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  1. We sell on Poshmark and it’s been a good option in addition to eBay. I think their platform could be a little easier to use, as it feels like Poshmark has outgrown the interface, but it’s easy to list and sell overall.

    • I agree. They could use a facelift to make it easier to use.

    • I sold my Hermes Apple Watch Band on September 19, 2018 and shipped it overnight using a tracked Fed Ex package. Because I did not use the shipping label provided by Poshmark, they canceled the order and are refusing to pay my portion of the earnings. I attempted to contact them through the only means you are able to contact them (I’m thinking that this is due to the numerous complaints they must receive), which is a short contact form that is submitted to them. You receive an automated response thanking you for your email and to let you know that they will be in touch soon. NOPE, sorry, I have emailed them over 20 times since October 5th, 2018. It is now October 30th, 2018 and I still have no response at all from Poshmark Support. They will not acknowledge me at all. The buyer even contacted them and let them know she received the item, but still nothing. The buyer states that when the transaction was canceled the first time, her funds were returned. They asked her if she would like to repurchase the item so that it will show as sold again vs canceled, and she told them yes. They have kept her payment and refused to pay me my portion of that sale.

      • Unfortunately, it does explain that not using the label can result in a delay or loss in earning. It’s in the FAQ section of the website. I am sorry you had a bad experience. I hope you have better luck selling your items in the future should you do so using them or any other site on the internet.

      • Lora, thank you for letting us know about your horrid experience with this outfit. I’m certainly taking my business elsewhere. Have you called the attorney general’s office in your state? If not, I hope you’ll consider doing that. You should be able to find out if you have any recourse or not.

  2. This is not worth it! It’s a ripoff! Do not sign up for Poshmark. I recently had an issue where a seller sold me garbage for a high price. I was out of town, so I did not open my package until 5 days later. After 3 days, apparently, they can’t help you out. They just give you a $60 credit, which is waste because I would never shop on this site again. The seller has had no repercussions whatsoever. Poshmark is not for the consumers.

    • I’m sorry you had a bad experience as a buyer on this site. But it sounds like they were trying to make it right with credit. Of course, it’s totally up to you whether or not to try again. Perhaps you were unlucky enough to get a bad seller and the next experience would be better.

    • So, you didn’t follow the rules and now you’re angry. The three days policy is clearly stated, and you had the option to delay your purchase. Perhaps communicating with the seller to delay shipping may have worked. Your lack of attention to detail is quite evident in your post as you mean “CAN’T help you out”, “repercussions” not “reproductions”, and “whatsoever” not “what so ever”. It makes me think you are a little more at fault than Poshmark. I’m just sayin’.

  3. I like Poshmark, but they take to much time for shipping – around 7 days and more. Also, there is no international shopping – only in USA. Ebay is better.

    • Thanks for your comments and opinions. While I’m sorry you do not love Poshmark, I am glad you have found, and like, Ebay. I’m glad it is meeting your needs.

  4. Poshmark is AWESOME! I am a fairly new seller and buyer (as of August 2018), and have had nothing but great transactions from each perspective! I have bought at least 20 items from various sellers, have never had a problem yet, nor have I experienced a long wait period to receive my purchases. As a seller, I am actually kicking butt! In just a few weeks , I have made a bit over a few hundred dollars. I love how simple Poshmark is for the seller. Just take a photo, list your item , share/follow/party, then repeat, repeat, repeat. THEN the sales begin rolling in. All you do is open your email, click on the shipping label, and print it. Then, of course, package your item (with care and regard), drop it at USPS, or schedule the USPS to come to your address to pick the stuff up for you. Its pretty darn simple. I am not a person who favors change too much, or progress (as far as technology goes, anyway) because I like to keep things simple. Like Windows 7, for instance! LOL! I like things to be as fundamental and easy as possible because it’s hard enough just being a mindful and emotional human being these days as it is. So, I appreciate the functionality and ease of selling on Poshmark. Buying on Poshmark is like eating cake (and cake is always your favorite). What could be easier? Selling takes a bit of effort, as far as maintaining an active closet and putting (keeping) your items towards the top of the heap. But, it isn’t rocket science or hard physical labor.
    I love Poshmark from a buyer standpoint, and super, super, SUPER, love LOVE Poshmark from a seller standpoint. It’s a great app and a great marketplace. As with anything in our civilized society, there will always be a few bad apples here and there. But, overall, Poshmark is a great and fair platform for both buyer and seller.

