23 Best Driving Apps To Make Money

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A driving app is an excellent way to make money since it offers a flexible schedule and consistent work. It can also pay more than other side hustles.

There are many driving apps to make money delivering food, packages and passengers. Each platform has unique features and different earning potential. Comparing several can help you find the best app to make money in your free time. 

Make Money Delivering Food

Food delivery apps offer great flexibility since you can deliver during peak meal periods. You may also be able to deliver small orders by bike or scooter in certain cities. 

In alphabetical order, here are the best driving apps to make money delivering food.

1. Caviar

Caviar is part of the DoorDash network. Once you become a Dasher, you can deliver for both apps. This provides you with more delivery opportunities. 

That said, the customer orders through the Caviar platform as opposed to DoorDash.

One reason to consider delivering for Caviar is that the service partners with higher-end restaurants instead of fast food joints. As a result, you might be able to earn better tips.

Earning Potential: $25 to $30 per hour

2. Delivery.com

Delivery.com home page

If you prefer working with a local delivery app, Delivery.com is one of the best options. With this platform, you can deliver food, alcohol, groceries and more. 

The service lets you deliver for a locally-owned network with a nearby driver support call center. You earn a base rate plus tips and can make your own schedule while driving your car. 

Since this is a smaller driving app, it’s only available in select cities across approximately 35 states. Nevertheless, it can be worth exploring to have potentially less competition than the most popular apps. 

Earning Potential: $20 per hour

3. DoorDash

DoorDash might offer the most delivery opportunities across the board as they partner with restaurants, grocery stores and retailers in small towns as well as large metro areas. In comparison, competing apps might only be available in major cities. 

For example, you may deliver an order from McDonald’s and follow up by delivering groceries from a local supermarket or dog treats from PetSmart.

Participating in challenges and working during Peak Pay hours can boost your earning potential.

Earning Potential: $20 to $25 per hour

4. Gopuff

Consider Gopuff to avoid restaurant deliveries that are more likely to incur delays and fussy customers. With this app, you can deliver food, alcohol, snacks and household essentials. 

It’s possible to pick up these items from a Gopuff distribution facility instead of visiting various businesses. Your potential earnings can vary based on where you live.

Earning Potential: $15 to $20 per hour

5. Grubhub

Grubhub home page

You can find delivery opportunities for many local and chain restaurants through Grubhub. The delivery service also supports catering orders. 

If you drive for Grubhub, you’ll likely have more success in bigger cities since there are more customers. Similar to the other best delivery apps, drivers earn a base pay rate, mileage and tips. 

Drivers can also receive a Grubhub contribution to help receive a minimum guaranteed rate for the local market by scheduling a delivery block and satisfying the acceptance rate criteria.

Earning Potential: $15 to $20 per hour

6. Postmates

Postmates makes it possible to deliver for restaurants, convenience stores and pharmacies in many cities across the United States. Delivery assignments are harder to come by in smaller cities and suburbs unless it’s touristy or a college town.

This app tends to pay less than similar apps, but you can maximize your earnings if you drive by bicycle or scooter since dense urban areas tend to have the best income potential.

Earning Potential: $15 to $20 per hour

7. Steady

Steady is one of the most versatile side hustle apps. It can help you identify online and local income opportunities, including delivering food. 

You might even be eligible for special welcome bonuses that you may not receive when applying directly through the delivery platform. 

The service can also pay you to enroll in new banking services. Plus, it compares average salaries reported by active workers to help you make the most for your efforts.

Earning Potential: Up to $25 per hour

8. Uber Eats

Uber Eats operates in most cities across the United States and around the world. Most of the opportunities are for restaurants and range from fast food to specialty cuisine. 

Unlike some apps, you must be at least 19 years old to deliver by car or scooter. Fortunately, you can still deliver by bike or foot if you are 18.

Earning Potential: $15 to $20 per hour

Make Money Driving People Around

Ridesharing apps can be an exciting side hustle if you love interacting with people. Common minimum requirements include being at least 21 years old and having a newer, four-door vehicle.

In alphabetical order, here are the best driving apps to make money driving people around.

9. HopSkipDrive

As a HopSkipDrive CareDriver, you help drive children to school and other locations instead of having them take the bus. Basically, you make it possible for students to avoid unsafe environments.

Unfortunately, the driver requirements are relatively strict. You must be at least 23 years old and have a minimum of five years of caregiving experience.

Additionally, this service is only available in select cities within 10 states.

Earning Potential: Up to $40 per hour

10. Lyft

Lyft home page

Lyft is one of the largest ridesharing apps that helps people get to the airport, conferences and social events. As a driver, you can anticipate earning the highest rates during the Prime Time peak hours.

The earning potential varies by town. You may also be able to rent your car through the Lyft Express Drive and let other rideshare drivers transport people. 

Earning Potential: $17 to $20 per hour

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11. Uber

Uber is another rideshare app with a near-universal presence and strong rider demand. Online reports indicate that luxury vehicle drivers earn the most money.

In addition to earning a base rate plus customer tips, the platform may provide new drivers with a one-time cash bonus after completing a certain number of trips. This bonus can be higher in markets with driver shortages.

