20 Best Mystery Shopping Companies to Work For

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If you love shopping, then secret shopping may sound like a dream come true. You actually get paid to shop.

Instead of coming out of a store with buyer’s remorse, you will feel like it is the best payday ever!

Mystery shopping jobs might be the most fun way to make money. It is also not a difficult way to make money if you enjoy shopping.

The hardest part about mystery shopping is finding a trustworthy company to earn extra money with and to avoid scammers.

Top Mystery Shopping Companies

Luckily for you, I have done the research for you! Check out the list below to find the mystery shopper company that best fits your needs!

1. BestMark

BestMark is the largest mystery shopping company and it has an amazing reputation. With a BBB (Better Business Bureau) score of an A+, it is likely you will have a good experience with shopping for this company.

The payment will vary based on the various shops you are able to pick up. Usually, you will receive a flat rate as well as a reimbursement for your purchase.

Make sure to pay attention while shopping because you will have to relay your experience back to BestMark.

You need to be 21 years old with a reliable source of transportation and good communication skills to apply for this job.

Once you get accepted, just log on regularly to find new jobs.

2. Second to None

Second to None opened in 1989 and has earned a good reputation over the years.

They have various shops available, and the pay varies by shop. You will usually be reimbursed for your purchase, plus a fee.

The company will pay you once a month via PayPal or direct deposit.

You can claim a shop by just logging into your account to check for available shops.

3. Market Force

Market Force has established a good reputation since 1972. Most people really like this company, and you can feel comfortable signing up with them.

The amount you are paid will vary by shop. You will get paid once a month via check or direct deposit.

Make sure to follow all of the directions on your shop, or they might decide not to pay you!

You will need to be 18 years old and have a high school diploma to qualify to be a shopper in this company.

4. GAPbuster

GAPbuster is a worldwide company that has shops in over 105 countries.

The reputation of GAPbuster seems to be more mixed than other companies. However, if you want to work with them, don’t let a few bad reviews stop you.

The company has a list of rules that you will have to follow if you decide to work for them.

The rules include:

  • Concealing your identity
  • Honoring commitments
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Submitting your response the same day at the shop visit

Before you sign up, just make sure you are comfortable with all of the rules.

After you sign up if there is a shop in your area, then GAPbuster will send you an email about it. GAPbuster will pay you once a month via electronic funds transfer.

5. A Customer’s Point of View (ACPVIEW)

ACPVIEW started helping businesses create exceptional customer experiences in 1997.

If you want to become a mystery shopper with ACPVIEW, you’ll need to have a knack for noticing small details. Having good writing skills is another “must” with ACPVIEW.

To join ACPVIEW, just click the orange “Apply to be a Mystery Shopper” button on their website. Pay differs depending on the job you’re assigned. You’ll get paid via PayPal.

6. Secret Shopper

Secret Shopper is a newer company, but they seem to have amassed a good reputation so far. They have an app if you prefer to complete shops on your phone instead of on your desktop.

The company will pay you by check on the 20th of the month, every month. The pay ranges between 12 and 25 dollars per shop.

Secret Shopper requires that you be 18 years old and a generally dependable person. If that sounds like you, then give it a try!

7. About Face

About Face has a positive reputation in the mystery shopping industry.

You will sometimes receive emails about a shop, but if you log into the job board, you will find all of the available shops.

The typical pay range for About Face shops is 25 to 45 dollars, but the exact amount will vary by shop. You will receive your payment 45 days after the shop via PayPal.

8. Confero

Confero has been around since 1986 and has a very good reputation. They offer a variety of shops spanning a large range of industries.

The pay varies per shop, but you will be paid on the 20th of every month via PayPal.

The company requires you to be 21 years old with decent observation skills. They want people from all of the states in the US.

Once you join, check the job board for available shops.

9. Intelli-shop

Intelli-shop offers shops in a variety of industries, including fast food, car maintenance, automotive services and more.

The company usually pays between $5 and $10 per shop, plus they reimburse what you spend at the shop. They pay via PayPal on the 20th of the month after the shop was completed.

You can sign up for shops through their job board, but they will also send you emails about available shops in your area.

10. ATH Power Consulting

ATH Power Consulting offers mystery shopping tasks for the bank and finance industry. They’ve been in business for the last two decades and have over 500,000 mystery shoppers in the country.

They have over 10,000 mystery shops available each month, and most of the assignments are in well-known banks and financial companies. 