    • That’s great to hear that you are having such great success with Poshmark! I hope you have continued success with it. Thanks for your comments!

  5. This was absolutely the worst buying experience I’ve ever had. I don’t see how they’re still in business. Don’t be fooled–yes, the buyer can post feedback on the seller. But the ONLY feedback you, the buyer, can ever see when thinking about a potential Poshmark seller is the 5 or highest rating. Only the seller can see anything less than that! So, when you look at a seller and see that he/she has excellent ratings, it’s meaningless. (Poshmark says buyers can check how many total sales a seller has and compare how many excellent ratings the seller has, but if that information is available to buyers, I never saw it).

    So the first purchase I made was for a pair of little boy’s boots. The picture wasn’t detailed enough for me to be able to tell that the boots were suede and FILTHY! If I had seen them on a thrift store shelf, I wouldn’t have even picked them up. The seller had the nerve to sell them to me. The total with shipping was $33.00! Then, I found out I had a window of time to file for a refund and I missed it, so I was stuck with them!

    Out of 7 pairs of cowboy boots I bought for my grandchildren, 4 were not as described. Not even close! The sellers are dishonest and when you try to resolve it (you first have to try to communicate with the seller about it), I would get SCREAMED at, via messaging, for it. These were not minor things. They were for boots being advertised as “all leather” when they were vinyl; boots being advertised as a child’s size when the pair was really an adult size; and in “excellent condition” when the leather (or vinyl?) was scraped off. NEVER buy anything on Poshmark! The sellers are scammers!

    • It’s too bad you had such terrible experiences with Poshmark. I am curious, though, about why it took so many transactions to find out you did not want to go back to them again? It sounds like you could have stopped dealing with them sooner and saved a little grief and money.

      I wish I had an answer that would solve everything, but I don’t, other than to try a different site next time.

  6. Poshmark disables accounts for bad online reviews. Just FYI (read the terms and agreements). That seems super sketch, right? Also, when you google all the Q and A’s, they are answered by Poshmark. But I really don’t care…be forewarned: I sold a designer piece. Poshmark doesn’t have a return policy UNLESS the item is damaged.

    The buyer got the item and then, 6 days later (after a long holiday weekend) decided to open a claim right before the money transferred. She destroyed the item and Poshmark accepted her claim. Now, as a seller, I’m out the money and the designer item. This is a true story everyone should be aware of.

    • I’m sorry to hear of this. Did you let them know your side of the story? If that doesn’t help, perhaps you can post something to their Facebook or Twitter. Sometimes putting it out there publicly will get you a response. Thanks for commenting about your negative experience.

  7. I had a bad experience on Poshmark and swore I would never buy again. Although I was specifically looking for something to go with several items and couldn’t find it, I searched Poshmark anyway. Of course, in the mean time I found 8 different things and I purchased them all and love them!

    • I’m glad to hear your next experience with Poshmark was better than your first and that you didn’t give up due to one bad experience!

  8. My wife ordered a pair of sneakers as a gift for me. They were supposedly delivered while I was at work. I never got the package. The neighbors know nothing about it. Never EVER in 5 years at this address has ANYONE lost or not received a package. I never accepted the order on the app since it was never recieved. I reported it well within Poshmark’s terms. It took them a week to basically tell us we are on our own. It’s UNBELIEVEABLE. My $142.00 went down the drain. It was the worst experience with online shopping in my life. This is exactly why people are wary of 3rd party seller sites. I WILL TELL ANYONE WHO WILL LISTEN TO FORGET ABOUT POSHMARK.

