10 Best Debit Cards For Kids And Teens

Debit cards for kids can be useful tools as you teach your children. When my oldest child turned 16, I wanted to make sure she knew how to make wise financial decisions. I also wanted my daughter to get some …

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10 Best Places to Buy Stamps

places to buy stamps

Everyone needs to buy stamps at some point, but the best places to buy stamps will depend on your individual needs. Sometimes you want the ease of stamps being delivered right to your front door. Other times you may need …

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12 Best Places to Order Checks

order checks image

If you need physical checks, the obvious first stop is your bank. Unfortunately, this can be a costly solution. Luckily, there are plenty of places to order checks online. The ample number of options means you’ll have to sift through …

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Halloween Spending 2021

Halloween Spending

The fall season tends to lend a hand to pumpkin spice, fall decorations and, of course, Halloween. This spooktacular holiday has become more than candy for some households.  Halloween spending is projected to be up this year thanks to last …

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Is A Timeshare Worth It?

surfboards at a timeshare beach location

I’m sure you’ve probably gotten–or at least heard about–freebie weekend getaways and other fun stuff in exchange for listening to a timeshare sales presentation. But is a timeshare worth it? Perhaps you are better off renting an Airbnb or a …

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