How to Make $100 a Day: 25 Legit Ways to Earn Extra Cash

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There are many ways you can earn $100 in a day. There are many reasons why you need to earn cash and earn it quickly.

An unexpected expense such as a car repair or that unexpected insurance bill you forgot about that only arrives every six or twelve months.

Or maybe money is tight this month, and you need $100 for groceries, gas or other necessities.

Whatever the reason, it is possible to make $100 fast.

How to Make $100 Per Day

make 100 dollars

Whatever the reason, the money is out there. You just need to figure out how to earn it.

Here are some ways you can do to make $100 a day online or in person, and if you work it right, you can earn even more.

1. Deliver Groceries

Did you know some companies exist for the sole purpose of delivering groceries to others? By being a driver for one of those companies, you might be able to make $100 in a day.

This is a good chunk of extra money to add to your bank account and is one of the most popular ways to make money.

With companies like Instacart, you can sign up to deliver groceries to those who don’t have the time or ability to drive to the grocery store and shop for themselves.

Or, you may want to deliver food from restaurants to people’s homes with companies like DoorDash.

Your pay per delivery depends on a few different factors, such as how many miles you drive and how many items the person requesting a delivery wants to purchase.

As a driver for a food delivery service, you get to choose which jobs you’ll take and which jobs you won’t take, as well as which hours you are available to deliver.

2. Rent Your Stuff Out

There are several ways to make money fast by renting your stuff out. For instance, do you have an extra car or storage space?

Do you have tools or equipment collecting dust that someone else might need to use? In-home items may include a steam cleaner, vacuum or even curling irons.

Renting a steam cleaner from the grocery store is tedious and expensive. If you have one at home that isn’t getting much use, consider renting it out.

And how about the tools in your garage? A car luggage rack collecting dust is a highly sought after item to rent. Or how about a shop vac or air compressor?

Check your garage for possible items then consider using your neighborhood Facebook page to advertise.

3. Drive with Lyft


People are making serious cash driving people around.

Similar to a taxi service, ride request apps such as Lyft help drivers offer rides to people for wherever they need to go.

People like using ride request apps as opposed to taxi services for a couple of reasons. One of which is that rideshare drivers and their cars feel more personalized.

To qualify to drive with Lyft and earn extra cash, click on the links to their sites and complete the sign-up form. You’ll need to verify that you have insurance on your vehicle and complete a background check screening.

After you complete your activation process, you can log yourself in as available. When a client near you needs a ride, Lyft will tell you when and where to pick them up.

You’ll bring them to their destination, have a nice conversation along the way, and get paid to do it.

4. Sell Your Stuff

Another way to make money online is to sell your stuff.

One of the most traditional ways to make money is a yard sale. Simply gather up all of your stuff, organize it neatly on tables or racks, price it clearly and competitively and wait for people to visit and buy it.

You’ll have better luck at selling stuff at your yard sale if you hold it on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday and if you advertise on busy street corners with signs and social media sites such as Facebook.

Posting your sale dates on garage sale listing sites such as Craigslist will help too. Remember to be friendly and be willing to negotiate on prices.

Many people sell things like clothing in lots to get rid of more items at one time. You could do that with music CDs or DVD movies as well (Although, DVDs tend to do better on sites like Decluttr).

Making $100 in one day shouldn’t be too hard at all, especially if you’ve got some bigger ticket items to sell.

5. Do Gig Jobs

Gig jobs are one-and-done jobs you can do to make some extra cash. We have a few ideas about how you can find gig jobs.

Craigslist has an online business section near its “jobs” section called “gigs” that offers many ways to make money.

Gigs can consist of a variety of different types of jobs from helping someone move, clean their house or get organized for a party to doing a small painting or home improvement jobs.

You’ll also find things such as one-time freelance writing jobs or jobs for specific events such as security detail for concerts or server jobs for parties or events.

You could even make $100 a day by helping someone move or clean up their place or by doing other quick household or other tasks under the gigs section. This is good money for a hard day’s work.

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6. Care for Kids or Animals

If you like children or animals, this could be a great way for you to make $100 in one day.

With pet sitting, you’ll probably have to watch a pet for a longer period of time than you would a child to make $100 a day, but the job might be easier to make that extra money.

Advertise your pet sitting or child sitting services to family and friends via your Facebook account for the best results.

For child sitting, you can advertise on professional child sitting sites such as

Do you like walking dogs? Why not offer dog walking services to local dog owners. Many dog owners want their dogs to get exercise. However, busy schedules or physical infirmities prevent them from walking their dogs.

Therefore, they’ll gladly pay someone to walk their dogs. A nice thing about this task is that you can walk several dogs at once. So, let’s say you charge $10 per hour to walk a dog.

If you walk 5 dogs at once, you can make $100 in just two hours. Advertise on Craigslist, or in your neighborhood with flyers. Reach out to local dog owners you know who have busy schedules so you can make extra money.

