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  1. Some of this stuff I have tried, but got nowhere. I posted stuff on web sites and they sat there for a year. I ended up throwing my stuff away because it sat at my house too long. Nothing was wrong with the stuff at all.

    • Yep. Some stuff just doesn’t sell. But, other things do. Don’t give up!

  2. I’m going to try some of these things starting tonight! Wish me luck!

    • Woohoo! Good luck!

    • I really want a job. I’m 15 and I really need it. My mom and dad died and I live with my 18 year old sister.

      • I am so sorry for your loss. We have several post on our site about how to make money as a teenager. Check some of them out. I hope they help.

      • I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. Try Fivrr – you can Google it. It can really help someone like you. I’ll be praying for you and your sister.

      • Start yourself a lawnmower business.

  3. Thank you so much for this service. It’s so helpful.

    • I’m glad to hear it!

  4. One practice I’ve seen that helps with needing money really fast is praying to St. Expedite. He is a good saint in both that he answers prayers and is an inspiration to getting more disciplined with money in life. That, and not procrastinating!

    • I’m glad you’ve found something that works for you. Thanks for dropping by!

  5. I have found that the survey companies are usually not legit or I’ve never been paid. The surveys just lead to a thing for you to buy something or enter a contest. Is there a legit survey company? Honestly, please let me know. Thanks for all the tips!

    • It’s unfortunate that you have had some bad experiences. However, not all companies are like that. Don’t give up on your dreams to make more money. Persistence pays off.

    • Focus Point Global, fieldwork, and Schlesinger Associates are all companies I’ve worked with in the SF Bay area. But I think fieldwork has offices across the country.

      • Thanks for adding that tip!

  6. I am 67 years old. I can’t do anything with these ideas. I’m not the get up and go kind of gal. Have you any other ideas?

    • Several of these ideas you can do while sitting – filling out surveys, driving people around, etc. But we have others on our site as well, such as how to make money online with google or making money with Facebook. Be sure to check them out. Good luck.

  7. I want to learn more about being a virtual assistant. Could you tell me more about it? I need some extra cash fast.

    • We have a post on our site about how to become a virtual assistant. Check it out. It should give you some guidance and help you get started.

  8. You can try being a social media manager. It is a really good option if you want to work from home and make money.

    • You’re right, John. We didn’t specifically list that one, but it is a great work at home option. Thanks for adding it.

  9. Hmmm… my 12 year old daughter has gone through almost 4 different sizes in the last couple of years. I have jeans and tops – some with the tags still on them, some only worn by her once or twice. I bet I have at least 50 or more pairs of just jeans… mostly very expensive jeans!! Is there another kind, lol? I hate to have a lot of people come to our home. Would I lose a lot of money by selling them online as opposed to a yard sale? I also have quite a few other items I really need to get rid of because they’re just sitting in my shed, taking up space. Do you have any advice on how to get the maximum money for these items (mainly the girl’s clothing)? Thanks!!

    • Boy, it takes time, but selling online can really be profitable if time is not a factor. If you just want it gone, then a yard sale would be your best bet. Then, donate the rest and write it off your taxes. Enjoy!

      • Yes, it can take time. It just depends on whether you want to make the most money or you need money quickly. It also depends on how much you are selling. You have some good points, though.

  10. Swagbucks is a liar!!! I have completed 2 surveys tonight: one for 4000 SB’s, and another that said 1800 SB’s. But, when I go in to my activities, it only shows the 1 SB survey and not the others!!! This app is fake.

    • If you have not already done so, I would contact Swagbucks about it to see if they can help you. Good luck!

  11. I am a single mom and have no job because I can’t leave my kids alone at home. They are disabled and I need some money to start working from home. Is there any man or woman of God to help me to feed my kids. I’ll be highly grateful.

    • You could start with the ideas in this post. But we also have lots of other posts on this site that might help. Check out the ones on how to make money from home or side hustles. You could also check into getting assistance from the social services office in your area. In some areas they are called the Department for Children and Families, in others just Social & Rehabilitation Services. They might be able to help with basic needs, such as food, as well as helping you get qualified for Medicaid for health needs. I hope that helps you out.

  12. I need immediate help. I can’t see my kids like this. It’s been a long time and we are facing hardships. I’ve tried slots, but couldn’t get any positive results as money makes money, but I don’t have money to do anything like home tuition or cooking or anything like that. Is there any generous and kind man or woman to help me as I am alone. I have no siblings and the relatives are good for nothing. I also have to pay some loans and the people I borrowed from are teasing me. Please help me. I’ll be highly thankful.

