Best No Penalty CD Rates featured

6 Best No-Penalty CD Rates

Certificates of deposit (CDs) may offer better interest rates than high-yield savings accounts. However, you must typically wait until the CD term ends to withdraw your funds if you want to avoid early redemption penalties. Fortunately, a no-penalty CD offers

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Albert App Review

There are many digital money management tools on the market. While most platforms help you get a single piece of your financial life under control, Albert lets you oversee multiple aspects of your overall financial health. Within this platform, you

Ways to get more interest

5 Ways to Get More Interest on Your Savings

Keeping your money in a savings account ensures that you have easy and free access to your cash. However, it’s challenging to build wealth with the low interest rates offered today. If you want to make more money on your

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10 Best Chime Alternatives

Looking for an alternative to Chime for online checking? Look no further. The best online-only checking accounts don’t charge fees. And, mobile deposit and free ATM access make online banking easy. If you’re like most people, you rarely walk into

CIT bank review

CIT Bank Review: Earn More Interest on Your Savings

If you haven’t jumped on the online bank bandwagon, you’re late to the game! According to CNBC, Online banks offer an average of 20X more than a savings account at a big bank. Also, savings accounts are usually free and you

CIT bank featured

CIT Bank Savings Builder Review

Low interest rates are great if you want to borrow money, but not too helpful when you are trying to save it. At your typical bank, you’ll be lucky to get even .10% interest on money placed in a savings

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10 Best Free Checking Accounts

Free checking accounts are one of the best bank accounts you can have. You’ll get easy access to your cash and won’t pay annoying bank fees.  These accounts make it easy to receive direct deposits on payday and pay bills.

Extra debit card review

Extra Review: Is This Debit Card Worth It?

Your credit score and credit report are two critical parts of your financial health. They come into play when you borrow money, buy insurance and even when you rent an apartment.  But how does someone with poor credit improve their