Earning Potential: $15 to $20 per hour

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12. Wingz

Wingz specializes in airport transportation for travelers. The service is available at over 20 U.S. airports. Drivers in Georgia can provide non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) as well.

In addition to selecting open ride requests, riders can request their favorite driver. Requested rides can result in higher payouts.

Earning Potential: $20 to $40 per hour

Earn Money Shopping for People

These apps make it easy to become a personal grocery shopper, which is another sector of the delivery economy with solid demand. 

They can also be a good option if you don’t live near an expansive restaurant district or your neighborhood has too many meal delivery drivers.

In alphabetical order, these are the top driving apps to make money shopping for people.

13. Instacart

You will pack orders and deliver them to the customer’s front door as an Instacart Shopper. The side hustle app lets you choose orders from local grocery stores and chat with the customer if you need to substitute products.

You can be an in-store shopper in select cities and work hourly shifts of up to 29 hours per week. This option doesn’t require making deliveries, which reduces your gas expenses. 

Earning Potential: $10 to $20 per hour

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14. Point Pickup

You have the ability to partner with a specific store and not shop for the items when driving for Point Pickup. The app advertises that couriers can choose their delivery requests each morning in all 50 states.

At pickup time, the order is already filled by an in-store shopper, so it only needs to go into your car and be driven to the final destination. 

It’s possible to receive customer tips, and you can get your payment within 48 hours by direct deposit, even on the weekends.

Earning Potential: $15 to $22 per hour

15. Shipt

Shipt lets you deliver groceries and household goods from many stores within your community. For example, you can shop for orders from Target, Walmart and your city’s grocery stores. 

All drivers enjoy special perks, including free Shipt deliveries plus discounts with several retail, travel and insurance services.

Earning Potential: $16 to $22 per hour

Make Money Completing Deliveries

Hauling packages can be an easy way to make extra money during the year or the holiday shopping season. In alphabetical order, these are the top driving apps to make money delivering items.

16. Amazon Flex

You can pull up to your local Amazon Flex delivery center and deliver packages to homes and businesses. The number of packages you deliver depends on your vehicle size.

This service is available in over 50 cities across the United States.

This can be a great way to get paid to deliver packages for decent pay.

Earning Potential: $18 to $25 per hour

17. FedEx

FedEx periodically hires independent contractors to help during peak shipping periods. These drivers deliver packages full-time drivers don’t have space for. 

Unfortunately, most delivery positions are through fleet owners and require working a regular shift. Additionally, the company isn’t always accepting applications.

Earning Potential: $19 to $30 per hour

18. Roadie

As a Roadie driver, you can make local and long-distance deliveries for small and large items that are not packaged like a standard shipment. For example, you might deliver cake, jerseys or building supplies.

Your earnings will vary based on the item delivered and the distance driven.

Earning Potential: $8 to $650 per gig

19. UPS

It’s possible to be a UPS personal vehicle driver on a seasonal basis. You will make a base rate plus mileage. 

It’s easy to search for openings in your local area on the UPS website and apply. This experience can help you qualify for a full-time delivery position with better pay and benefits.

Earning Potential: $21 to $25 per hour

Make Money Advertising on Your Car

Your car can be valuable real estate that’s simple to monetize if you drive a lot. Companies are willing to pay you and advertise on your car

In alphabetical order, these are the best driving apps to make money advertising on your car.

20. Free Car Media

Free Car Media home page

It’s possible to earn money with rear window stickers or vehicle wraps using Free Car Media. You can submit an application through the website and wait to hear from interested companies.

It can take a while to get matched with an advertiser, so patience is key.

Earning Potential: $50 to $400 per month

21. StickerRide

StickerRide pays you to host small ads or full wraps on your car. Your earnings vary based on the size of the advertisement.

You can apply for different sticker positions on your car and get them professionally installed.

Earning Potential: $50 to $300 per month

22. Wrapify

Wrapify can partially or fully cover your car. A lite cover is the least intrusive and typically pays the least. 

Highly-qualified vehicles can earn the greatest monthly payouts with a full wrap.

Earning Potential: $180 to $450 per month

Comparison of Driving Apps by Earning Potential

AppEarning PotentialEasy to Get Started?
HopSkipDrive$40/hourNo, need five years of caregiving experience
Wingz$40/hourNo, must live near a participating airport 
FedEx$30/hourNo, seasonal opportunities only
UPS$25/hourNo, seasonal opportunities only
Amazon Flex$25/hourYes
Point Pickup $22/hourYes
Uber Eats$20/hourYes
Wrapify$450/monthNo, hard to get approved for campaigns
Free Car Media$400/monthNo, hard to get approved for campaigns
StickerRide$300/monthNo, hard to get approved for campaigns

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about apps to make money driving? These answers might be able to help.


Driving apps provide opportunities to earn money in your free time as you can cover greater distances and haul bigger orders. However, you must still pay for gas and car maintenance on your own.

You can be an independent contractor with each of these platforms, which makes it easy to work for the busiest platform at any given time. 

Better yet, you can pay attention to special bonuses to boost your earnings, making these apps even more lucrative.