10 Ways to Get Paid to Deliver Packages

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deliver packages

There are several ways to get paid to deliver packages with your car or truck. You may prefer this delivery side hustle when you don’t want to wait on restaurant orders to finish cooking or walk supermarket aisles to make a buck.

It’s possible to partner with various package delivery apps specializing in personal courier services and custom deliveries for small and large items needing same-day or next-day drop-offs.

How to Make Money Delivering Packages

You can deliver for one or multiple services and make extra money with local and long-distance requests.   

1. Amazon Flex

amazon flex

While professional delivery services handle most orders from this online retailer, independent contractors can deliver packages for Amazon from local warehouses. 

Driving for Amazon Flex lets you complete the following delivery types:

  • Amazon.com
  • Amazon Fresh
  • Prime Now
  • Store orders

Most orders are for Amazon.com packages, but the opportunities vary by metro area. 

A mid-size or large vehicle is necessary as the retailer will try to give you as many packages as possible to deliver in a shift. After enrolling, you can sign up for delivery blocks that usually last from two to six hours. The number of packages corresponds with your vehicle size.

When your shift starts, you drive up to the loading lane and 

Most drivers earn between $18 and $25 per hour, but the total earning amount is a flat amount that you see before signing up for a block. Making quick deliveries boosts your effective hourly rate and you get to keep 100% of customer tips.

Earnings are typically available in a linked bank account the next business day. By joining the Amazon Flex Rewards program, frequent drivers can enjoy additional perks such as shopping discounts and preferred scheduling. You earn points for each completed delivery block.   

2. CitizenShipper

CitizenShipper lets you deliver vehicles and pet animals across multiple states. You will place a bid on open delivery requests and ask the customer to accept your offer.

Items you can deliver include:

  • Furniture: Single or multiple pieces
  • Pets: Dogs and cats
  • Vehicles: Boats, cars, motorcycles and RVs

Pet transfers are the most popular delivery request, according to the platform. Most pet shippers obtain a USDA license to qualify for more inquiries.

Vehicle requirements are flexible as long as you can safely transport the item or pet. It’s not uncommon for deliveries to exceed 1,000 miles one-way which increases your income potential. You will also like this platform if you prefer long-haul deliveries. 

To try out the platform, it’s free to be a CitizenShipper driver for the first 30 days. After the trial period ends, you will pay $29.99 per month to remain active and have the ability to place bids. It’s possible to pause and resume your membership without paying extra fees.

Regarding payment, you receive payment directly from the shipper when they accept your bid. Be sure to include your preferred payment method in the quote.

The platform recommends credit card or PayPal as they offer dispute protection for both parties.  

3. Curri

Gig drivers and couriers can find on-demand delivery assignments on Curri. This service has a nationwide footprint and helps transport construction and industrial supplies across short and long routes. 

You can use a car, SUV or truck for local deliveries after onboarding through the Curri Driver app on your Android or iOS device. Each assignment previews your take-home pay before accepting the assignment and same-day payments are available.

The app lets you list your driver capabilities and unique vehicle features that can help you receive invitations for more gigs. You get to set your schedule and decide which assignments to accept. Requests requiring bigger vehicles can pay more than those only needing a small one.

Carrier drivers, including hotshot drivers, can create a free account to bid on long-distance assignments. You can start by providing your email address and reviewing the broker motor carrier agreement. 

In most instances, you will pick up the order at the supplier’s will-call location as the store clerk should gather the inventory. Next, you deliver it to the construction site.

Drivers will need to be able to lift up to 50 pounds per item and can claim payment after making the drop-off.

4. Dispatch

Dispatch provides lots of flexibility with the items you can deliver and the route distance. For example, you can deliver building supplies that a contractor needs quickly or a laptop to a remote worker.

Delivery routes can be locally within a few miles or across multiple states. Drivers can compare open routes in the platform app. As an independent contractor, you can set your delivery schedule and choose which routes to pursue. You will receive payments weekly.

Similar to a few additional freight delivery apps, you can boost your income potential by adding unique skills to your profile. Two options include making inside drop-offs and going up one flight of stairs. Delivery requests include these prerequisites in the drop-off notes.

Further, some customers are willing to pay more by opting for orders with a dedicated vehicle. In this case, you agree to only complete their delivery instead of accepting multiple assignments in the vicinity. This way you get paid to deliver packages directly to one person or company.

One potential downside to this app is having to be at least 23 years old to deliver. In comparison, most platforms only require you to be at least 18 years old. 

5. Dolly

Dolly delivery

Consider Dolly when you’re willing to move furniture weighing over 75 pounds between residences, from a store, or to the landfill. You can view open requests and job requirements in the mobile app. The service lets you make your own schedule and work with certain helpers.

Further, you’re able to receive payments twice per week and keep 100% of customer tips. Your earning potential depends on your delivery role as the vehicle provider or an assistant. It’s one of the best ways to make money with a truck thanks to the high income potential.

Helpers can anticipate earning an average of $50 per hour by having a delivery vehicle. Hands can earn $35 per hour by assisting drivers and you don’t need to provide a size-eligible truck or van. You only need to be 18 years old for either position.

This service operates in over 45 U.S. cities and top earners make $1,000 per week and can keep 100% of customer tips.

