How He Makes Money Driving with Uber on The Side

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Have you ever thought about driving with Uber to earn extra money? Driving with Uber is one of many side hustles you can do to increase your earnings.

Ryan Begin has been driving with Uber for over two years. He’s sharing his experience as an Uber driver-partner and telling you how you can make the most money as an Uber driver.

Why Did You Decide to Become an Uber Driver?

For my full-time job, I work for the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, a high-end luxury resort and spa in the North Scottsdale area. I’ve been working there over 2.5 years now in their guest services department in transportation, and I love working with the new people I meet there.

I wanted to make some extra money. Driving with Uber seemed like the logical choice since I like to drive anyway.

In addition, I like the flexibility Uber offers. I can use the Uber app to sign in and out anytime I’d like. In other words, I can create my own schedule.

Plus, I like that I earn tips with Uber. In fact, this is where the real money is with Uber. Typically, better service results in better tips. Knowing that gives me some control over my income.

How to Make the Most Money With Uber

The Uber site has some great tips about how to make money driving with Uber. However, I’ve learned my own lessons about how to make the most money with Uber.

Offer Free Water and Snacks

A nice little perk I’ve found customers really appreciate is offering water and snacks. I usually just offer the small bottles of water and snack size crackers, chips or candies.

Even offering hard candies like mints helps. It makes the customers feel appreciated.

Treat Clients Like They Matter

Another tip for making the most money on Uber is to treat clients like they matter. Get out and open the door for them. If they have extra bags, load them into the trunk or the back of your car.

Dress and act professionally. Work to make conversation with your client by asking them questions about themselves.

At the same time, recognize and follow suit if a client seems like they’re not interested in chatting. Being personable and respectful will help you earn better tips.

Pay Attention to Premium Pricing

Uber charges higher prices to clients when there’s a lack of drivers in the area. Higher prices for clients means more money in your pocket.

To take advantage of Premium Pricing fares, ignore busy hot spots (like after a sports game ends) and take the less popular, less busy fare opportunities.

Keep Your Car Sparkling Clean

Clients love it when they’re picked up in a well kept car. Keep yours in great shape inside and out.

Drive During Off-Hours

Overnights and early morning hours tend to be better money makers. Traditional side hustlers are catching up on sleep to work their regular jobs.

How Do You fit Uber Around Your Job Schedule?

My work schedule is from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday, so I usually drive with Uber during the mornings on weekdays and then drive weekend hours as I’m available.

The morning/early afternoon hours are great for driving because a lot of the trips are longer runs like airport runs. I usually hang out around the local spas and resorts because there are a lot of people needing rides to the airport from the resorts.

Find the spots and times in your area that have a lot of fares but few available drivers. Airport runs are usually popular.

Uber has a downloadable app that you can turn on and off as you’re available, which lets you choose hours that work around your part or full-time job schedule.

Why Did You Choose Uber Over Other Side Hustles?

There are lots of great side hustle opportunities out there. I chose Uber for several reasons.

The first is that I like driving around. Second, I enjoy people. You’ll do best with Uber if you like people. Third, I liked that I could create my own schedule.

I can sign in and out of the Uber app whenever I want to. And fourth, I have control over my income. I do what I can to earn good tips, and I work to find the best paying fares in my area.

Uber’s Own Side Hustle: Uber Eats

Maybe driving people around doesn’t seem appealing to you. You can still make money with Uber by driving with Uber Eats.

Uber Eats drivers get paid to deliver meals to customers. Just like with Uber, you can choose the hours you work. And just like with Uber, you can earn tips with each delivery.

Check out Uber Eats to see if you might want to earn some extra cash by delivering food.


There’s serious money to be made as an Uber driver. In the right location and by following the tips above, you can make an attractive amount of cash for meeting your financial goals.


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