NCPMobile app might be worth it to you if you want to earn a more significant amount of cash. It’s not going to be life-changing or job-leaving money. 

How to Get Bonus Points

Beyond completing surveys and sharing your purchases, you can rack up rewards faster by taking advantage of bonus point opportunities.

Some of these opportunities can include:

  • Getting a bonus when you sign up (up to 1,000 points or higher)
  • Completing the Welcome Survey
  • Reaching specific anniversary dates with the app 
  • Being a member on your birthday (birthday bonus points)

There are other ways to earn bonus points as well. However, you’ll have to sign up and start using the app to discover exactly what they are. 

NCPMobile App Rewards

NCP Mobile enjoy your rewards

As mentioned earlier, when you accumulate points, you’ll be eligible to use them to get rewards. 

NCPMobile doesn’t have cash options such as PayPal or bank transfers. Instead, you can get gift cards to popular retailers with the points you earn.

Some retailer gift card choices include Amazon, iTunes, and Visa gift cards. You can also use your points to get physical items like household appliances. 

You may even find rewards such as vacuum cleaners, mixers, or cookware as you shop for rewards choices.

Also, a third payout option allows you to convert your points into charitable donations to nonprofits that partner with NCPMobile. 


NCP Member only sweepstakes

NCPMobile has regular sweepstakes for members. Winning sweepstakes can increase your earnings with NCPMobile.

Note that you need to use your points to enter each sweepstakes contest. Fortunately, entering is optional. However, entering the sweepstakes contests is one way to get actual cash from your partnership with NCPMobile instead of points for prizes. 

The site holds weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual sweepstakes contests. If you win, you can receive prizes ranging from a $50 Visa gift card to thousands of dollars in cash. 

Some contests even offer new cars and shopping trip reimbursements for prizes. That said, there’s no guarantee that you’ll win if you enter. This means that you could just be throwing your points away.

NCPMobile App Additional Perks

NCP Mobile member perks

Beyond the regular rewards, NCPMobile app panelists get access to additional perks. These include special programs that provide members with discounts and savings.

NCPMobile works with partners and online retailers to offer these savings opportunities. For example, they are currently offering a discount on AT&T Wireless plans and accessories.

This can be a great way for panelists to not only earn rewards but to access ways to save money through NCPMobile.

Is the NCPMobile App Legit?

NCP Mobile feedback

If you’re wondering if the NCPMobile app is legit, the answer is “yes.” The app really does allow you to earn points and trade them in for prizes. 

Plus, the fact that the app is highly rated on sites such as Google Play and the Apple App Store verifies its credibility.

NCPMobile App Reviews

NCP Panelist reviews

We reviewed sites like Trustpilot, the Google Play store and the Apple App Stores to find out what people thought about the NCPMobile app. 

Here’s how the app stacks up on the different sites:

WebsiteScoreNumber of Reviews
Google Play4.4 out of 536.1K
Apple App Store4.3 out of 56.1K
Trustpilot3 out of 52
BBB1.2 out of 55

NCPMobile App Alternatives

If you aren’t sure whether or not the NCPMobile app is right for you, there are other ways to get rewards while you shop. Here are the best grocery shopping apps that might better fit your needs.


Ibotta is a shopping app that gives you cash back on certain items at specific stores. When you choose the store you’re shopping at, the available offers appear on the app.

You choose the offers you like, purchase the items listed in the offer, and scan your receipt with the purchases via the Ibotta app. Ibotta credits your account with the cash rewards, and you can cash out when your balance reaches $25. 

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Makeena is a different type of shopping app. It rewards you for purchasing healthy products, including fruits and vegetables, at participating stores. 

Use the app to find participating stores and offers, create your shopping list, and make your purchases. Then, scan your barcodes/receipts and get paid. Cashout begins at $20. 


Shopkick offers an Android and iOS app that rewards you with points called “kicks” for sharing your shopping experiences. You’ll use the app by downloading it and finding participating stores near you.

Then, you’ll complete tasks like scanning barcodes or taking pictures of product displays. You can also earn kicks by completing tasks online. Points can be redeemed for PayPal cash or gift cards.

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The NCPMobile app can be a great tool for helping companies make better products and earning extra cash in your spare time. 

You’re not going to replace your income with the app, and the only way to get cash is to win a sweepstakes drawing. 

However, rewards such as Visa gift cards and Amazon gift cards might make the app worth considering as a fun side hustle to do in your spare time.