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  1. The only thing I didn’t like about Ibotta is that most of the coupons/rebates seemed to be for name-brand items, and didn’t always knock the price lower than the off-brand or generic versions. It’s been over a year since I’ve used it, though.

    • Hi, Joe! So far, I’ve found at least one coupon for “any brand” items or for produce on every shopping trip. I haven’t liked some of the other rebate apps I’ve tried, but I’m really liking Ibotta so far, even as someone who doesn’t buy a lot of name brand stuff. I’ve made $27 in the last week using it!

      • My wife and I were surprised at what we found too. We quit looking at the Sunday circulars and even the digital coupons offered through our grocery store’s loyalty program because they were for products and brands we didn’t buy.

        What I like even more is that Ibotta works at Walmart, where we tend to go, because they have a better selection than our small town grocer.

        • I agree, Josh! We are loving Ibotta. I just cashed out our balance of $30 in order to give my high schooler a little spending money as a gift (normally our family rule is that the kids have to earn any spending money). She was so happy, and it didn’t cost us a dime!

  2. I’ve been using Ibotta for 2 months. I have received 40 bucks back – for things I was going to buy anyway. That’s not bad.

    • That is pretty good!

  3. That’s great that you are making money with it. If you are having trouble with the bonuses, have you tried contacting them? That may help.

  4. I would like to know why I can’t get paid from Ibotta from Super Saver when the Miracle Whip and Angry Orchard beer are both listed. I have taken a picture of the UPS codes, but the system won’t allow me to take a picture of my receipt to prove that I really bought it. The system can really be very aggravating at times.

    • Yes, sometimes there are difficulties and glitches with those types of programs. I would try contacting them about it.

  5. I have been trying to cash out my Ibotta account for 3 months…there is no real customer service when you have a problem. Ibotta has no telephone contact information. Ibotta is a scam!

    • I am sorry you have had trouble with them. I do not know if you have tried this or not, but there is a “Terms of Use” link on the bottom of their website. It has their address as well as an email address you might be able to use to reach them. I hope you have luck getting in touch.

  6. I love using ibotta, but lately they’ve been annoying about Amazon cash back. They aren’t giving the amount they are supposed too. I have been emailing regarding issues.

    • If you don’t get it resolved, you could try posing the question on Facebook or Twitter. Sometimes putting it out there publicly will get a response from them.

  7. Hi. Is this app available in the Philippines?

    • I did not find a specific list of countries it does or does not work in on the website, unless I simply missed it. However, on their main website you can go to the bottom and click the link for “research” and at the bottom is a way to contact them and ask directly. If you live in the Philippines, I hope you get a positive answer. 🙂

  8. Ibotta will not honor my purchases at Walmart in the store. Their ridiculous and lousy excuse now is that the picture of the full receipt that I took is not the paper receipt. The receipt is from the Walmart App, as I paid in the store with Walmart Pay through my credit card, which automatically triggers an online receipt. This is exactly the same kind of receipt as you get on paper. This way Walmart saves paper, and your receipt is automatically stored in case of a return. Ibotta requires a picture of that receipt. From the app, I had to email the receipt to my email, but Ibotta customer care now claims that only the store print out counts but a print out (same receipt) from online won’t count. The Walmart app receipt is identical to an in store receipt. Saving trees and paper is not what Ibotta likes. I probably will just return the items as I bought from them earlier for the $3.50 discount, which was nice. Ibotta is not worth the nuisance and Ibotta deserves the bad reviews I saw on other websites if they do not honor what they promise.

    • I’m sorry you are not having a good experience with Ibotta. Did you let them know it was from the Walmart app? If not, I would certainly do so. If you did, and they won’t work with you, you might have to try saving through a different app with your next purchases. Thanks for your comments.

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