You don’t need to know a lot about the financial industry to accept their jobs; however, they recommend that you start with a teller or platform shop first, which requires you to either conduct a teller transaction or sit down with a banker and ask questions about a product.

ATH pays twice a month, but you’ll wait a while after completing a study. They pay on the 1st or the 15th of the second month after submitting your report. Just ensure you follow all instructions, or it could affect your pay.

11. Pinnacle

Pinnacle Mystery Shopping has been in business for the last 20 years. Like ATH, they focus on banks and financial institutions, allowing mystery shoppers looking for a specific niche to make it easy to find jobs.

Pinnacle makes it easy to navigate their job board, or you can sign up for email alerts each time they post a new job. Pinnacle is somewhat picky about the shoppers they choose, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t get every job you apply for. As your ratings increase, it gets easier to get jobs.

Pinnacle pays $4 to $75 per job, depending on its complexity, and they pay monthly on the 10th via PayPal. 

12. A Closer Look

At A Closer Look, you can get paid to shop, stay in hotels, and do fun things. They offer a wide selection of activities you can do, and you choose which assignments you want, skipping those that aren’t right for you.

You can view available jobs on their job board after signing up and accept the jobs you want while skipping those you don’t. 

A Closer Look makes it easy to try new stores, restaurants, and hotels while getting paid to provide your opinion on their products and services. 

13. Shopper’s View

Shopper’s View offers a variety of tasks for mystery shoppers, including restaurants and stores. You’ll enjoy meals or go on a shopping spree and get paid for reporting about your experience.

Pay differs by task. Sometimes it’s reimbursement for what you spent to eat or buy a product, and other times it’s a flat fee for your service, ranging up to $40. Shopper’s View pays via PayPal on the 15th and last day of the month. 

The key is to read the shopper’s requirements carefully for each job, as they differ by brand and store, and following instructions is paramount to getting paid.

14. iSecretShop

iSecretShop is a platform that allows companies and brands to post their opportunities for secret shoppers. However, they don’t pay shoppers directly; each company pays them individually, so it’s important to read the fine print to ensure you understand the task.

It’s quick to apply, and they have a mobile app to make it easy to check for opportunities while you’re out. 

15. RBG

RBG has been in business since 1992, serving small and large companies and helping them get the necessary feedback for their businesses.

They work with almost any industry, including restaurants, retail, banking, property management, and other service providers.

It’s easy to qualify as a mystery shopper at RBG because they offer many different opportunities. They pay monthly via PayPal or direct deposit. 

16. Elite CXS Group

Elite CXS Group provides some of the best mystery shopping opportunities in the country. You can work from anywhere, whether at home or on vacation and make quick money. They have jobs you can complete in minutes and others that take longer but pay more.

Elite CXS Group offers jobs that require written reports, as well as those you can do video or audio reports. The jobs include retail establishments, restaurants, hotels, and cellular stores. The job is never the same, and they pay biweekly.

Phone Mystery Shopping

If you are thinking, “These shops all sound fine, but it would require me to leave the house,” then check out these phone mystery shopping companies.

You don’t even have to leave the house to work with these companies. You could even complete these shops without getting out of bed if you really wanted to.

Just call in from anywhere to complete a shop.

Phone shops work very similarly to in-person shops; you will be asked to call a company and find specific information.

You cannot reveal that you are a mystery shopper. Just like in a normal shop, you will be asked to relay your experience to the company in exchange for payment.

17. Yardi Matrix

Yardi Matrix is a company that will pay you to call various rental properties and find out information about them.

The goal is to make sure that Yardi Matrix has the correct information on that property. You have to pass a quiz to work here and you should have basic telephone etiquette skills.

Yardi Matrix is different than most mystery shopping companies because it will ask you to be an employee instead of an independent contractor.

This could be good or bad for you depending on your situation.

Basically, this means your taxes will be deducted automatically, instead of you having to keep track of how much money you make over the course of a year. The company is even offering benefits like health and dental insurance.

You will be expected to work for about 10 hours a week and you will be paid about 10 to 11 dollars an hour depending on your efficiency.

18. ARC

ARC is a company that offers both mystery shopping and performance monitoring and analysis. The phone mystery shopping pays between $3.50 and $12 per call.

The company will pay you once a month via direct deposit.

If you apply, then you will receive an invitation to a training meeting before they let you take phone shops.

The number of phone shops you will be able to make just depends on how many they have available. The company will let you know when there are available shops for you.

