12 Convenient Places To Get Quarters

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Looking for places to get quarters near you? Look no further. There are plenty of times when quarters can come in handy.

For example, you may need quarters to pay a parking meter, get something out of a vending machine, or even go to a laundromat.

Key Takeaways

  • The best place to get quarters without a fee is going to your local bank
  • You can also have quarters delivered to your door from Amazon, but you will pay a premium
  • Laundromats is another great to get quarters without paying a fee


Where to Get Quarters

Luckily, getting quarters is not a huge challenge. Here are some of the best places to get quarters.

1. Banks

One of the most popular places to get coins is from your local bank, especially if you want a full roll. It can be fairly easy to exchange a $10 bill for a roll of 40 quarters at your bank.

You’ll have the best chance of receiving a roll of quarters if you are a customer with a bank account. A bank teller may be more willing to honor a client’s request for quarters.

People who use online banks might have trouble with this strategy. If you aren’t a customer at the bank you are trying to get coins from, you may face some resistance or have to pay a fee.

2. Car Washes

Car washes often have quarter machines onsite. After all, their customers will need coins to run the machines. 

This is most often the case at do-it-yourself car washes. Consequently, you can likely get as many quarters as you want from the coin exchange machine at a car wash.

Just bring cash for the exchange and straighten the edges of your dollar bills so the vending machine doesn’t have an issue reading the bills.

3. Fast Food Restaurants

Fast food restaurants often have coins on hand. While you might have to make a purchase first, you could earn a few dollars in quarters.

You’ll have the most luck if you request when restaurants or fast food establishments are not busy.

If you are holding up the line, the cashier may deny your request to help other customers faster.

4. Gas Stations

At many gas stations, especially ones with convenience stores, you can request quarters in exchange for bills if you make a purchase.

However, not all gas stations will be willing to honor your request to get quarters. The decision will likely depend on whether or not they have an ample supply of coins. 

Cashiers won’t want to part with the quarters in their cash register unless there is enough to restock the till. Requesting only a few quarters may alleviate this issue, so be careful about how many quarters you request.

5. Grocery Stores

Many grocery and convenience stores will provide you with coins in exchange for bills.

While you’ll likely be required to make a purchase, the cashier at the grocery store will often be able to give you quarters. However, you may need to make a small purchase to get quarters.

Another option for getting quarters at grocery stores exists if the store has a customer service desk. This may be required if the grocery store doesn’t want their cash registers to run out of quarters.

6. Laundromats

If you need quarters, washers and dryers at laundromats are often powered by coins.

With that, the business owners are happy to provide change machines within their storefronts so that you can get a few coins.

The great thing about getting quarters from a laundromat is that there are many of them, especially in metropolitan areas.

Typically, you can exchange bills up to $20 for quarters. The downside is that you won’t receive your coins in one convenient roll. Instead, you’ll have a handful to carry out.

7. Making Small Purchases

You can ask to receive your change in quarters when making small purchases at convenience stores or other retailers. 

For example, you could buy a candy bar or a pack of gum at any store. Then, if you pay in cash, you can request your change in quarters.

And, as with gas stations or convenience stores, if you choose items priced to end in numbers less than 25 cents ($1.24, $1.18, $3.20, etc.), you’ll get quarters without even having to ask.

8. Amazon

It sounds crazy, right? But you can actually buy rolls of quarters on Amazon.

If the sound of having quarters delivered right to your front door sounds good, then this might be your option. However, know that you will pay more for the convenience of having them delivered.

9. Soda Machines

Soda machines can be the perfect way to get quarters. You might find these at a convenience store, gym, or sports stadium.

If you purchase a $1.25 snack with a $5 or $10 bill, you’ll get some of your change in quarters.

Unfortunately, running into machines that are low on coins is possible. If that happens, you might not receive your change.

Keep in mind that only old-style machines will be able to provide quarters.

10. Arcades

Many arcades have dozens of games that need coins to function. As a result, you’ll probably find the quarters you need at an arcade. 

If the arcade has old-style games that accept coins, they should have a machine that converts cash into quarters.

Unfortunately, you may have trouble finding an arcade that offers this type of exchange.

This is because many newer arcades have electronic systems with swipe cards that eliminate the need for coins. You simply use your electronic card to get gaming credits and use the credits to play.

11. Vending Machines

Using a vending machine to get quarters is a convenient and efficient way to obtain change for various purposes.

First and foremost, it saves time and effort, as you can quickly and easily access quarters without interacting with a cashier or bank teller. 

This is especially important when you are in a hurry or when you are in a location with limited access to a bank or other financial institution.

Vending machines are widely available and accessible, making finding one when you need quarters easy.

12. Friends or Family

When needing quarters quickly, you never know if a friend or family member has a stash of quarters or a change bucket ready to go.  

Growing up, we used an old plastic water jug to collect change, which we then used for vacations. It was loaded with quarters we would borrow when we shop at garage sales.

If you do borrow from the piggy bank, remember to replace it with dollar bills so you don’t leave it short.


While most people look for ways to exchange coins for cash, quarters can be handy for making small purchases.

You might need quarters to pay for self-serve car cash, use a vending machine, or wash clothes at the local laundromat.

Luckily, there are plenty of places to get quarters, and most don’t charge a fee.