Text can you cancel a time share

Can You Cancel a Timeshare?

Nobody enjoys the feeling of buyer’s remorse, and it’s especially tough when it involves a significant purchase like a timeshare. If you recently bought a timeshare and regret that decision, it is possible to cancel your contract.  But it’s not … Read more

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7 Top Timeshare Exit Companies

If you’re stuck with a timeshare you no longer need or want, you may be wondering what your options are. Selling your timeshare may be difficult because the internet is flooded with people selling timeshares.  The top timeshare exit companies … Read more

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12 Best Places to Order Checks

If you need physical checks, the obvious first stop is your bank. Unfortunately, this can be a costly solution. Luckily, there are plenty of places to order checks online. The ample number of options means you’ll have to sift through … Read more

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12 Best Apps to Send Money

It happens to all of us. We need to send money to a friend or family member to split a purchase. Waiting to give cash in person isn’t an option. Neither is mailing a paper check (yes, people still do … Read more

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Allowance For Kids: How Much To Pay Kids By Age

An allowance can help your kids learn about earning and saving money. It can be wise for parents to teach these lessons before their children move out and start paying their own bills. There are different allowance strategies that you … Read more

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10 Best Alternatives to Quicken

Looking for a Quicken alternative? You’re in the right places. For years, the personal finance software allowed people to manage their money on a computer instead of on paper. You could create a budget, record banking transactions and more. However, … Read more

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10 Best Personal Finance Podcasts

It is amazing how popular podcasts have become over the past few years. This is due to the fact that they are free and you can learn about so many different topics you’d normally not be able to consume so … Read more

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The 8 Best Apps for Freelancers

If you’re a freelancer, you’re well aware of the awesome perks of solopreneurship—working in your PJs, freedom and flexibility over your schedule, and the potential to earn more. Conversely, self-employment also comes with downsides. Primarily, the extra financial housekeeping that’s … Read more

10 Best Car Buying Apps

Almost 90% of Americans own cars, and it’s easy to understand why. Unless you live in a major city with a good public transit system, you need a car to get almost anywhere. Even if you live somewhere with buses … Read more

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How to Make Money as a Transcriptionist

Have you ever thought about a career as a transcriptionist to make money? As a typist who writes out documents from recorded audio, you can work from the comfort of your own home. Plus, you can choose the hours you … Read more