Additionally, most contractors are eligible for complimentary occupational accident insurance if injured during a delivery which provides extra peace of mind. 

6. goPuff

As a goPuff driver, you deliver merchandise orders from a warehouse to homes and businesses. You will need to be at least 21 years old as you may need to make alcohol deliveries but can have a small car. Bicycle and walking deliveries are possible in select areas.

Anticipate delivering these item types:

  • Alcohol
  • Frozen foods
  • Groceries
  • Health
  • Pharmacy

You won’t need to shop for the items as you show up at the warehouse and receive the organized order at the designated time. 

Each warehouse offers a guaranteed earning amount when you pre-schedule your available hours. Mapping out your schedule lets you earn more and you can accept on-demand requests too.

You will earn between $2.25 and $5 per order and the delivery fee is disclosed before accepting a request. By making $5 per order, your effective hourly wage is between $18 and $25, plus 100% customer tips. Part-time and full-time employees can earn a consistent wage.

7. GoShare

GoShare lets you complete last-mile deliveries for small parcels or bulky items. You will need to be at least 21 years old and have an eligible vehicle size that’s a model year 2001 or newer.

Your average hourly rate depends on your vehicle size: 

  • Courier cars, SUVs, and minivans: $45 per hour
  • Pickup truck: $70 per hour
  • Full-size cargo van: $105 per hour
  • Box truck: $168 per hour

This platform has a labor-only option where you can earn up to $60 per hour by helping a driver make a delivery when you don’t want to use your own vehicle.

Workers receive app notifications when a nearby delivery is available on the load board. You can accept the assignment and receive payment by direct deposit within four business days after completing the delivery.  

Each delivery is covered by GoShare’s comprehensive cargo policy which can provide more protections than most apps. Still, it’s a good idea to carry standalone rideshare insurance on your delivery vehicle for additional assurance.  

8. Grabr

Grabr is one of the most exciting ways to get paid to deliver packages as you can hand deliver items to different countries. It’s possible to earn from $10 to $200 for your effort and the buyer gets merchandise that’s difficult to find in their home country.

You might get paid to buy shoes, vitamins or electronics from stores like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and online retailers. It’s essential that you buy the item in your name so that it’s easier to pass through international customs as you’re not carrying an unknown package.

Popular destinations include:

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Lima, Peru
  • Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • São Paulo, Brazil

It’s possible to browse current delivery requests and see the pay potential and you can make offers. You are also able to input your upcoming trip dates and destinations to search for offers.

This flexibility can make it an exciting travel job as you won’t pay extra fees to make money.

Once you arrive in the foreign country, coordinate a pickup time and location with the buyer. You will receive reimbursement for the purchase total and your earnings by direct deposit within three to 15 business days after the buyer confirms delivery. 

9. Roadie

Roadie is a subsidiary of UPS and allows individuals to deliver small packages locally or potentially across state lines year-round. You are able to make same-day and next-day local deliveries directly from the retailer to the customer.

The average payout per delivery is from $8 to $20, with the average trip netting $13. You earn more for bigger packages and longer routes. It’s possible to bundle nearby deliveries to boost your income on a run across town.

Drivers can compare open gigs in the app and complete several per day. Being near common pickup spots can help you claim higher-paying requests more often to increase your productivity.

Weekly payments are fee-free but you can pay a small fee for same-day deposits when you need money now.

10. TaskRabbit


TaskRabbit lets you offer many professional services that help busy homeowners and businesses. One option is running errands and delivering items locally. 

This side hustle app is more open-ended as you may need to shop the aisles to procure the merchandise or food order. It’s also possible that you will pick up takeout orders from restaurants.

Another way to get paid to deliver with this service is to help people move. Once you get to the dropoff location, you can make money assembling furniture or mounting flat-screen TVs, for instance.

Your earning potential varies by task and city. Taskers can earn from $15 to $50 per hour. The service performs a background check and reviews each application to verify your skills before you can start accepting project requests.

You can keep 100% of what you charge plus any tips, but the platform suggests an hourly range so you offer competitive yet affordable prices to attract customers. Workers can publish their weekly availability and also receive same-day job requests. Payments are made by direct deposit.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering if it is worth it to get paid to deliver packages? Here’s a look at common questions.

Can You Deliver Packages With Your Own Car?

There are many delivery app jobs that let you accept assignments in your free time instead of working a shift or being forced to take on low-paying tasks. Depending on the platform, you may need a van, truck or SUV to transport heavy or bulky items that are too expensive to mail. 

Why Deliver Packages for Money?

Delivering packages is a popular gig economy job as businesses are willing to hire individuals to make same-day and next-day deliveries. It’s also easier to schedule a specific drop-off time or provide hands-on service. Delivery drivers can earn consistent income and customer tips. 

Can You Make Money Delivering Amazon Packages?

Yes, you can deliver Amazon orders by joining their Flex program. Most gigs have you pick up a batch of packages at a local warehouse that you deliver in nearby communities. However, there may only sometimes be driver openings and delivery blocks are usually several hours.
As a result, consider signing up with multiple apps as an independent contractor to compare your delivery options for food, packages and people. These additional ways to make money driving your car can help you earn a steady side income.


It’s possible to make money delivering single and multiple packages at a time. The driver requirements and delivery possibilities vary by platform.

Comparing several can help you find the best option for your skills and schedule for this side hustle idea