10 Best Online Banks Like Chime

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Looking for an alternative to Chime for online checking? Look no further.

Chime is one of the most popular fintech companies. However, there are several other top online banks like Chime to choose from.

You still need a local bank to make cash deposits. Otherwise, online checking accounts can handle most of your banking needs.

Top Alternatives to Chime

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You’ll notice there are many free chime alternatives. To choose one, focus on what benefits you want.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Free ATM access
  • Interest earned on deposits
  • Debit card purchase rewards
  • Overdraft protection
  • Paper checks

Every online bank offers different benefits. For example, some online banks don’t offer paper checks. But they will mail a check for free when digital payment isn’t possible.

1. Axos Bank

axos bank checking

Axos Bank offers five different online checking accounts. One account is for seniors (age 55+), and another is for teens between ages 13 and 17.

The other three standard online bank accounts are open to all members. As you probably expect, the banking rewards differ for each account option.

All five accounts are free to open and charge zero monthly maintenance fees. And none of them have a minimum balance requirement.

2. LendingClub

LendingClub Banking is another online financial technology company like Chime that offers personal and business checking accounts. You get unlimited free ATM rebates worldwide. Plus, you can earn interest on your checking account.

All accounts come with a debit card, and free paper checks are available. After all, there are still times when you need to write a check.

LendingClub Banking currently offers checking account options for personal and business use.

The most rewarding is the Rewards Checking account. You won’t pay a monthly maintenance fee and you only need a $100 first deposit.

If you own a business you might like the LendingClub Banking Tailored Checking account. It also doesn’t have ATM fees, and you get free online bill pay.

Keeping a $5,000 account balance waives the $10 monthly account fee and pays interest on your entire balance.

3. Consumer Credit Union

There is no minimum balance amount, earn interest, and avoid fees at Consumers Credit Union.

You can earn up to interest on the first $10,000 in deposits when you complete these monthly actions:

  • Complete 12 debit card purchases with a total purchase value of $100+
  • At least $500 in monthly direct deposit or ACH deposits
  • At least $1000 in purchases on a CCU credit card

Reaching these monthly milestones also gives you unlimited free ATM access.

Your rewards checking account also provides free online bill pay, online banks, and unlimited checks.

Unlike most online banking options, you have local branch access. Consumers Credit Union has over 5,000 shared branches nationwide.

4. CIT Bank

Get a competitive rate with a CIT Savings Connect account and the benefits of easy access to your funds when you open an optional e-Checking account.

CIT Bank makes the list of accounts like Chime with its eChecking account.

It’s free to open an eChecking account with CIT Bank. But you’ll need a minimum opening deposit of $100. Additionally, you get up to $30 in other banks’ ATM reimbursed per month.

You also have free online bill pay and mobile banking.

Although you’ll need a relatively high balance to tap into the highest interest rate, your funds will earn interest of some kind regardless of your balance. It’s free to have the bank mail a check for you. And you won’t have to worry about any overdraft fees.

5. Discover Bank

discover bank

This next option is a rewards-earning online checking account. Discover has a Cashback Debit that pays you 1% back on debit card purchases.

This bonus applies to the first $3,000 in monthly debit card purchases. Each month, you can earn up to $30 in cash rewards.

Also, Discover doesn’t have any account fees or balance requirements. You also have access to 60,000 fee-free ATMs in the U.S.

Online bill pay and standard paper checks are free. Sending money to friends with Zelle is free and fast.

Even official bank checks (cashier’s checks) are free. These checks usually cost $10 to $15 at most banks.

Another nifty perk is that Discover waives your first fee each calendar year. So you might be able to save $30 on an overdraft fee. Or $15 on a stop payment fee.

6. Ally Bank

Ally Bank is one of the best online banks like Chime that actually pays interest on your checking account. And Ally reimburses your first $10 in ATM fees each month.

