Is GrabPoints Legit? My Honest Review

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GrabPoints is a site that pays you for surveys and other online tasks. But is it legit?

This GrabPoints review shows you how you can make money. I’ll also review your payment options and discuss whether GrabPoints is worth your time and effort.

After trying GrabPoints, I’ll share my honest thoughts on this platform.

Overall Rating


GrabPoints pays you points to take surveys, watch videos, and test products and apps. You can redeem points for Amazon gift cards or PayPal CASH, starting at just $3. There are many ways to earn points, but some other sites offer higher-paying surveys or reward you for even more tasks.

  • Earning potential


  • Ease of use


  • Cash out options



  • Payout minimums
  • Easy to use
  • Limited fun


  • Low earning potential
  • Survey qualifying delays
  • Survey only platform

What is GrabPoints?

grabpoints homepage

GrabPoints is a get-paid-to (GPT) platform. It’s free to join, and they pay you rewards points when you complete these online activities:

  • Surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Downloading apps and games
  • Signing up for free and paid offers
  • Referring friends

How much you earn depends on the type of task and how long it takes to complete.

Every 1,000 points you earn are worth $1. You can redeem your rewards points for gift cards or cash. Point redemptions start at 2,000 points, which are worth $2.

Right now, this easy redemption minimum is one of the lowest (meaning best) among GPT sites. GrabPoints is a legitimate company, but you won’t get rich from the activities.

I like using these short-task sites to earn a few extra dollars in your free time from easy activities. For instance, I enjoy just having to log in and find an enticing offer without having to wait for a side hustle request and being able to complete it while watching TV, for instance.

Who Can Join GrabPoints?

GrabPoints age requirements

Membership is open to almost anyone 13 years or older. So, adults and teens from most countries can join.

When you log in, the live feed shows recent earnings from other members. This feed also lists which country they are from. You will see countries from several continents.

There are three ways to access GrabPoints:

  • Website
  • Mobile app
  • Downloadable desktop platform

The GrabPoints mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices. You might try a different mobile survey app to compare the best survey opportunities available right now.

GrabPoints recommends you download the desktop platform to earn the most points possible. With it, you can receive live updates when new offers and invites arrive.

However, you can still earn plenty of points with the app. Visiting the survey website in your browser gives you full access, too.

How to Make Money With GrabPoints

You have six different ways to earn points with GrabPoints. Surveys are the primary way to make money. But as you will see, they’re not the only way.

Online Surveys

grabpoints leaderboard

The best and most consistent way to make money is with online surveys. GrabPoints connects with many of the same survey networks as other survey sites.

In fact, the current survey invites are the first thing you see when you log in. To find the best survey invitations, complete your profile survey. Doing so earns your first 1,000 points and matches you with relevant studies.

There are several survey routers to choose from. These routers take you to different survey networks like LifePoints or SaySo Rewards. It’s a good idea to try several networks to see which one you qualify with more consistently.

For example, I spent 15 minutes answering screener questions on one router survey, only to find that I didn’t qualify. And I didn’t earn any points.

My thoughts? Focus on the CPX Research Surveys first. You at least earn partial credit if you don’t qualify for the full survey. The other providers may provide zero points if you fail to qualify for the full study, which is a timewaster.

The CPX survey payouts are comparable to those of other survey sites. On the best surveys, you can earn at least 5,000 points ($5 per) survey.

Many other surveys pay between 200 and 2,000 points per survey. Most of these surveys require between 10 and 20 minutes of time.

If you qualify for high-paying surveys, it’s possible to cash out after one or two completions.

Watch Videos

Another way you can earn a few points is by watching videos. The payout potential isn’t as high as with surveys, but it’s a way to diversify your income streams.

There are three different video networks you can choose from. These three networks are Jun, Adscend and GrabRewards Videos.


The platform’s highest-paying video network is HideoutTV. With each video, you usually earn between three points. On average, I need to watch three or four videos per package.

You can still earn more with surveys. But this can be a better option than taking surveys because the videos are three minutes or less, so you earn more points per minute. You also don’t have to worry about qualifying and are guaranteed payment by watching the full video short.

I may have to answer quick questions before the video starts. Then, watch the entire video to earn points.