    • I am sorry you had a negative experience with them. Did you check with the freight carrier? Perhaps you could fill out a claim with them? It may not change your views about Poshmark, but maybe you can get some, or all, of your money back. I wish you good luck if you try to pursue it further as also with any future online purchases.

  9. I’ve read all the comments and I am concerned. I found a 10k solid gold bracelet that I would like to purchase, but I am concerned it will be fake when I receive it. What assurances can you give me?

    • Well, it is not up to us to give you those assurances. I would ask that question of Poshmark before you buy it. I wish you luck.

  10. If you have any question, don’t bother. Poshmark’s customer service is an unreasonable liability from a buyer AND seller viewpoint. They have no direct customer service. Your only option is to email them and wait. If you don’t get a helpful response, you have to wait again for another reply. They say email allows them to keep better track of issues, but my last 2 emails about website or technical issues went unanswered for almost a full week. I’ve also alerted Poshmark to numerous fakes that I absolutely knew were fakes (SO many things were wrong about them). They often failed to pull the listing and, when I’ve been able to identify victims and reach out, those victims have told me Poshmark essentially said, “tough luck.” It doesn’t matter that they were the unwitting victim of a fake that Poshmark knew or should have known about. If it’s outside of Posh’s little window, you’re stuck with the counterfeit (regardless of the legal issues with distributing fakes). It actually took a customs complaint to get a large block of fakes finally pulled. Poshmark has raised almost $160 million in venture capital and has apparently spent $0 on customer service… don’t feed this machine!

    • Thank you for your comments.

  11. I had a bad transaction through and a bad seller who sold me rain boots which were defective and leaked and were peeling at the seams. I took pictures of the item and filed for a return the same day I received them, using Poshmark’s online system. I was denied my claim based on false trumped up charges and false allegations, all which could be proven false by the date and time of the delivery, and the time the photos were uploaded. I contacted my bank and filed a claim with their claims department sending them the pictures of the defective item. The bank was horrified about the scam and very sympathetic to my cause and allowed me to file for a reversal of the funds. The bank gave me a temporary refund for the amount of the item ($42.49) while they proceeded with their investigation.

    When the bank contacted Poshmark, they falsely alleged they had given me the refund, using a different refund amount of a different item that they had, in the past, refunded me. Then they had the money that I had received from the bank for my claim removed from my account.

    I contacted the bank and explained that there were two different transactions: one for $35.99 on Jan 16th, that I had been refunded for by Poshmark, and the $42.29 item purchased on Jan 14th that I was not refunded for. The Bank Rep said “yes I can see there are two different transactions, and the dates of purchase and the amounts differ. So, Poshmark basically lied to the bank and said they gave me the refund when they did not, and pulled up a different refund and gave the bank that amount which was then withdrawn illegally from my account. The Bank Rep said, “don’t worry we will get you your funds back and continue to investigate your claim.”

    It is pretty serious when Poshmark attempts to defraud it customers by giving the bank erroneous information about different transactions in order to steal from consumers!

    • I’m sorry you are going through this. Sometimes it does take a while to prove your point and much investigation and proof to get the issue resolved. I hope you stick with it and get your refund.

  12. Stay with Ebay. I just had the worst experience trying to return an item which was falsely advertised. Now I’m trying to get a Posh account, which seems to be another fiasco.

    • I’m sorry you feel that way about Posh. However, I do wish you more luck with ebay. Thanks for your comments.

  13. I am so glad I read all of these comments. I have a closet full of designer clothes and actually considered selling them through Poshmark, but now I wouldn’t dream of doing business with this company. I’m so glad I dodged a bullet!

    • That’s why we post both the feedback we receive. It helps our readers decide for themselves. I hope you are able to sell your items for a good price.

