Reward XP Review: Is it a Legit GPT Site?

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Reward XP is an engaging get-paid-to site offering several ways to make money from short online tasks. It’s possible to engage in surveys, games, and product offers that the platform states pay up to 20% more than competing platforms.

You can also start redeeming cash, crypto, or gift card rewards with an enticing $5 minimum balance. I’m testing out Reward XP to determine if it’s worth your time to earn a few extra bucks.  

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Overall Rating


Complete product offers, play games, watch videos, and take surveys to earn rewards points with competitive payouts. The minimum redemption starts at $5 for PayPal, gift cards, and crypto. You can be as young as 13 to join and only need a Gmail or Facebook account.

  • Offer Variety


  • Earning Potential


  • Rewards Options


  • Loyalty Program


  • Ease of Use



  • High earning potential
  • Many ways to make money
  • Flexible redemption options
  • Points don’t expire


  • Offers may require a purchase
  • Surveys have low payouts
  • Time-consuming to compare offers
  • No daily bonus challenge

What is Reward XP?

rewardxp home page

Reward XP is an online micro-task site that’s free to join and provides several ways to earn reward points that you can redeem with a $5 balance. Its earning potential, offer selection, and minimum redemption are competitive with similar rewards platforms. 

Here are the different ways you can make money from short tasks:

  • Mobile games
  • Paid surveys
  • Product offers 
  • Videos

You will earn XP for each successful task, and several offer walls provide multiple opportunities to be productive. 

I like that Reward XP has a straightforward rewards program that strives to pay more per task without gimmicks. For instance, you won’t see a leaderboard or a daily bonus that “forces” you to complete tasks that may not be in your best interest to earn the most points.

I find the earning potential very competitive with other platforms, but it’s not always the highest paying. One hesitation is that this platform values points differently, as you need 50,000 points for a $5 redemption versus 5,000 points with most competitors. Additionally, several offer walls exist to sift through to find the best option, and loyalty tiers unlock extra perks.

With that said, you must still spend time qualifying for offers. Some can be time-consuming or require making a purchase. Failed or lengthy attempts reduce your earning potential.   

Who Can Join Reward XP?

You must be at least 13 and have a Google or Facebook account. Unlike most GPT sites, there isn’t an option to join by typing in your email address. However, you will need to verify your email to cash out.

The platform is available in over 100 countries, although the earning and redemption options vary by nation. The availability is impressive to me as many platforms are only available in North America, Europe, and Australia.

How Does Reward XP Work?

You can attempt multiple offers each day on this rewards site. Each offer lists the necessary steps to receive payment.


rewardxp home page

Playing games for money is the original way to earn XP on this platform. It remains an excellent option as you try out the newest game launches and make money. You can find paid games by searching through the various offer wall partners.

Consider browsing the featured game offers on the Reward XP homepage to find the highest-paying options. You can filter by Android, iOS, and computer to avoid incompatibility. 

Some of the recent gaming offers and payout potentials include:

  • Mafia City: 6,205,920 XP ($620)
  • Ant Legion: 3,133,600 XP ($310)
  • Stormshot: 2,286,400 XP ( $220)
  • Monopoly Go: 834,800 XP ($80)
  • Gemdoku: 278,160 XP ($27)
  • Block King Puzzle: 74,800 XP ($7)

Most games have incremental payouts, and you earn a partial reward by reaching specific levels or after completing in-app purchases. I find many offers have a higher payout potential than other places to get paid to play games.  

Additionally, the payout speed can be instant or up to 10 days. This waiting period can be shorter than that of other apps, requiring waiting as long as 30 days in certain situations.


rewardxp home

There are seven offer wall providers, which can be more than other microtask sites. Most are for testing apps and signing up for subscription services. 

Anticipate purchasing or canceling your membership before the free trial period ends.

While I’m not a big fan of paid offers, as the take-home pay potential may not be worth the expense, I find the Reward XP payout potential impressive and with notably higher payouts.

For instance, you might earn $30 through Reward XP but only $3 by completing the same offer from a well-known GPT site.

Here are a few earning comparisons from the RevU offer wall available on several sites:

  • Angi App installation: $0.25 vs. $0.17
  • DraftKings Sportsbook: $85 vs. $4.50 
  • McAfee Premium Trial: $38 on Reward XP vs. $2.60 through a competitor
  • SiriusXM three-month trial: $5.50 vs. $0.50  
  • SoFi banking account opening and direct deposit: $100 vs. $4.50
  • Stash Invest signup: $25 vs. $2.80   

Needless to say, I’m going to look at the earning potential for offers on this site first before using some of the platforms that I’ve been a member of for years. For peace of mind, many verified payouts and legit customer reviews indicate these offers are not a scam. 


rewardxp surveys

The Reward XP survey opportunities are similar to most survey apps as they partner with similar market research companies. You should compare offers between survey routers and complete the screener to determine eligibility.

The most active members can qualify for exclusive surveys through the RXP Surveys gateway. You’re eligible for these special studies once you earn 250,000 XP points.

It can take time to see which router you successfully use. I have had success qualifying for surveys right away, which sometimes isn’t the case if I’m not a good candidate on some sites.

The payout is respectable but not as impressive as games or offers. Additionally, you can earn more points with a similar time commitment on other panels. 

I earned the equivalent of $0.80 for a six-minute survey on Reward XP but could earn $1 or more on one of my favorite sites. Assuming I qualify for a similar study on both platforms.

However, it’s tough to make a firm comparison as you don’t know where other sites source their surveys, and it’s rare to know the study topic until you start the screener.