    • Check out the links in this post. You might also see if there is any government assistance you can qualify for in your area. We also have lots of posts about ways you can make money from home or side jobs you could do. I wish you luck.

  13. It’s not fake. It paid me twenty-five dollars on an Amazon gift card. It just takes a few days for it to come.

  14. I want money to pay bills. Please help me.

    • Use the links in this post to help you get money. Also, there are other posts on our site about ways you can make money. Check them out and I hope you have success!

  15. I need money for graduation fees in Ethiopia. How can I get help?

    • You can try using the links and information in this post to get the money you need. In addition, we have other posts on this site about ways you can get or make money. I hope you get what you need.

  16. This is a great article. I will try some of these. 😉

    • I hope some of them work out for you!

  17. To whom it may concern,
    You said I could make extra money by writing short stories,
    Can you give me some information on what kind of stories are needed, and what company to send the stories to .
    I truly thank you
    God bless

  18. Hey, I’m really trying to make money for a MacBook Pro and I’m only ten. Got any tips?

    • Check out some of the awesome tips in this article on how to make money!

  19. I’m interested

    • Check out some of the great ways listed in this article to get started!

  20. I am 14 and can’t seem to use Survey Junkie because it’s not available in this country Malaysia. I’m a bit frustrated is there any site I can use that is available in my country?

    • Check out some of the other great survey sites like SwagBucks! Survey sites will sometimes have a list of regions they are available in so do a little research for what’s available near you. Best of luck!

  21. I want somebody to help me with money. I am in bad condition.

    • Check out some of the ways you can make some quick money in the article!

  22. Thanks for the information; I’m starting now!

    • Glad it could help!

  23. I want somebody to help me with money. I am in bad condition.

    • Check out some ways you can make some money in this article!

  24. Can a Nigerian guy use it?

    • If you have a specific point you’re looking at, check their site to see if they have a site map or a FAQ section to see if they have availability in your country! A lot of these sites are constantly expanding to be available in more places!

  25. Although I appreciate your concise and helpful tips, I strongly disagree placing survey junkie as n.1 unless your willing to make less than $1/hour. I spent my first hour sugning up, building my profile (a survey in itself), taking the rutorials for free points. Earned 80 points worth .80 cents. Next hour I startesd over 20 surveys and kept getting kicked out due to not being interested or invilved with their priduct, service or opinion. I only earned 2pts or .02 cents in each after being asked the aame questions akready answered in my profile (age, zip, etc..). I was only able to complete one full survey so I got 65pts or. 65 cents. Two hours after. I was 1.21 richer…not worth it.
    Swagbucks was better. Very upfront about not every survey is for you. Kicked you out a lot sooner but only earned 1pt. I earmed 1.61 in an hour so twice as much as survey junkie but waste of time.

    • Hey Donna, these sites actually aren’t in any particular order! Some survey sites can definitely take a while to make you some extra money, but they can be useful. Thank you for sharing your personal experience, it can help others decide what works best for them!

  26. In my country, the best option for me is Airbnb. I have tried it, it’s really slow, I only had 2 guests in the last 8 months. It can really work for me if I had more each month!

    • Glad to hear you’ve had a little success! Hopefully you can get some more customers coming in! Best of luck.

  27. Great job!

  28. I started to sign up to do tasks for Task Rabbit but the very last thing before your done registering is it costs $25 to register and you might not even be hired. I really wish I knew that before hand before wasting my time. I need to make money & I dont have the money to spend registering for something I might not even be confirmed/hired to do. Really should put that it costs $25 in your article.

    • It’s fairly common for sites that assist people to look for jobs cost money. Sorry if there was any confusion with this. I hope you find something that works for you. Best of luck!

  29. Hi Laurie,

    I think you got it right with this list.

    Just wanted to throw an idea at you as you did mention surveys in the list. You will agree it’s good to have cash flowing in while working on bigger projects and I just wanted to say that the guys at usertesting, userlytics, and Trymyui offer onlone testing and survey work that you know you will be paid for.

    Nice introduction to online work in my view.


    • Thanks for the suggestions!

  30. I need a “work from home” Job . I’m currently studying the German language and work 2 days a week as a Home base care at an old age home. I am really struggling. Can someone please help me?

    • Check out some of the options in this article if you need a little help with some extra money! Best of luck!

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