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  1. I recently used Decluttr after reading a book on a no spend challenge that mentioned them. Then, I did a search online and came across ways to make money. Decluttr was on the list of ten places. A few other websites were also raving about how great Decluttr is for selling your stuff. Each site made it seem like they bought anything media. Anyway, I had three boxes filled with books and three DVD’s. Out of over 100 books, they would buy only 10, and three DVD’s for a total of $7.20. I spent over 4 hours going through my stuff, printing the label, finding a box to use, packing the box, sealing it, and then taking it to the UPS store, which had a long line. For $7.20 it is not worth it.

    • I’m sorry you had a negative experience trying to sell your stuff with Decluttr. Thank you for sharing it with us and I hope things work out better the next time you declutter.

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