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  1. Kaye

    I joined Ebay to start selling. I got an Email that said, “post 50 items free by August 1”. I posted 10 items. The screen showed, “You have already posted 10 items and have no more free ad postings”. 🤔

    • Deacon

      I would definitely talk to Ebay about it to see if they can do anything for you. Good luck!

  2. Karen G

    Another option is to use the Next Door application. It doesn’t cost to list or ship. It’s sort of like a safer, more sophisticated Craigslist. The downside is that buyers would pick-up their items from your home or an agreed upon meeting place. I live in a safe area so I’m not opposed to a buyer stopping by to purchase women’s shoes or clothes.

    • Deacon

      That’s another option.

  3. Ms. Gwen

    I started using thredUP about 1 year ago. It’s an easy process, and they pay for shipping up front, then charge you when your clean out bag or box is received for processing. ThredUP sates that the company takes (on average) less than 40% of the items it receives. They pay ‘pennies’ for items – check out the company estimate. They are honest and up front. I received .75 for a pair of brand new wedges (American Eagle brand), .50 for a never worn dinner jacket, $5.04 for a designer tote, etc. I don’t expect to make much, but they are honest and up front.

    • Deacon

      Thank you for sharing your experience using thredUP!

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