One of my favorite video networks is, where you can watch a variety of short videos and 30-minute shows. Their content is relevant and engaging. Plus, you can watch unlimited videos with GrabPoints and earn a handful of points in the process.

On the plus side, you can choose which topic you want to watch. Some options include app trailers, food, lifestyle, and sports.

Download and Test Apps

Another fun way to earn points is by downloading and testing apps. Most app downloads pay 1,000 points or less but are easy to earn. Other offers pay from 9,600 to 36,000 points but can require in-app purchases or take a long time to earn.

Before you pick an app, read the offer details. Some apps require you to achieve a certain level before you earn points. Other apps pay you just for downloading the app and opening it.

Also, cancel any free trial you sign up for if you don’t want to keep the app. Otherwise, the cost can exceed the rewards you earn.

There’s a large variety of apps and games you can download. Some current examples include Lucky Miner and Tic Tac Toe. After playing these apps, you can earn up to 600 points per app.

I like the fact that you can play games for money with several offer walls. There are many options, and you can filter results by pay potential and the easiest to earn. More offers are for Android apps than iOS, as that platform makes it easier to earn rewards in general.

Complete Product Offers

In addition to testing apps, you can also try different products to earn points. These offers may pay more than the other earning options. Most offers pay 5,000 points or less.

You may have to pay for some services to earn a reward or cancel before the free trial period ends.

Once again, read the offer details to see if the effort is worth the reward. You can see the offer details by clicking the exclamation point next to the offer box.

There are offers for magazine subscriptions and home services like BarkBox, Home Chef, and Winc.

Other apps may ask you to join other survey platforms, such as InboxDollars. Or, they may ask you to try different shopping apps or home business apps.

You can also earn points by donating to charity. For example, you can earn 7,800 points for giving to Feeding America.

Refer Friends

Another sweet incentive is the refer-a-friend bonus. Depending on your loyalty level, you can earn up to 10% of how much your referrals earn. Although you have to invite your friends, this action takes minimum effort.

Your friend must earn 10 points before you can start earning. Additionally, you must verify your email and make at least one redemption before you can start earning referral rewards.

I like the long-term potential of this referral program, but it requires having friends who love GrabPoints to earn points. Other passive income ideas can be more productive.

Promo Codes

At times, GrabPoints sends promo codes that you can redeem for bonus points.

In other cases, the rewards site pays bonus points when you complete special tasks. Some of these tasks include linking your email account and taking profile surveys — questionnaires that ask about your personal information and interests.

Profile surveys help GrabPoints match you with relevant surveys, making you less likely to fail screeners.

Redeeming GrabPoints Rewards

grabpoints redeeming

The earning options for GrabPoints are similar to most get-paid-to sites. Thankfully, GrabPoints has some easy-to-reach prizes.

Like a few other platforms, prize redemptions start at $2 for gift cards, PayPal Cash and prepaid debit cards. For many other platforms, your balance has to be at least $5 for any reward.

To be clear, most merchants require a minimum $5 balance (5,000 points), although some may require as much as $25. So, only needing $2 (2,000 points) is one reason to consider GrabPoints.

What I like about GrabPoints is that you can get cash payments for $2, too. Other platforms, such as Swagbucks, only offer Amazon gift cards for this value. If you prefer cash payments, this is a huge benefit.

Starting at 2,000 points, your redemption options include:

  • Amazon gift cards
  • PayPal CASH
  • Visa eRewards
  • Pilot Flying J

These $2 redemption options provide lots of flexibility as you can easily spend your rewards.

If you’re looking for something else and are patient, you might hold out for a gift card that requires more points before you can cash in. Many restaurant gift cards cost 5,000 points for a $5 gift card.

A few options include:

  • Domino’s Pizza
  • IHOP
  • Olive Garden
  • Red Robin
  • Texas Roadhouse

If you want to save your points for the most well-known brands, be aware that most options require 10,000 points. There is a large selection of department stores and restaurants you might enjoy.

Some examples include:

  • Nike
  • Old Navy
  • Regal
  • Starbucks

The $2 option might be best, not just because you can redeem your points sooner. But you also won’t have a problem finding a way to spend your Amazon gift card or PayPal CASH.