7. Become a Tutor

If you’re great at science, math or other school subjects, you could find work as an online tutor.

Companies like VIPKid hire people to teach English to children in China.

You’ll need to have a working computer and a headset to work with these types of online companies.

You could also find tutor work right in your own area. Advertise on Craigslist or Facebook. Tell people which subjects you tutor and what your per-hour wage is.

You’ll want to focus on tutoring kids with an age level you’re comfortable with too.

If you aren’t crazy about tutoring younger kids, advertise to tutor high school students. Or offer to help high schoolers study for their ACT test.

Another idea is to focus on tutoring younger kids if you’ll do better at that. Set time aside for after school or on weekends when kids are available.

If you charge $20 per hour you could make $100 in one day. And you might have an ongoing job so you can earn even more money.

8. Clean House

I know several people who make money by cleaning houses for others. Cleaning jobs can range from a quick dust and vacuum to a whole house thoroughly cleaned.

Whether it’s several small jobs or one larger job, you can easily make $100 a day by cleaning houses.

As with many other jobs, Craigslist and neighborhood flyers are a great way to advertise your services. But, the “gigs” section on Craigslist is an optimum place to find jobs that are available immediately.

Some people want help cleaning for guests who are coming. Others need the place they’ve rented deep cleaned when they move out. Still others want someone to come on a regular basis to keep up with maintenance cleaning.

Know that if you choose to clean a house for someone you’ll likely have to have your own equipment. You’ll need equipment and cleaning supplies such as a vacuum cleaner, mop, paper towels, window spray, etc.

Be sure to do a thorough job as you clean. This is a gig that pays well if you do great at your job. Besides your wage, you may even earn a tip!

9. Participate in Research Studies


Research studies are available in most big cities and often pay $100 or more for a day of work.

People can participate in research studies regarding an assessment of different consumer products such as food or medical research studies in an attempt to earn some free money.

Research study companies such as Fieldwork offer paid study clinics and classes to people looking to earn money online by giving their opinions.

Sign up with marketing research companies in your area if you think this would be a fun way to earn some free money.

10. Get a Job at a Restaurant

In today’s economy, restaurants are always hiring servers. You can usually start working at a restaurant within a day or two. Since servers make tips for good service, you can make money the same day you start.

Ask to pick up long shifts. And provide excellent service to get the best tips. Check with local restaurants to find jobs. Call around, look for “we’re hiring” signs in the windows or check Craigslist jobs.

11. Be a Party Helper

I have a friend who puts on a grand party every year near Christmas. One way she saves money on the event is by hiring students to do coat checks, server positions, valet and kitchen help.

Wait staff deliver food

She pays them well, but less than what it would cost her to hire professionals. She advertises what she needs via her Facebook account.

However, if you look in the “gigs” section on Craigslist, you could find similar gigs that way.

12. Test Websites

You could earn $100 in a day online by becoming a website tester. There are several companies that hire people to test websites. When you work as a website tester you’ll do a variety of tasks.

You might be testing that a web page or a link works properly. Or you might rate the user-friendliness of a site.

Website tester generally needs a few things to work website testing jobs. They’ll need:

  • a computer, tablet or phone with audio and video capability
  • the ability to download testing software to your device
  • to be at least 18 years old
  • to be able to clearly speak your thoughts

Website testers often need to send video recordings of their feedback. This is why clear communication skills are important.

13. Wrap Your Car

Wrapping your vehicle is a creative way to make money each and every month.

Although you’ll have to part with the current colors of your vehicle, becoming a driving advertisement can help you bring in the big bucks.

According to Wrapify, you can earn between $264 to $452 per month for a full wrap. If you are only comfortable with a light wrap, then your potential earnings will drop to an estimated $181 to $280 per month.

It will only take a few hours to set up your car wrap. With that, it should only take a day’s worth of effort to get a few hundred dollars. But you’ll have to look at the wrap on your vehicle for a whole month.

14. Rent Out Your Car

If you own a car but aren’t willing to wrap it, there’s still a way to turn this asset into cash. You can earn money by renting out your vehicle.

A few popular car rental marketplaces include Hyrecar, Turo, and Getaround.

Here’s the basic premise. You have a car that you don’t use every day. Instead of letting the vehicle collect pollen in your driveway, you list it on a car rental marketplace.

At this point, people can choose to rent out the car in exchange for cash.

The amount you can earn per day varies based on where you live and the type of vehicle you drive. For example, if drive a luxurious car in a big city, you’ll likely find more earning opportunities.

Want to learn more about this option? Check out our full review of Turo.

15. Rent Out Your Home


If you have extra space in your home, it’s possible to turn that into cash by renting it out.

The most popular platform to rent out your spare space is Airbnb. And it’s possible to bring in more money through this opportunity.