  14. What you don’t tell people is that you spend a lot of time photographing and taking measurements of garments. Then, of course, creating an item description. You price your items and most times you wind up marking them down and selling for a lot less than you thought you would get. Your items sit there posted for months on end. I “worked” the Poshmark seller thing and it’s a waste of time and money. After major time spent posting, photos, etc etc, then the packing and the thank you notes they expect you to send with the items, any person will soon come to find you are not paid fairly and can’t make a living or even much of any money consistently. You could sell an item for $30 on Poshmark and have spent over two hours in posting, photos, measurements, response to buyers, marking down, packing, writing thank you, and driving to and from the post office. Then, Poshmark takes their cut and what do you have left? I’d love to see your sales record if you think this site is worth it. After 8-9 months, I made a total of $500. It was a total waste of time. There are people selling items for $10 and less. There is no way in the world getting $5 to $10 for an item is worth your time or effort.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts about this. We appreciate your comments.

  15. I love Poshmark! I make around $400-500 per month. I reserve Saturdays to photograph and list all of my new items and I spend at least 30 minutes a day not only selling my products, but also sharing others’. This increases your visibility and the sellers you shared would, in turn, share your items. I have about 25,000 followers and I’ve been doing this for almost a year. Price your items competitively. If I’m looking to sell a pair of jeans for $25, I list it at $28 and then when someone likes it, I give them a 10% discount, which equates to $25. Both parties are happy. I always print labels provided by Poshmark. You guys, read the instructions first. This is the only way Poshmark can know for sure that your package got to its destination. It really just takes 5 minutes of research and common sense. It’s helped me pay off my student loans, so I’m grateful.

    • That’s great that Poshmark is working well for you! I do think you are right that in order to be successful it helps to read the instructions and rules first before posting items for sale on a site.

    • Awesome! Great job

  16. If you sell on Poshmark as a boutique, how do you handle the taxes etc. at the end of the year for your earnings?

    • Your best bet to get that answered accurately is to check with whoever prepares your taxes.

  17. Jessie – we have the same experience and I totally love using Poshmark to resell my slightly used clothes. I follow a few Poshers in YouTube that gives valuable tips on how to be successful in selling through Poshmark. I am a big fan of Poshmark and I understand the fact that whatever platform you use doing e-commerce business, you will still get negative feedback and bad experiences here and there. Though I sell on Ebay, I highly prefer Poshmark. 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing your positive experience with Poshmark. It just shows that you are absolutely correct! some people have negative experiences, but there are positive ones as well.

  18. I am a seller on Poshmark. Poshmark is definitely in favor of the buyer. I have found that when ever a case is opened against me, for whatever reason they rule in favor of the buyer. I sold a brand new Dooney and Bourke Bag, and the buyer said they smelled smoke. They were told to return it. I am searching for a new site to sell because of the 20% commission. It really hit me when I sold a $600 fur and only received $480. 🤬

    • I’m sorry you are not having good experiences on Poshmark. But, you are correct that there are other places you could try. I hope you have better luck with them. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Do you have any suggestions on a good site other than Poshmark? I need cheaper commission rates!

    • We have a post titled, “24 Best Places to Sell Clothes Online for Cash”. Check it out. You might find what you’re looking for! 🙂

  20. I’m a new seller to Poshmark. Does anyone have any opinions on whether or not I will have success, or should I go to Ebay?

  21. Poshmark is terrible. I purchased a pair of “new” sandals and when I received them, I tried them on and they hurt the bottoms of my feet! They were terribly made. They are telling me I bought the wrong size. Come on! I am not stupid! No wonder she got rid of them. I tried to return them and they would not accept them. I am posting BUYER BEWARE on several sites. They have terrible customer service and no return policy. I have filed a dispute with my payment company as well.

    • I’m sorry to hear of your trouble with Poshmark. Thank you for posting your experience here.

