Sarah Sharkey

Sarah Sharkey is a personal finance writer who enjoys helping people make better financial decisions.

With an MS in Management from the University of Florida Hough School of Business, she is able to write practical advice for anyone attempting to successfully navigate their finances.

Her work has been featured by Student Loan Hero, MagnifyMoney, and Centsai. Sarah writes about the ups and downs of navigating adulthood at Adventurous Adulting.

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Albert App Review

There are many digital money management tools on the market. While most platforms help you get a single piece of your financial life under control, Albert lets you oversee multiple aspects of your overall financial health. Within this platform, you

Revolut Review

Revolut Review

When you want to make a purchase or move your money around, the unfortunate reality is that you might encounter a fee to handle this simple transaction through a regular bank. And those fees can add up to take a

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20 Easy Ways to Make Money While You Sleep

The idea of earning money while you sleep might seem like something that can only happen in your dreams. Luckily, that dream can become a reality when you build passive income streams.  Unlike active income, such as a regular day

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How to Make Money Fast As A Woman

It has been proven that women generally earn less money than men. This reality may have them searching for ways to increase their income. Fortunately, there are ways for women to tap into special skills they have and earn money

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4 Ways To Get Out Of A Car Lease Early

When you sign up for a car lease, you expect your financial situation and goals to remain the same until the end of the lease term. But what happens if your finances change or you need a different mode of

Stores That Are Open On Thanksgiving

Many stores close their doors on Thanksgiving. This is understandable since most people want to spend the day with loved ones, but what if you need to make a last-minute purchase on Thanksgiving day? Fortunately, some stores stay open on

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Is FeaturePoints Legit? A Comprehensive Review

Most people would love to earn extra cash or a free gift card. Unfortunately, many options to grow your bank account can seem like a trap or a scam.  Luckily, there are legitimate opportunities out there. FeaturePoints is one easy

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15 Best Apps Like Grain

Building and accessing credit isn’t always easy. In fact, it can be downright difficult to build credit in the traditional ways.  Luckily, new companies are creating opportunities to improve your credit and access the funds you need with the help

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Titan Invest Review: Investment Management for Everyone

Have you ever wondered how successful your investments could be if they were managed by the same advisors that the wealthy use? Titan Global Capital Management might be able to help you answer this question. Titan offers regular investors an