If you are great at phone mystery shopping, then the company might invite you to join the performance monitoring side of the business.

It looks like that work is a better paying gig, which could be great if you want to expand your mystery shopping experience and make a little bit more money.

19. Call Center QA

Call Center QA hires people to perform call auditing and evaluation services on call centers around the country.

The company will ask you to call a company and evaluate the call center based on your experience. After the call, you will have to write up a summary of your experience.

If you want to apply, you will need these skills:

  • Good listening skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Good writing skills
  • Objectivity
  • A desire to provide a great evaluation service

If you have a call center background, that is a huge plus but it is not required to be hired.

After you are hired, you will be asked to perform two unpaid test calls before you are allowed to start making calls for money.

You will be contacted by the company if there is work available, but the number of opportunities you receive just varies based on what they have available.

You will get paid 5 dollars per call. One great thing about this company is that they are known for paying extremely fast via PayPal. Sometimes even within 24 hours of your call!

20. iShopFor Ipsos

iShopFor Ipsos will pay you to experience the world’s leading brands. As a shopper for iShopFor Ipsos, you’ll mystery shop at retail stores, on the phone, via chat features and via emails.

Each task has a different rate of pay, and the pay rates are shared when you’re told about potential jobs. You can deny or accept jobs as you wish.

You’ll get paid via PayPal for jobs you complete. Terms and conditions regarding payment frequency are shared on the company website.

Avoid Mystery Shopping Scams

A word of caution: If you are going to sign up for any mystery shopping company, make sure to check that it is not a scam.

One sure sign of a scam is being asked to pay for the privilege of being a mystery shopper or for your bank account information.

A legitimate company would never ask you to pay to work. If you run into that huge red flag, then just move on to a different company that has been proven to be reputable.


There are plenty of great secret shopping companies out there, so never sign up with one that makes you feel uncomfortable. It is just not worth it if you do not feel okay with working for that company.

Although mystery shopping is an unreliable source of income, it can be a really easy way to earn some extra cash and have a little bit of fun at the same time.

Some easy ways to increase your opportunities are to sign up for multiple companies, always show up if you sign up for a shop, and just do a good job!

Any company is more likely to give you work if you are good at the job.

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  1. Mimi Mercado says:

    I signed up 2day with gap buster.. I clicked on the link you provided, then after signing up with them.. I noticed I did not receive a code nor anything so I can sign in.. They say congratulations application accepted.. So I went and sent them an email to find out why I did not get a screen to sign in n create an account the email was rejected stated it was invalid.. And their requesting my bank account ooohwee.. Now I’m in limbo if their really legit.. per your referral here..? Can you tell me?.. Because they have all my info except for my bank info.. thank goodness. Please let me know.. Thank you much.

    1. Hi Mimi, I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience with GAPbuster. As we said in the article though, they pay by ETF so they would have to collect some information in order to pay you that way. 🙂

  2. I got a mystery shop assignment and they sent me a check for $2,345.35 but the check if from a building contractors company which dont make sense to me if it’s for a mystery shop. Also it had no company name just “mystery shopper”

  3. Marina King says:

    I received a text with a link to sign up to be a Mystery Shopper at Walgreens. This text just showed up on my phone, I didn’t request info. from anyone. Two “car wrap” Scammers have texted me. When they sent me a cashier’s check, I called the bank the check was from and both times the checks were not worth 1 cent. Secret Shopper check to be an unbelievable amount. I’m glad you mentioned that some scammers use a ligit. companies name trying to fool you. I guess that I’ve answered my question about the company. Probably a Scammer using a ligit. company’s name.

  4. Which is the most trustworthy Mystery Shoppers that I can work with. Thank You

  5. Kathleen Simmons says:

    I signed up to be a mystery shopper. I have a check, how can I find out if the check is legit to the bank it is written on.

  6. Tracey Jackson says:

    I have a great resume and I am still interested in being a mystery shopper? How can i get started?

    1. Just check out the article to see how you can get started!

  7. MSPA i want to know if is legit

  8. I received two separate letters and two separate checks by Apple store Mystery shopper. Both instructed me to purchase gift cards and one was paying me $700.00 and the other was paying me $300.00 salary. What do you think about this?

    1. That sounds a bit sketchy! I think that sounds like a scam. When choosing a mystery shopping company, it’s good to do a lot of research!

  9. Hello. Below is the response I received as to why they required a credit card prior to the first assignment. Is this standard practice? Thanks.