  22. I use Poshmark to sell my gently used clothing and it helps offset my clothing costs. I don’t think it is suitable for producing substantial income, but it helps save money. I also buy second hand clothing from Poshmark and other places both online and in my community to save money and to minimize waste. I have had mostly good experiences with Poshmark, but I have had a few bad experiences as well. Overall, the effect has been money saving. It takes a little effort and time, but it is better to get a few dollars for a gently used unwanted item then to throw it away. By using Poshmark, and also donating to my local charities, my goal is to feel good about my stewardship of resources, both my own financial resources and also the natural resources that are used to produce the items we all use daily and often take for granted. It’s not all about the money for me. There is good and bad in everything. It just depends on what you choose to focus on.

    • Thanks for sharing the good experiences you are having with Poshmark. I think you are right that there is good and bad in everything. Some will have good experiences and continue to use it, others may have a bad experience the first time and give up on it immediately.

  23. Do not use Poshmark! I ordered a couple of items from a seller, one of which was a pair of shorts. The seller said the shorts were a size 27. When I got them they did not have a size marked on them and were obviously at least three sizes smaller. I asked Poshmark to review the order so I could return the item. I sent pictures of the item next to a true size 27 waist and it looked like little kids shorts they were so small in comparison. They got back with me and said that the item did not meet return policies and that brands all fit differently. Do not order from them. They do not stand behind the products they allow to be sold on their site!

    • I’m sorry you had a negative experience with them. Thanks for posting about it.

  24. Unfortunately, buyers are ONLY interested in named brand stuff…and even then…way low offers. I did sell a pair of Nike cheer shoes my daughter wore hand full of times making about $14, a Northface kids jacket , making $16 and a Victoria Secret silk nighty making about $7. The rest of my stuff from the Loft, Old Navy, some Nike, Victoria Secret, Pink…. sat and sat and sat even after numerous reductions…at some point it isnt worth the hassle b/c you might make $2. The ones who do very well scour resale shops for name brand purses etc and resell online. Seems like an awful lot of time spent. You have to figure your hours spent shopping and determine what your hourly wage is for that. I use Amazon a lot…and familiar with their purse product lines. There are sellers on Poshmark claiming boutique status, selling as boutique items the got at Amazon for $38 trying to resell for $90. I also wonder about people selling what they claim to be new w/tags…many many many named brand Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Coach etc purses. Where the heck do they get that kind of volume and they are not a department store?? So be careful…some are scammers or I believe items are probably stolen.

    • Poshmark can definitely be a little complex to use and it can be a hassle as most people are looking for cheap deals on name brands! Good for you for selling and make a little bit of money, however! Definitely is important to watch out for scammers! If you have any issues, you can contact Poshmark to see if they can handle situations like that!

  25. I have been selling on line since 1999. My sales throughout have been very good. I would suggest the following:
    1. Write accurate descriptions.
    2. Follow the rules concerning labels, shipping, and be truthful
    3. Take good photos, and make sure you take advantage of all the photos allowed.
    4. Be Patient.
    5. Price-Price-Price accordingly. You have clothes that for whatever reason you need to sell. They are not making money hanging in your closet or sitting in your dresser. Selling 20 items for $15., is far more realistic than trying to sell one for $300.

    This is just my personal opinion, and it works for me. I do not have a crystal ball that would see into the present, past or future. Caveat Emptor. There are no guarantees that just because you think your items will sell, that they will. Law of averages. In my humble opinion, I believe that if you are motivated, ethical and patient, it is worth the effort.

  26. I am so mad at poshmark that I am actually considering closing my account with them! I was looking for a small wallet to buy & I found what I thought fit the bill so I bought it because the title of the item was “bi-fold leather wallet” so I thought I was safe. When it arrived it had nowhere to carry any money! No coins, no bills. So I disputed the purchase saying that it was not as described. Clearly it is not a wallet. It is a card carrier. The response came back negative for me! So now I’m stuck with a $30 card carrier that I don’t want! Who makes these decisions anyway?!? And clearly it was not in the buyers favor!(mine). I’m still ticked off about that!

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