Watching videos is a semi-passive way to earn points, although the earning potential is the lowest of the various task options. You may only earn a few cents per video, although some customer reviews indicate this payout is slightly higher than competing sites with the same viewing options.

Loot TV and PixelPoint TV are the two current video providers. You will create a user account with each provider to log in and track your progress. The XP points deposit immediately, as some sites may require you to wait a few days to verify your activity.

There are many topics to choose from, including:

  • DIY projects
  • Food
  • Lifestyle
  • Music
  • News
  • Sports
  • Travel

I like that these videos allow you to earn points without spending money. They can also be a fun way to spend your free time.

Reward XP Loyalty Program

rewardxp rewards

Active members can climb the loyalty ladder to enjoy special perks. You qualify for the first elite tier after earning 100,000 points, equivalent to $10 in rewards. A single offer can help you qualify for loyalty status.

Some of the loyalty benefits include:

  • Exclusive surveys and giveaways
  • Higher referral bonus payouts
  • Receiving pending credits sooner
  • Reward discounts from 1% to 6%

I think this rewards program helps encourage long-term members to be more active. Of course, compare offers and choose the Reward XP ones when they provide the highest earning potential.

The perks are similar to other micro-task loyalty programs. I like that the loyalty tier syncs with your lifetime earnings instead of recent monthly activity, so you won’t lose your status. 

Is Reward XP Legit?

Reward XP is a legit app and is a compelling option if you enjoy playing games, signing up for offers, and completing other short tasks. In fact, it has a 4.3 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot and one person on Reddit claimed to make $1 per day in passive income using the app.

The platform passes on a larger share of the offer revenue so that you will consistently earn more for your efforts.

The $5 minimum redemption is similar to most rewards platforms, making requesting frequent payments easier. 

For these reasons, the site has many positive customer reviews, although some complain about waiting up to 14 days for points to be deposited on select tasks. Further, some members don’t like the low payout potential for surveys. Consequently, surveys might be a secondary way to make money when you want free offers or only need a few more points to cash out. 

How Much Money Can You Make?

Most offers pay from $0.50 to $10 for free offers. Games and product signups requiring a purchase or extensive time commitments generally pay from $10 to $100 but potentially up to $600.

The rewards platform states that casual or free users earn around $5 monthly. Frequent members who play games or get paid offers make $100 to $250 monthly.

There are several offer wall networks to choose from, and comparing offers is worth the time. It’s common to see deals for the same app on different networks. However, the total payout can differ depending on the task requirements.

In addition to completing the various offers, you earn points by successfully referring friends. Your friend earns 5,000 bonus XP ($0.50 signup bonus), and you receive 5% of their redeemed earnings. 

How Do You Get Paid?

rewardxp redemption

The minimum redemption is $5 (50,000 XP points) for most cash, crypto, and gift cards. Additional redemption amounts are $10, $25, $50, and $100. Your reward points won’t expire so long as you don’t delete your account. 

There isn’t a redemption bonus by banking up your points for more valuable face values, but selecting elite loyalty tiers provides a redemption discount. As a result, it can be better to cash out as soon as you meet a payment threshold.

Your redemption options include:

  • Apple
  • Coinbase (USD Coin)
  • Crypto vouchers (Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies)
  • Discord Nitro
  • Google Play
  • Steam
  • Tango Card Reward Link

I find the redemption flexibility among the best for micro-task sites, especially cryptocurrency rewards. You have a wider selection of retail and restaurant gift cards through Tango Card.

If you find the crypto vouchers intriguing by completing short tasks for Bitcoin, a 10% to 15% network fee applies. The minimum redemption is $30 before you can get crypto tokens. To reiterate, Coinbase rewards start at $5, but you only get the USDC stablecoin.

Alternatives to Reward XP

You may compare the earning potential from these rewards platforms to magnify your side hustle stack. They may offer opportunities and daily bonuses to scoop up extra member perks.

Some of the best Reward XP alternatives include:

  • Swagbucks: Complete multiple activities to earn a daily bonus, including an online shopping portal and a rewards web search engine. gift card redemptions start at $1 along with $5 for most gift cards and PayPal rewards. 
  • InboxDollars: This rewards platform offers various game and shopping offers. Receive an instant $5 signup bonus and cash out through PayPal or gift cards with a $15 initial minimum. The ongoing redemption minimum is $25. 
  • InstaGC: Complete surveys, shopping offers, web searches, games, and videos. You can start redeeming points for many gift cards with a $1 minimum balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are several common questions that people ask when comparing side hustle ideas.

Does Reward XP pay instantly?

PayPal, gift cards, and crypto rewards payout every four hours. Steam credits are released daily. Since Discord doesn’t allow them to automate Nitro payments, they have to pay those out manually and do so at least daily. Members redeeming a reward for the first time may have to wait up to 72 hours.

How much are XP Rewards worth?

Every 10,000 XP points are worth $1, and you can start requesting $5 rewards once your balance reaches $5. Each point has a redemption value of $0.0001, which is relatively low but is easily offset by the increased earning potential, and you earn more overall on most offers.

Is there a Reward XP mobile app?

There isn’t a Reward XP mobile app, and no plans to launch one. Instead, the platform is a mobile-friendly progressive web app (PWA) that fits nicely in most phone, tablet, and desktop web browsers. You can add Reward XP to your home screen like a mobile app.

What are the Reward XP customer service options?

Check the online knowledge base for articles to solve the most common member questions and technical difficulties. You can submit a support ticket through your online dashboard and receive a response within one to three business days.


RewardXP is a versatile money-making platform that tends to pay more for product offers and mobile games than competing sites.

There are many $5 redemption options, and the dashboard is easy to use. It’s easily one of my favorite micro-tasking platforms, and it’s worth trying.