    GBW SOlution is a registered organization and only operate based on legal conduct. We have security reasons for the necessity to verify these personal information to avoid identity theft.

    We need to be sure you are the right one applying and not somebody impersonating . We have lost some huge payment to identity theft due to this risk, we only allow payment to a credit card account since the task is to shop.

    The company pays into the credit card account before you shop , You can cash back your $300/ shopping payment via cash advances and leave the rest on the card for checkout.

    Complete the form now and wait for the payment and shopping instructions .

  10. If you are serious about becoming a mystery shopper you should check out the MSPA (Mystery Shopping Providers Association.) For a relatively minor sign-up fee you will be able to join and will have access to many resources, including really informative articles and connections with other mystery shoppers. They sponsor conventions and training as well. This organization can help you avoid the scammers. I have been a mystery shopper for almost 19 years and have found MSPA to be a valuable part of my mystery shopping career.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion!

  11. Hey friends: If you get an advance check from one of these companies, its a scam. If you take the check they send you and use it to purchase money orders or gift cards that you’re supposed to send back to them, that’s a scam. You’re taking their check (which probably is fake or there’s no money in their account) and using it to buy something the scammer CAN use as money. Then whoever sold you the money order or gift cards is going to come after you for FRAUD unless you have cash to cover the purchase. But you won’t be able to, because you sent the money order or gift cards off to the scammers and you’re left holding the bag. Sadly this happens a lot to desperate people. Don’t get scammed. If it seems to good to be true, something is wrong.

  12. Thank you im looking for income for all of usa an canada an international as welll and very mobile ? checking you daily ………..

  13. Eric Niderstros says:

    Also, FYI, GfK’s North American mystery shopping business was sold to Ipsos earlier this year.

    1. Thanks Eric. We will look into that get this updated.

  14. Does Walmart have a secret shopper (Retail Researcher) program? I applied online and just received a check for $4900 and told to go to Walmart and buy 4 blank $1000 money orders. I am instructed to mail them FedEx overnight to an address I will be given by my “supervisor” who I am to text and keep informed of everything. I keep $900 as my commission and for related fees. Does this sound legit? That’s a lot of money and I’m skeptical.

    1. That’s sounding a little sketchy! I would definitely do some more research before I pursued that! This article offers some great, and legit, opportunities!

  15. Shari Kessler says:

    As the others before in prior texts, I am asking about a company called new mystery shopper. Their email is… Thenewmysteryshopper@GMX.com
    The name is close to one of the ones you listed as legit but not exact. His letter is from Texas but the check is Fran from N. Carolina. Already sounds fishy. But I need confirmation. Is this legit or is it just a play on off the legit comp.

    1. I couldn’t find any info when I tried to look it up. Sounds like spam. I would definitely do some more research if I were you! In the meantime, there’s a lot of great and legit mystery shopping companies you can apply for in this article!

  16. I signed up for a secret shopper job from a company called Soppervie Shoppersview and tried to google company but couldn’t find anything about the company. They sent me a instruction note and a blank money order. I was instructed to fill in the blanks as to who it was from and fill in my name and address to the pay to column. Then cash it at my bank counter and not go to the post office to cash it. After I’m done with that I was to go to any store listed on list I needed to purchase $850.00 of eBay gift cards. Before leaving store make sure cards are activated, peel gray scratch off, take photos of each cards of pin codes and not to throw them out as it will be used for subsequent assignments. Is this legit? Or a scam? Have you heard of this company?

    1. If you were unable to find a lot of information when you searched it, there’s a high likelihood it’s a scam. I would encourage you to do more research!

    2. Shoppersveiw only is the real deal. I’ve done work for them mostly bank shops. They pay via PayPal every two weeks. Love it. I’ve never heard of Soppervie Shoppersveiw.

  17. Is Jigsy mystery shoppers legit online research marketing company?

    1. It doesn’t seem like a site people have had a lot of success with. I would encourage you to do some more research!

  18. Asking for social security numbers and bank account information to sign up is scary to me. Do the real companies ask for this?

    1. The rules and regulations for each company are up to them individually. You would just have to check each one. However, if you are uncomfortable providing some of the information to them, you can always opt to try a different company.

  19. Lori Scents says:

    Hello. Have you heard of Shadow Shoppers Bargain Hunters?

    1. No, I haven’t heard of them. 🙂

  20. Sahil Lanjewar says:

    I want in your work.

