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  1. Try It lets you sell your stuff for free online! Sell your stuff!

    • Thank you for the additional suggestion!

  2. Have you checked the reviews for Decluttr? I would say they are reprehensible. I’m sure they do a ton of orders, so one might say it’s a small number of complaints, but, it’s over and over. They’ve even been reported to BBB, etc. Plus, the reviews seen (look in more than one place – they’re everywhere) are just what you’ve hit on and only those who have done so.
    I personally bought a CD from their shop on eBay that sells music (different name – there are several names affiliated with the same organization) and I neither received it nor got any message about it. This has been several months ago now. I emailed them and got no response.
    In the one message I got, the letter portion speaks like it was shipped a day or two after it was ordered. But, the date of shipping shown was 28 days after the order was paid. I have still never received it and have not heard from them. I would never promote these people. You might want to reconsider.

    I am one who has not filed anything or left a review. If I had the time…They had plenty of opportunities to contact me and plenty of time to get it here.

    This is just an FYI I believe you should consider, especially having them at top of any list other than BEWARE OF.


    • Yikes! I’m sorry you had a bad experience. We’ll look into that.

  3. I have a question: What is the name of the newish sell/buy site that is advertised on TV? I believe it has a young couple who have just moved into a neighborhood and furnish their home with things bought from people living and selling nearby?

    • I’m not sure. But if you think of it, let us know!

    • I believe it’s OfferUp.

  4. Do you know if there are any apps that allow you to post the same ad on multiple sites/apps at one time so that you only have to go through the posting process once?

    • I’m not aware of any program. Shopify can help broadcast your listing on the e-commerce sites like eBay and Amazon.

    • Yes, this is exactly what I have been looking for! That’s how I got to this page.

      • That’s great!

  5. I like using eBay to sell my used stuff online. Most of the time I’m going to throw it out anyways, so if I get some money for it then it’s just a bonus.

    • We’ve had the most luck on eBay too, but Craigslist is good for items that are too expensive to ship.

    • Yes! That’s a good point.

  6. I’m shocked Mercari is not on this list. It’s great for buying and selling anything. I personally have used most of the apps listed here, and Mercari is the one I make the most sales on. Thank you

    • Mercari is a good option too. You only pay a 10% fee when your item sells.

      • Beware of Mercari! Read the reviews before you start selling or buying. They will suspend, ban, or deleted your account for no reason. All the hard work you put into posting pictures of items and building a good reputation will be for nothing because they delete accounts without telling you and then keep your money from pending transactions. This has happened to many people. I got suspended out of no where and I’m just a buyer. I did absolutely nothing wrong! Also, they will suspend accounts that are listed under the same address. For example, if you and your brother have different accounts but share the same address, both of you will get banned because they will assume it’s the same person with more than one account. Also, there’s no customer service. You will not have any luck getting a hold of someone to help you with anything. They also send you automated emails when responding to your concerns. This is just a heads up!

        • Thanks for sharing your experience.

  7. Thanks, Josh. This has been very informative. Personally, I’ve had no luck with LetGo. I believe it has a lot to do with my location. It’s the worst. Is there any additional info you could share with me as I prepare to downsize, due to rapidly declining health issues? I could use help with listing and organizing to sell or auction. I have an urgency and don’t want to leave my family with this task, or “give” away a lifetime of quality belongings to support a community of thieves. I appreciate your input, time, and consideration very much.

    • Hi Keely,
      I’m Karla…… It sounds like you need a trustworthy personal assistant! Contact me if this is the case. I’d love to help if at all possible.

  8. Do you have recommendations for higher-end things? For example, how to sell nice antiques and furniture…

    • Usually local Facebook buy and sell groups are a great way to sell nice things. If the antiques have some value, though, you might consider an antiques dealer who will sell them for you on consignment.

  9. It looks like has been taken down for legal issues. You might want to reconsider suggesting it as a ‘best app’.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, it’s been removed.

  10. What are your recommendations for handmade trendy jewelry? (Not Etsy)

    • You could try OfferUp. Or, create your own Facebook page and then list items through any local selling groups you might have in your area. There’s also Shopify, Ebay, and Bonanza you could try. I wish you luck selling your products!

  11. Does anybody know of any app that will buy dolls, teddy bears, or collectibles from you and will also even pay for shipping? (I’ll gladly post the pictures online for them). I’m looking to downsize by liquidating my stuff. Thank you.

    • A couple of the sites in this post might work for you. For example, you could try eBay and include shipping in the sale price of the item. I would read the terms and conditions as well as policies to find out more first, but you should be able to do it on at least one of them. Good luck!

  12. is great for busy people because you mail items to them and they photograph and sell them, then send you the money.