For example, in this post, we detail the experience of a couple who earns around $1,500 per month from renting out extra space on Airbnb.

Although being a host on Airbnb isn’t 100% passive income, it offers an opportunity to turn space into an earning opportunity.

16. Sell a Product

Have you always dreamed of starting a business to earn more money? If you have a great idea, there’s nothing stopping you from turning it into a business that nets you at least $100 per month.

A few options include selling crafts on Etsy, selling digital downloads, selling your wares in the local market, making your own online store or pitching your product to major retailers.

Start the process of turning your product into a lucrative business with a small test run. Make sure the market demand is there before sinking too much of your time or capital into a specific product.

Be ready to tweak your product along the way to create a better business and as you continue making money.

17. Deliver For Amazon Flex

If you want to earn more money, Amazon Flex will pay you to deliver packages around town on your own schedule. According to the company, you can earn between $18 to $25 per hour.

Even when you factor in gas costs, it’s possible to earn $100 per day with this opportunity.

The process starts by reserving a time block. After that, you’ll make deliveries with the help of an app that maps out the most efficient route.

As of writing this, this opportunity is available in a handful of cities, including:

  • Bad Ax, MI
  • Grand Rapids, MI
  • Santa Fe, NM
  • St. Cloud, NM
  • Tulsa, OK

But it might expand to your location soon. If you have a vehicle and need a flexible schedule, then delivering packages could be one of the best ways for you to start making money.

18. Start Your Own Blog

It’s entirely possible to start making money blogging. Although this is not a quick path to success, it’s full of potential for those willing to play the long game.

You can earn money blogging through affiliate links (that can generate passive income), ad revenue, selling products, selling online courses, an online store and more. You’ll have the freedom to choose what income streams work best for your blog.

If you want to make money blogging, be willing to be patient as you start to earn more money. Setting up a blog can take just a few minutes, but building it takes time.

Want to learn how to start a blog? Check out this helpful guide.

19. Be A Proofreader

Do you have an eye for grammar? If you can spot a spelling mistake from a mile away, then proofreading could be the perfect way to start making money.

As a proofreader, you’ll catch mistakes before an item is published. You could proofread anything from magazine articles to entire books.

If you aren’t sure where to get started with proofreading, check out this full list of opportunities. 25 Ways To Make Money As A Proofreader.

20. Sell Your Photos

Photography is a high-demand skill that can help you bring in 100 bucks a day online or in person. It’s a fun way to start making money.

One way to make money with photography is to sell your photos through a stock website. After you upload the pictures, you’ll earn a commission from each purchase. A few places to consider include Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and Pixabay.

You could even set up your own online store on your own custom website to sell your photos as people start to know your work. This could turn into a passive income opportunity.

But it can take some time to earn a substantial income stream from stock photos. If you are looking for a faster route, consider photographing events. People will pay big bucks for photos of a celebration!

21. Donate Plasma

If the sight of blood doesn’t make you squeamish, donating plasma can give your bottom line the boost it needs.

Although the amount you can earn varies based on your location, you can expect to earn between $20 to $50 per donation. Since there are limitations on how much you can donate, you might run into an income cap if you start making money this way.

However, many places offer bonuses for regular donations that can add up quickly.

22. Write a Book

person writing a book

As you write a book, you won’t earn money for the work you put in. But after you’ve built a valuable asset, it could potentially earn you $100 per day.

The reality is that not every author will make money. However, if you love writing, crafting a book is well worth the risk. Learn more about making money from a book in this post.

Plus, it can generate ongoing passive income.

23. Join a Focus Group

As a member of a focus group, it’s possible to earn $100 or more for your time. It’s relatively easy money that involves sharing your opinion about a particular product or service.

Two places to find focus groups include survey sites Survey Junkie and Branded Surveys. When you get called in for a focus group, don’t hesitate to snag the opportunity.

You can also use these survey sites to earn money by taking surveys. However, this isn’t as lucrative.

24. Create a YouTube Channel

People love to watch videos online, so why not profit from this? If you build a following, it’s possible to earn $100 or more per day by posting YouTube videos.

The income comes through ads, sponsorships, selling products, and more.

As a budding YouTube star, you have a passion for a niche topic and an eye for what makes a video pop. Think you have what it takes to make money on YouTube? Get started today!

25. Transcribe Audio

Transcribing audio involves listening to an audio file and writing down what you hear. It’s possible to earn $20 or more per hour as a proficient transcriptionist.

You’ll maintain control over your schedule and only transcribe when you have the time or energy. Transcribe Anywhere is a great place to get started with this earning opportunity.


There are so many ways available for you to earn $100 in a day online or in person. And you can earn a lot more than that if you’re looking for a long-term income stream.

Doing small jobs (we call them “side hustles”) puts you more in control of your income.

With all of the dozens of side hustle ideas there are, you can surely find a way to earn extra cash. Put a plan in place and start raking in extra cash today.