Drop App Review: Is This Rewards App Legit?

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Drop App review

Earning rewards of any kind can help you stretch your money further. However, with many rewards apps to choose from, how do you know which platforms are legit?

Drop is one app that offers a way to earn rewards for making purchases, taking surveys and more. When you accumulate enough points, you can redeem them for gift cards, crypto and donations. 

The good news is that Drop is a legit rewards app. You can earn rewards, but using the app won’t make you rich overnight. Our Drop review will help you decide if this app is right for you.


The Drop app provides a way for users to earn rewards by shopping, completing surveys, playing games and more. While it won’t make you rich, it is an easy way to earn gift cards and other rewards.


  • Free to download
  • Multiple ways to earn rewards
  • Highly rated by users
  • Multiple redemption options


  • Link bank account to earn the most points
  • Doesn’t earn much
  • High minimums for gift card redemption 

What Is Drop?

Drop home page

Drop is an app that offers rewards for completing various tasks. The easiest way to earn points is by shopping at your favorite store using a linked credit or debit card.

Other ways to earn rewards points include making in-app purchases, playing games, taking surveys and spinning the rewards wheel. 

Once you have enough Drop points, you can redeem them for a gift card to one of many stores. There are other unique redemption options as well.

Ultimately, Drop offers a way to stretch your dollar further with the help of rewards points. The platform works with over 500 stores and claims to have over five million members. 

How Does Drop Work?

When you are ready to work with the Drop app, the process is a bit more involved than simply creating an account with your email address. Fortunately, it’s still a relatively straightforward process that shouldn’t take too much time. 

Here’s a look at the steps you’ll need to complete to start earning rewards through the Drop app.

Download the App

First, you’ll need to download the Drop app. You can download the app through the Apple App Store or Google Play. In addition, you have the option to download the app through the website. 

If you choose to download through the website, Drop will send a download link directly to your smartphone. Alternately, you can continue to use Drop through a browser extension available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari

After you download the app to your phone, it’s time to create an account. 

To do this, you’ll need to provide your:

  • Email
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender identity

You will also need to create a password. 

The next step is to link your bank account. You’ll link either your debit card or credit card to the app. 

If you aren’t comfortable connecting your bank account, you’ll miss out on many of the rewards opportunities available through the Drop app. 

You can still work with the Drop app if you don’t want to link your bank account. However, users who link their card are granted ‘Drop Premium’ status, which involves special offers, monthly point drops and hoops replay points opportunities. 

As a user, you gain the most from the Drop app if you link your bank account. 

Start Earning Points

Once your bank account of choice is linked, you can earn points while shopping at select stores. Drop maintains a list of stores within the app that offer reward points with your purchase. You can shop at these stores through the app. 

Of course, shopping through the app or with your linked card isn’t the only way to earn extra cash. You can earn points for completing other tasks. It’s even possible to earn points by completing the registration process.

How Much Can I Earn?

The amount you can earn with Drop varies based on how much you plan to shop through the app and what other tasks you are willing to complete. 

When you open the app, you’ll quickly realize that it will take a substantial amount of spending to earn a significant number of points. 

Once it’s time to redeem points, 1,000 points equal $1. If you join Drop Premium by linking a debit or credit card, you should earn at least 1,000 per month through the monthly point drops. 

Ultimately, if you regularly shop through the app, you might be able to earn $10 to $30+ per year. It’s a relatively passive way to add some cushion to your bottom line, but your budget won’t be completely transformed by signing up for Drop. 

Redemption Options

Drop offers a few redemption options that may appeal to various users.

You can redeem your rewards for:

  • Crypto
  • Collectibles
  • Gift cards
  • Contests
  • Donations

The Drop app aims to release rewards as quickly as possible after they are redeemed, but it may take up to three days to receive your rewards.

When it comes to minimums, Drop isn’t clear about how many points you must accumulate to redeem them. The only exception to this is gift cards. These require a $25 minimum, which is the equivalent of 25,000 points.