    • Thanks for mentioning another way to sell stuff online!

  13. I have to reemphasize how horrible mercari is, just like the other person mentioned. They’ll delete your account with no warning, keep 10%, and their customer service is horrible. You can forget having a conversation with anyone. There’s no reply feature with customer service. Check out all the complaints on BBB. They have 1 star on there.

  14. Stay AWAY from eBay – they offer NO seller protection. There are so many scamming buyers who will lie and cheat and eBay will side with the buyer every time. As a seller, you will be screwed. I have had so many problems with selling on eBay. I take many, many photos, and measurements, and add extensive amounts of detail about every little thing. Some liar always finds a way to try to get a partial refund or return things due to buyer’s remorse and the seller gets stuck with paying return shipping as well as loosing the fee on the sale of the item. Just look at their policy before you go listing things on eBay. I used Mercari, but then you are at the mercy of the buyer actually taking the time to rate you so your money can be released.

    • I’m sorry you are not having good luck with these methods of selling your stuff. You might have to try some different ones. I wish you better luck next time.

  15. I’m looking to furnish a studio apartment. I have a new bed and other things. Basically, I’m looking for specific things. I need a chaise lounge, a love seat, a coffee table, and maybe end tables. Oh yeah, I want that high heeled shoe that you can sit on. Hopefully, it would have a small space to put things in it. If it didn’t, it wouldn’t be a deal breaker. I want certain colors suck as black, gray, stripes, and silver, maybe? Do you have any suggestions?

    • Although our posts are geared more toward selling stuff than buying, you could certainly use them as resources for where to go to buy some of the stuff you are looking for. Check out our posts about selling furniture online and locally.I hope you find everything you’re looking for!

  16. Mercari is the worst, but only because of their system. It is not the seller’s fault and I love the deals you can get from other people, but they will delete and cancel your transactions and posts for sale in an instant! I was only buying things, at first, as it is the whole point of the app. I went a little crazy with the deals and spend probably over $300 and BAM! They suspended and cancelled my account and my husband’s because we were using the same debit card and address!! It’s ridiculous and a complete waste of my time posting all of my stuff online for nothing, so please beware! It’s the “customer care service”, not the seller’s, but as was said earlier, there is no real customer service, just automated messages. They truly don’t care!

    • I’m sorry you have had a bad experience with them and feel they don’t care. Did you try to contact them about it by email or regular mail? Both of those, along with a phone number, are shown on their website. If you haven’t, I urge you to try to get your issues resolved.

  17. What’s the best e-commerce site to sell a luxury watch like an Omega ($2000)? I tried Craig’s List and eBay and got scammed by both. On both sites, the “buyer” was out of the country in the military and wanted me to ship to another mainland address.

    • One of the ways you can decide that is by thoroughly checking out the sites you are interested in trying. See if they are selling luxury watches and how much people are paying for them. Then, be sure to check their policies, terms and conditions to ensure you do not have problems before listing your item. I’m glad that you’re being careful not to get taken in since this is such a pricey item. Good luck!

  18. I just tried Mercari. The app offered a promotion: after listing 3 items for sale you could pick a free item to buy. I chose a dress but several hours later, the seller cancelled my order. Also, the shipping fees are way too expensive for the items I’m trying to sell.

    • I’m sorry you did not have good luck with that app. Perhaps you should try a different one, such as one suggested in this post. I wish you luck the next time.

  19. I have a set of used 21555 r17 Michelin tires for sale.

    • To get them sold you need to follow the links in the post. I wish you luck!

  20. MaxSold is an estate sale service. I have not used them, but I have talked with them on the phone. They can do all the work for you and even get rid of items that don’t sell.

    • That sounds like a great idea if you have a lot of things you need to clean out rather than just a few. Thanks for mentioning it!

  21. Is there a site for electronics? I’m trying to sell external hard drives.

    • I don’t know if there is one dedicated to selling only electronics. However, you could check out the links in this post to see which sites sell electronics for the most money. Good luck and I hope you get them sold. 🙂

  22. Yes, I have had a bad experience on Mercari. They closed my account just because one customer was so mad that I cancelled her order. She already called it hers when I didn’t even get her money yet. Why not blame it on Mercari? If the buyer reports the seller on Mercari, you can’t even defend yourself. They will just send you a message that they will investigate and then they will decide without asking the seller’s side, even if you still have money in processing and the buyer didn’t rate you yet. So, the money is gone. That’s my experience. I still have the money on them that the buyer didn’t rate yet, even though she received it and messaged that they love the items, but didn’t give a rating yet.