    1. I’m not sure what you mean. if you want to do mystery shopping, follow the links and use the information in this post. There are other posts on our site about ways you can make money too. Be sure to check them out!

  21. Linda Lewis says:

    I am a six time victim. I have been scammed by car rap co., mystery shopping, car rap again, and two more secret shopper scams. I was followed (stalked) by car rap co.scam because they assumed I cashed the check they sent. They literally called me, texted me, and emailed me wanting the green dot cards that I never purchased and the bank turned the check over to the fraud investigators. Thank God they gave up because of my unchained big dogs. They were afraid to get out of vehicle. Beware!

  22. Tammy Krahn says:

    I just received a postal money order from BestMark Service Inc. Are they legit?

    1. I don’t know, but you could do a Google search on them. Also, at consumer.ftc.gov there are some pointers on what to watch out for. There’s also a post on bbb.org called, “Secret Shopper: Sounds Cool Until It’s a Scam.” I would read some of these and be very careful. If it looks like a scam, it probably is.

  23. Have you ever heard of Consumer Insight Customer Satisfaction Surveys? I received a cashiers check from them for $2350 and a sheet with specific instructions to buy 4 Google Play gift cards for $500 each and send them the PIN’s for them. I’m kind of leery about this.

    1. If it were me, I would not do it. It sounds like a scam to me.

  24. I also applied online to become a mystery shopper. I received a check for nearly $3,000 and was told to buy 3, $700 money orders. That was a big red flag. I haven’t cashed it.

    1. Yes, it sounds like it could be a scam. I wouldn’t do it.

  25. Patricia Pitre says:

    I recently applied for a mystery shopper job from an online advertisement. Some weeks later, I received, by partial post, a letter and a check for $2420.00. I immediately became suspicious and believed what I received to be a scam.
    The company is, Optimal Mystery Shoppers. The task manager who signed the letter is James Collins, and the check was drawn on CEFCU. I contacted the bank, CEFCU and they gave me a phone number to call that also seems to be bogus.

    1. In my opinion, you have been the target of a scam. If I were you, I wouldn’t cash that check or have any more to do with them.

  26. Ted at MaritzCX does lots of gas station mystery shop audits, and they’re constantly available every month. Trendsource is a good company that does lots of grocery store mystery shops, but not so much fast food. However, they keep lots of work available. Intelli-shop and Market Force have lots of fast food shops, but I can’t name them off (breach of contract). I’ve been in the industry for almost 7 years now and I love it. Good luck to you all! 😉

    1. Thank you for your comments and thoughts about mystery shopping and audits. 🙂

  27. Yes, it’s completely normal. Mystery shopping is considered “independent contractor” work. Therefore, like any income, you will receive an income tax form from the mystery shopping companies that you do assignments for. In the case of independent contractor work, the form will not be a W-4, it will be a 1099-Misc form.

  28. Hannah Rueger says:

    Is it normal for a mystery shopping company to require your social security number to sign up? I was going to sign up for Sinclair Customer Metrics, but it felt weird that they were requiring my social security number.

    1. I don’t think you are wrong to be wary when asked for such information.

    2. Sinclair is a legitimate company – I have done shops for them for years. The reason your social is required is because if you make more than $600, the MSC is required to provide you with a 1099 and report your income to the IRS.

  29. Michele Joyce says:

    Araceli Sandoval, just because the bank took the check doesn’t mean they are legit. What will happen if the bank goes to get the cash from their bank and it’s unavailable? If you have spent it, you are responsible for paying it back. That also goes for money orders. Always check with your bank and make sure you are not authorizing any further withdrawals in fine print. If they are asking you for a money or a cashiers check to send them, it is a scam. You will find out later. Talk to your bank before doing anything. They can help you protect yourself. Just because it is a money order doesn’t mean it is good.

  30. If Dylan knew, legally he would not be able to tell you because if he is a mystery shopper, he signed an IC Agreement keeping that information to himself.

  31. deletta ramey says:

    Ted, Market Force does a lot of gas station audits and shop audits.

  32. deletta ramey says:

    Babs Bayo, Market Force has schedulers that call you after you do a couple for peanuts. Then they start calling you and offering a lot more than what they put out there. I made $1,100.00 in one month with them.

  33. Elisabeth says:

    I’m looking to see if a marketing company that reached out to me on LinkedIn is legit. They mailed me a large check and the first assignment was to purchase some gift cards. I can’t find any record of the company online.

