Josh Patoka

Josh is a personal finance writer with his prior professional experience as a transportation operations supervisor for an S&P 500 company.

He paid off $80,000 in consumer debt and uses his experience of getting out of debt and changing careers to write about many personal finance topics including making money, saving money and investing.

He has been featured in the US News and World Report, Student Loan Hero, and more.

Upwork review

Upwork Review: Is It A Legit Way To Find Work Online?

You may consider joining Upwork if you’re starting to freelance or want another platform to connect with clients. I actually began my freelancing career through Upwork in 2015.  Upwork provides work-from-home opportunities for many categories including accounting, customer support, programming

Lili Review featured

Lili Review: A Mobile Banking App For Small Businesses

Typical business banking accounts can be expensive. While they are good options for bigger businesses that can easily afford higher fees, they tend to be inaccessible for freelancers and sole proprietors. Fortunately, Lili offers free and low-priced business checking accounts

survey sites for teens

10 Best Survey Sites for Teens

Online surveys are an easy way for teens to make money from home. Unlike a part-time job that can require working several hours per day, most surveys only take up to 20 minutes. Plus, you can complete several each day

allowance for kids

Allowance For Kids: How Much To Pay Kids By Age

An allowance can help your kids learn about earning and saving money. It can be wise for parents to teach these lessons before their children move out and start paying their own bills. There are different allowance strategies that you

survey app

15 Best Survey Apps

What’s one of the easiest ways to make money from your phone? Online surveys. Dozens of sites offer paid surveys that pay you in cash or gift cards. Other stores ask your opinion about your shopping trip in exchange for

survey sites to make money

25 Best Survey Sites To Make Extra Money

Looking for the top survey sites? Look no further. Many people like making extra cash by taking surveys because it is a very flexible side hustle. Above all, it doesn’t matter what your background is, people from all walks of

image of piggy bank

10 Best Investments for Monthly Income

Being able to afford retirement is a financial goal many people want to achieve. Some people reach this goal by saving enough money to no longer rely on working full-time to make ends meet.  There is another option to help

Ways to get more interest

5 Ways to Get More Interest on Your Savings

Keeping your money in a savings account ensures that you have easy and free access to your cash. However, it’s challenging to build wealth with the low interest rates offered today. If you want to make more money on your

Crowdfunded real estate

17 Best Crowdfunding Real Estate Sites

If you don’t have the time, skills, or cash to own rental property, investing through a crowdfunded real estate site lets you own rental property without all the headaches. In addition, your investment might earn a 12% yield while the

Girl standing outside looking peaceful

10 Best Companies to Consolidate Credit Card Debt

Refinancing credit card debt is one of the best steps you can take to get out of debt. Chances are, your credit cards have a high interest rate. In addition to getting a lower interest rate, more of your monthly

image free checking account

10 Best Free Checking Accounts

Free checking accounts are one of the best bank accounts you can have. You’ll get easy access to your cash and won’t pay annoying bank fees.  These accounts make it easy to receive direct deposits on payday and pay bills.

image paperwork set up llc

12 Best LLC Formation Services

Forming a limited liability company (LLC) has several legal and financial advantages. However, figuring out how to start a limited liability company may seem overwhelming. Luckily, there are LLC formation services that can make the process easy. Every business has