Drop App Promotions

When you sign up for the Drop App, you can get more bang for your buck by seeking out a promotion. Specifically, the Drop app offers a $10 welcome bonus to new users who join through some referral links. 

You will want to take advantage of this free point opportunity. Sign up for the Drop app today

How to Earn Drop Points

Drop App how to earn points

When it comes to the Drop app, the name of the game is earning rewards points. Luckily, Drop users will find plenty of opportunities to earn points through the platform. 

Here’s a breakdown of the ways you can earn points through Drop. 

Complete Surveys

You can earn points through Drop by sharing your opinion. However, like other survey apps, you’ll need to fill out a quick questionnaire about yourself before you can start.

Drop will ask about your:

  • Ethnicity
  • Income level
  • Marital status
  • Education level
  • Employment status
  • Language
  • Political viewpoints
  • Household makeup
  • And more

Once you complete this survey, Drop may have survey opportunities available that align with your lifestyle. Users can net between 250 to 1,400+ points per survey.

Keep in mind that you’ll still need to answer a few short questions before completing any survey. If you don’t qualify for the survey, you’ll often receive a small number of points to compensate you for your time. 

In-App Purchases

In-app purchases offer an excellent way to earn points through Drop. You can accumulate points when you spend on anything from entertainment and travel to beauty and apparel. 

As a shopper, you will need to complete your purchases through the Drop platform to score your points. 

Before you make your purchase, you can scope out the points opportunities ahead of time. Depending on the retailer, you may earn more or fewer points for every dollar spent. 

However, on average, you’ll likely earn around 10 to 40 points per dollar from most retailers. 

Play Drop Spin

The Drop Spin game is a free opportunity to earn points every week. Each week, you can spin the wheel for a chance to win more points. 

The grand prize is 250,000 points, but you might also earn small amounts of points or boosts for your purchases. 

Play Games

It’s easy to earn points by playing games in the app. A few of the games available include Snake, Hoops and Spin. 

Based on the app, you can earn around 100 points for playing some of the available games. 

For users who were planning to spend time on their phones anyway, these games create an opportunity to turn your time into points earned. 

Premium Points

Premium members, or users who have linked a credit or debit card to Drop, get access to extra point-earning opportunities. 

Perhaps the most exciting premium perk is the monthly point drop. According to Drop, Premium Members will see 1,000 points added to their account each month they keep their card linked. 

Additionally, these members get access to premium point offers for in-store purchases and the chance to play Hoops twice per day. 

What Actual Customers Think of Drop

Drop reviews

The Drop has earned relatively high ratings from customer reviews. The sheer number of positive reviews seems to indicate a pleasant experience with Drop. 

If it’s satisfying customers, the Drop app likely lives up to its promises. 

Here’s a closer look at the ratings across review sites:

SiteRatingNumber of Reviews
Apple App StoreHigh50.6K
Google PlayHigh11K

These are some Drop Reviews from app users:

I just redeemed a $50 gift card and it was frictionless process. Earning the points for that redemption was relatively easy and through Drop I discovered some great brands that I didn’t know about before but can’t live without now.” – Liam L

The points add up, but very slowly after time. The amount of points that you receive for purchases that are automatically linked to your card is small but can add up over time. I have to re-link my card every couple of weeks which is a pain.” – Seth

Great app that let’s me earn points for things I always buy. I read the policy and asked and realized they actually never hold any of your credentials at Drop. Made me feel better about entering my banking info! This app is awesome.” – Ester P.

“The app USED to be awesome. It tracked your shopping and you could redeem at 5,000 points. Now you have to shop on their app and the lowest gift card is 25,000 points. PASS.” – Lisa D.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions about Drop and are not sure it’s the best option for you, these frequently asked questions might be able to help.


Drop offers an opportunity to add some cushion to your bottom line. The variety of points-earning opportunities and gift card redemption options make it a worthwhile app. 

While you won’t get rich by using Drop, it gives you a chance to stretch your dollars by getting free gift cards.