    • I’m sorry you’ve had a bad experience with Mercari. I hope you contacted them about it and explained the situation. If not, I encourage you to do so in order to try to resolve the situation. However, keep in mind, there are other selling sites you could try next time.

  23. I am an administrator for a VarageSale group. There is no “24 hour hotline you can call”. In fact, admins don’t even have such an option. What it does offer is individually run group “communities” with at least one administrator. Communities are allowed to set the parameters they cover, for example, 30 miles, specific towns, etc. Many community administrators are local volunteers who are invested in their town, area, or community, and monitor activity and vet all requests to join. Some, however, are run by VS employees, and those groups do not have the same response time or invested admins.

    In my humble opinion, it is the safest buy and sell app to sell locally as its members are carefully screened. Your ad will only post in communities you belong to and there isn’t a shipping option. Meetups are in person. Your ad may be found in a google search, but only your first name and initial will be visible to nonmembers. If someone outside the group or area wants to contact the seller, they have no way to do so. They can message an admin with their contact info and item which we can relay to the seller, but the seller chooses whether or not to contact the person.

    Each group has their own “code of conduct” as well as VS’s Terms of Service, making it the most orderly of selling apps, again in my humble opinion.

    The app is free, but it does have ads that appear throughout the feed. There is no option to turn them off. I hope this helps.

  24. VarageSale allows you to request to join various area VS groups. Once you are a member of two or more “communities”, you only post once and select the communities you want it to appear in and your post will appear in all you choose.

    • Thanks for pointing that out!

  25. Is there a website that sells for free and that has free shipping?

    • I don’t know about a website, but you could always try to sell stuff through a local buy/sell group in your city or community. Those are usually free and you may not have shipping costs if you go and pick it up yourself. 🙂

  26. Hi, and thanks for all your different opinions, quite helpful! I had a terrible experience with Ebay as well. I have an antique McCoy Cookie Jar, which was created during the time of the movie, “GONE WITH THE WIND”, yeah, it dates me, who cares! Anyways, I gave dimensions, 6 or 7 pictures, explained how the African Woman won an academy for her performance, her name in the movie was “Mammy”. It starred Clark Gable, and the leading gal? Can’t recall her name at the moment. So, I was called by Ebay employer and was told to eliminate the word “Mammy”, and said that was ridiculous, because that was her stage name, but Ebay said, if I did not comply with the rules, they would discontinue my site. I must say, I don’t think people knew the story about this McCoy Cookie Jar, I had so many people viewing my site. I could not believe Ebay!! So, selling or listing anything there, is no longer an option for me. And, someone keeps hacking into my account, at Ebay. Ebay does not patrol and look out for the good of people selling. I had spent a lot of time on all the measurements, the research, of the background all these items, it all got erased!!!! I couldn’t believe this horrible waste of time I went through with Ebay.

    • I’m sorry to hear you has a bad experience! This article has some great alternatives!

  27. Is there an app that let you list once but then posts to multiple apps? I currently use Offerup, letgo, and Facebook market place with about the same results for all, So I have to list everything 3 times.

    • At this time there isn’t really anything like that on the market. Every one of those sites is its own business, so you’ll have to post separately for each one until something like that comes out!

  28. Deacon….do I access these apps thru App Store, google, or how. I commend your courteous responses to everyone. Thanks.

    • Yes you can access them through whatever App Store you have on your mobile device, be it Apple or Android!

  29. Thank you for this list. I am about to try VarageSale and will report on my experience. I’m not very optimistic. I suspect that after driving newspaper classified ads out of business, on-line venues for local sales are drowning in their own toxins, and there currently are no good choices. I’d be happy to be proven wrong. I had always used CraigsList for local, cash sales, but it has gradually become a dumpster fire. At one time, they erred on the side of removing ads for no good reason. Visits to their message board revealed that administrators jumped through hoops to defend those practices, no matter how egregious, and repeatedly claimed that “99.9%’ of sellers were very happy with the service, without ever addressing specific issues. Now they seem to have gone to the other extreme of not removing an ad no matter how obviously bogus it might be. While that may seem to be an issue for buyers only, it creates buyer perceptions and encourages suspicions that also impact sellers, ntm the proliferation of duplicate ads and other bogus practices prevent buyers from easily finding what they are looking for.. Etsy seems to be easy to deal with, and may work well for small artsy crafters, but my experience is that they don’t have a large enough audience for other kinds of items. I’ve listed a few fairly valuable antique and vintage items there, and garnered a ton of “likes” but no offers. I’m not even going to attempt to use eBay until and unless they complete their divorce from PayPal, because of the latter’s reputation for automatically favoring the buyer in any disputed sale, even if the dispute is provably fraudulent.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience on some of these sites, Vinny. It can help others get an idea of what site is good for them!

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