There are also 43,000 fee-free Allpoint ATMs you can use. For non-network ATMs, Ally reimburses your first $10 in fees each month.

So if you regularly use ATMs that charge a $4 fee, that means two free withdrawals each month.

One downside is that if you overdraft, Ally online banking charges a $25 insufficient funds fee once a day.

However, Ally makes it easy to send money to friends. With Zelle, you can quickly send money to any U.S. bank account. You only need an email address or a U.S. mobile number.

7. Capital One 360

For the online-only arm of Capital One, open a 360 Checking account. You won’t pay any account fees, and you won’t have to maintain a minimum balance.

With 360 Checking, you can’t visit a Capital One branch for help. But you can stop by a Capital One Cafe if you need help. You have mobile deposit and online bill pay with 360 Checking, plus online support.

If you still need paper checks, your first book is free. And you can use online bill pay or your debit card to pay bills, too.

Your entire account balance also earns interest.

8. Varo Bank

Varo Bank is one of the branchless 24/7 online banks like Chime. They don’t have minimum balance requirements or charge monthly fees.

Varo bank accounts include free contactless debit cards and free Zelle transfers. You can also conduct instant Varo Bank to Varo Bank transfers.

Varo Bank pays up to 6% cash-back when you use your Varo debit or Visa debit card. When your cash-back balance hits $5, Varo automatically transfers the funds to your bank account.

It’s easy to deposit checks using the Varo mobile app, and if you need to deposit cash, you can use Green Dot Reload, located in 90,000+ retail stores.

If you worry about overdrafts, Varo Bank won’t let you spend more than you have, eliminating the concern about overdraft fees.

9. Current

Current offers unique benefits, especially for parents of teens.

For example, parents can set up teen accounts and receive real-time notifications when they spend money. Parents can also block merchants and set up chores for automatic payment when completed.

If you set up direct deposits, you can access your funds up to two days before payday and access fee-free overdrafts with a qualifying direct deposit.

Current also doesn’t have a minimum balance requirement or charge monthly maintenance fees.

It’s easy to access your funds with 40,000 in network ATMS, and Current doesn’t charge bank transfer fees.

If you make purchases with your Current debit card at partner retailers, you can earn 7x points for every dollar spent, earning cash-back for your account.

10. Revolut

Revolut offers banking features like a Chime account, but they provide additional features, too, including an investment account, spending, and travel protection.

If you open an account there is no fee transfers between Revolut users, early direct deposits, and cash-back on purchases made with your Revolut debit card.

Revolut offers three banking products, one free and two with monthly subscription fees.

“Money loaded on your prepaid card is held at Metropolitan Commercial Bank, and is FDIC insured up to $250,000 in the event of Metropolitan Commercial Bank’s failure. Securities products are not FDIC Insured, not bank guaranteed and may lose value.”

Key Benefits of Chime

Chime is a fintech company that offers a banking solution that is FDIC insured through The Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank N.A.

It is an online-only bank, and because of this, it does not have the fees of a traditional bank account. You have the option to utilize their Chime savings account, Chime checking account, and credit builder.

Here are some of the benefits of Chime banking:

  • No overdraft fees
  • No Monthly fees
  • No minimum balance requirements
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • 60,000+ fee-free ATMs
  • Free Chime debit card

See the Chime website for more details, as eligibility requirements may apply.

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When selecting the best online banks like Chime, we considered the following:

Fees – We included banks that had fees that were similar, if not lower, than those of Chime.

Rewards – We looked for online banks that had rewards that were similar or better than that which Chime offers.

Functionality – We included banks that were accessible online and had similar features and functionality to that of Chime.

Which Chime Alternative Will You Choose?

If you are tired of fees, switch to an online bank account like Chime. With these options, you’ll get all the benefits of a regular account, except possibly paper checks.

You can also earn debit card rewards or interest.

Chime Disclaimer: Chime is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by The Bancorp Bank, N.A. or Stride Bank, N.A., Members FDIC.