    1. That doesn’t sound very legit to me. It sounds more like a scam.

      1. Linda Johner says:

        I have researched postal jobs inc. They sent me a check of 2,350.00 to cash and keep 350.00 for myself. Instructions to buy 3 Walmart gift cards for 400.00 apiece at 1 Walmart store and then go to another Walmart store and purchase 2 gift cards for 400.00 apiece with sending text to phone # they provided. THIS IS ASCAM !!! I have read several other testimonials of being scammed by same company and identical directions to purchase Walmart gift cards.

  34. What are the top mystery shopping companies for gas shops? What mystery shopping companies do Popeye’s, Burger King, and Outback use?

    1. I honestly don’t know.

    2. MarketForce and MaritzCX both do gas station shops. Fast food but not particularly the ones you mention can be gotten by MarketForce as well. Reality Based Group has a steakhouse but not the particular one you mentioned – but so does Intelli-Shop.

  35. Babs Bayo says:

    Bestmark and Market Force are the worst, because they pay peanuts. Ipsos and Intelli-shop are much better.

    1. That’s the great thing about having more than one choice. You can use the ones you like the best. 🙂

  36. Araceli Sandoval says:

    I applied for a mystery shopper’s job online but I don’t recall that it had the name of the company. It just said “mystery shoppers”. Then I received an email stating that I was hired and that I was going to receive an assignment. When I received their letter of instructions, a check came with it. It was a high amount like $1777.00. The person sending it had specific directions on how to use the money. Though, when I deposited it they wanted me to take a picture of the deposit slip. When I think about it now, I should not have done it. The other red flag is the first assignment is just to do a cashier’s check and mail that out. To me that has nothing to do with evaluating anything. The second assignment is about evaluating as they want me to go to specific stores and buy things and evaluate their service. I am questioning if it is valid, though my bank took the check.

    1. I also question whether this is legit. If I were you I would do some further investigating at the very least. It can’t hurt.

    2. Forrestt Manor says:

      It’s a scam. Don’t do it.

    3. I hope it ended well for you. Unfortunately I received 4 Postal Money Orders and I cashed them and followed the directions I was given. They we all counterfeit. I recieved 2 felony charges and was arrested in front of my home in front of the neighborhood in fact. My charges included counterfeiting and theft. It cost me $1000 cash to post bail after spending 2 nights in jail. Ofcourse later the charges were dropped but the effect of the look my neighbors gave me for years after that, and the endless amount of cash it cost that’s lost forever will stick with me forever. I had to move from home unfortunately. The looks and gossip was upsetting, I lived in small town and this happened 10 years ago. I wish these people could be caught but unfortunately they never are and the people whom get caught in there traps are left penniless, homeless, and broken.

  37. barbara Kent says:

    I would like to know if this company by the name of hay-walls survey inc is for real. They sent me a cashier check for $19.50, and the bank it’s drawn on is Union Bank and Trust.

    1. There are a couple of helpful sites that may help you decide if they are legit or not. The first is for the Federal Trade Commission and while it is older information, it is still helpful and has some links that you might want to check out. You can find it at: consumer.ftc.gov. Look for, “Mystery Shopper Scam Strikes Again. The second one is for the Better Business Bureau. Check out their post titled, “BBB Warns of Mystery Shopper Scam Company.
      If I were you, I would be very cautious about dealing with a company unless you have dealt with them before and trust them.

  38. Fernando Durand says:

    Hi. I am looking to see if a mystery shopping company that has reached out to me on LinkedIn is legit. The name of the company is Service Measures Research Group.

    1. There are a couple of ways you can do this. Use the post on WikiHow, “Check if a Company Is Genuine”. Also, when a company is local, you can check with your local Chamber of Commerce. When it isn’t, look online for their contact information, policies, and terms. Another option is to check with the Better Business Bureau. I hope some of these ideas help you.

      1. It does no good to check if a company is genuine. Scammers use the names of legitimate mystery shopping companies so that when you check you will see that it’s a real company. But the real company did not send you that large check, with instructions to buy gift cards, or money orders, or whatever. Real companies don’t operate that way. A scammer sent you the check. If you deposit the check and follow the instructions you will lose a lot of money. More than that, your bank may close your account and you could have trouble opening a new account at another bank. This scam is so prevalent because so many people fall for it. Every company listed in this article is legit, but none of them will send you a check for work you haven’t done yet. You are warned. Don’t be one of those who cash the check and follow the instructions because you want or need the check to be real. You will be very, very sorry you did.