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  1. I completely regret using ThredUp and would never recommend it to anyone. I sent in 5 big boxes of nice designer clothes, including leather skirts, blue jean coats, and many items with the tags still on them. When they finished processing my boxes they offered me less than $10.99 per box and then they deducted the 10.99 per box for return assurance so I made $0.00. They got all those clothes for free. I have emailed them 3 times and still haven’t heard back from anyone. I am so disappointed.

    • I’m sorry you had a bad experience with thredUP. I appreciate you sharing it here and hope you have better luck the next time you try to sell clothing.

  2. Michelle, I am experiencing the same situation with Threadup. I have not heard a word from them, and I know it has been 4 weeks. What a rip-off. I should have done my research.

    • I’m sorry to hear you also had a bad experience. If you haven’t already contacted them about the issue, I encourage you to do so. In addition, you could always send them a message or comment on one of their Facebook posts. That might also get you a response.

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