What I Like About GrabPoints

There’s a lot to like about the GrabPoints platform. If you join, these are some of the best benefits:

  • $2 balance minimum to start redeeming points
  • Daily survey invites
  • Possibility to earn points by watching videos and testing apps
  • Android and iOS app makes it easy to earn on the go

Also, GrabPoints is free to join. And you only need to be 13 years old. So, both teens and adults can earn and make money.

What I Don’t Like About GrabPoints

These are a few reasons why you might avoid GrabPoints:

  • Don’t earn points on every survey if you don’t pass the screener
  • Can spend a lot of time completing screeners before you get matched with a survey
  • Watching videos doesn’t earn lots of points
  • App offers may require a purchase

It goes without saying, but any survey app isn’t the most profitable side hustle. After all, these are low-skill tasks. If you need extra income to make ends meet, consider a different side hustle.

Also, the survey disqualifications can be frustrating. That’s because you don’t earn points if you don’t pass the screener. You don’t earn points for partially completing surveys, either.

Personally, I’ve had better approval odds on survey sites like Survey Junkie and YouGov where you can receive personal invites. The screener questions seem less repetitive, which means you can spend more time taking the actual surveys to earn points.

To reiterate, there several survey sites with competitive payouts and many open studies. As a result, you may have more ways to make money than with competing sites once you find the offer wall providers that you have the most success with.

GrabPoints Reviews

The app is very popular and has mixed reviews. However, I found it generally to have great reviews. The site is user-friendly, so you do not have to download an app from any app store.

Trustpilot4.6 / 5.03,632

Grabpoints is great i love them quick and easy to use and very fast and reliable at rewarding your efforts. – Mike

Thank you so much for my reward. I am very happy to be on the GrabPoints Panel and participating in the surveys you have to offer. 🙂 – Patricia

Lots of surverys and easy to cash out points. My only complaint would be some offers on the offer walls don’t seem to pay out after being completed. – Eric J.

Alternatives to GrabPoints

You can earn consistent income with GrabPoints, but these are two alternatives you might like more. One is another well-known get-paid-to site. The second option focuses on surveys only.


GrabPoints vs. Swagbucks

For an “apples-to-apples comparison,” look at Swagbucks. You will see many of the same offers to test apps, games and products. Both sites also pay you to watch videos, though GrabPoints pays more for most videos.

Also, both platforms let you begin redeeming points for $3 gift cards. If you want Amazon gift cards, either platform offers those at the $3 level. But Swagbucks requires a $5 balance to request PayPal CASH. So, PayPal fans might prefer GrabPoints to cash out sooner.

Swagbucks is better than GrabPoints in these areas:

  • Get 1 point for each survey screener you don’t pass
  • Earn points shopping online
  • Can redeem digital grocery coupons to earn points
  • Regular contests to earn bonus points

If you shop online and only want one app to earn rewards points, Swagbucks can be better. Its shopping portal lets you earn points for each $1 you spend at most online retailers.

And you get reward points for taking surveys, watching videos, and testing product offers. The shopping bonus helps you redeem points for gift cards sooner.

GrabPoints vs. Survey Junkie

When you want to focus entirely on surveys, look at Survey Junkie. This is a survey-only website. So, you won’t see chances to watch videos or complete product offers for points.

But you have a chance to earn more points from surveys. Also, I find myself spending less time taking survey screeners on Survey Junkie than on other GPT platforms. Fewer survey screeners means more time for taking surveys that pay money.

With Survey Junkie, you can also participate in focus groups and product testing groups. Both of these options might be invite-only. If they choose you, you can earn more than you would taking regular surveys. And, you earn more than with the regular product offers that GrabPoints offers.

One non-survey way to earn money is by enrolling in the SJ Pulse program, which passively tracks the ads you see and products you shop for. You earn a few dollars per month by anonymously sharing your device history. Another bonus is qualifying for exclusive surveys that can pay more.

Two downsides to Survey Junkie include:

  • Reward payments start at $5 for PayPal and gift cards
  • Survey-only platform

It can take a little longer to cash out through Survey Junkie, although the $5 minimum redemption is achievable. It’s worth considering if you only want to take surveys for money.


You earn real money with GrabPoints. The payment per task is similar to that on other sites. The $2 redemption options are one of the best reasons to join.

However, you must be willing to take surveys, watch videos, and test apps to earn consistent income. Consider other side hustle apps when you prefer other activities to earn extra money.

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