3 Ways To Get Paid To Advertise On Your Car

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Did you know that there are companies that pay you to advertise on your car? Yes, this means you can earn money while driving your car like you normally do every day. 

Making $100 or more each month by putting advertisements on your car can help with your car payments or insurance costs.

Key Takeaways

  • You can actually make money with a car wrap
  • Make up to $250 or more a month
  • Car advertising scams exist, so choose wisely

What Is Car Wrap Advertising?

Car wrapping offers you the chance to display your business (or someone else’s) and products on your car without the requirement for costly in-store publicizing or expensive print media.

Companies will pay you to put their logo on your car. Getting the car wrapped is typically pretty easy. Once you qualify, the car wrap company will provide you with the wrap company to do the work. Then drive as you normally do and make money.

You can have a basic wrap with an organization name and logo on a stripe. Or get crazy and wrap the whole car or truck.

How Much Money Can I Make Advertising on My Car?

Advertising with your car is a great way to make some cash. Typically, you can make a few hundred bucks per month. It all depends on the type of advertisement on your car, the exposure you get with your car and the miles.

For example, sites like Wrapify offer over $400 a month based on a full wrap. Other sites like Carvertise pay per campaign an average of $300, which is based on size and brand. Plus Carvertise gives driver promotions from nationwide automotive companies, including Jiffy Lube, Valvoline and Pep Boys, which can save you some money.

Companies That Pay You To Advertise On Your Car

The companies mentioned here are legit companies that pay you to advertise on your car.

1. Wrapify

advertise with Wrapify

Wrapify launched in 2015 and was named one of Inc. Magazine’s top 500 fastest-growing private companies in 2019.

They recently reported that they have a driver base of over 250,000

Wrapify helps companies advertise in specific areas. Drivers may qualify for a wrap if they spend 25% or more of their commute time in a company’s target promotion area.

Signing up with Wrapify is easy. Download the free Wrapify app and follow the instructions to see if you meet their requirements. 

Once you qualify, you’ll start getting notifications about ad partnerships available to you. 

To take advantage of a campaign, snap some photos of your vehicle. After that, follow the instructions regarding when and where to get your vehicle wrapped. 

Payments are sent via direct deposit every other week.

How Much Can I Earn? 

According to Wrapify, the amount of money you can earn depends on how much of your car is wrapped. The company offers four different wrap levels. 

Here’s a breakdown of each level, along with an average earnings amount:

  • Full: $264 to $452 per month
  • Partial: $196 to $280 per month
  • Lite: $181 to $280 per month
  • Topper: $174 to $280 per month

Note that your payouts may differ from the averages listed above. Visit the Wrapify website to learn more about how much of your vehicle each level of wrapping covers. 

2. Carvertise

advertise on uber, lyft and doordash cars

Carvertise is another popular car advertising company. It was founded in 2012 by two college students. Like Wrapify, they will pay for the application and removal of any wrap placed on your car. 

Start by filling out your name, email, and phone number on the Cavertise website. The site will then ask you questions about where you normally drive, how many hours a week you drive and more. 

If you qualify, Cavertise will match you with advertisers who like your driving habits and schedule. They’ll wrap your car to begin the job and remove the wrap when the campaign ends.

You’ll get paid each month via direct deposit.

How Much Can I Earn?

Carvertise claims drivers can earn between $300 and $1200 per campaign, not per month.

Review the campaign details to find out the duration and how much you’ll get paid to ensure the payout is worth the time commitment.

Learn More: Is Carvertise Legit? Can You Really Make Money Wrapping Your Car?

3. Nickelytics

more income for every ride or delivery

Nickelytics is a Tampa-based car advertising company that lets you choose between window wraps, light wraps, and full-body wraps. 

How it Works

Start by downloading the app on your Android and iOS devices. You’ll then share information about yourself and your driving habits so you can get matched with campaigns. 

The Nickelytics app tracks your driving routes and habits to match you with companies that best fit your tendencies.

Similar to some of the other apps, you must have the app running every time you drive. 

How Much Can I Earn? 

Earnings vary based on the campaign, but Nickelytics says their drivers earn an average of $250 per month. However, it is possible to earn up to $500 per month

Companies That Did Not Make The List

When it comes to our research, we found a few companies that offer car advertising but didn’t cut it when it comes to our methodology.


When researching car advertising, FreeCarMedia was listed yet we hesitated due to the fact they have an older website and had 1.1 Stars out of 5 with 1 review. When you click to sign up, it takes you to a different sight.


StickerRide started in Europe in 2013. Since their launch, they’ve expanded to include drivers and advertisers in the United States.

While StickerRide works a lot like other car advertising companies, it did not make our main list due to a Google Play Rating of 1.7 Stars with over 3,010 votes.

Look Out For Car Wrap Scams

Like any good business, scams exist. The FTC advises you to watch out for scams that will send you money and then have you send part of the money to another company that will wrap your car. This is typically done by an illegitimate company sending a fake check. A legit car advertising company will not make you pay for a car wrap.

To check out a company, look them up on legit sources like the Better Business Bureau to see if they are a viable company.

When going through the application process, make sure they have a viable application process that includes gathering information about your car. If they require you to pay any fees for signing up, you can guarantee they are not legit. Additionally, a reputable company will make sure you have car insurance.


You may be wondering how we came up with this list. As with many of our articles, the companies chosen are based on the writer’s research available to consumers. From here, we researched real user reviews on sites like Trustpilot and App stores and checked the Better Business Bureau.

Generally speaking, we intended to give a fair review of car advertising options that offer our readers good information. Then, we evaluate these car advertising companies to make sure they are legit.

Tips To Maximize Your Earnings

  • To boost your profit, drive in high-traffic areas and park your vehicle in areas with high visibility
  • Keep your vehicle clean and in great shape so the advertisement pops
  • Familiarize yourself with the company’s contracted arrangements and attempt to follow them carefully


If you spend a lot of time behind the wheel, you might as well earn extra money while driving. Advertising on your car can be a great way to help cover some or all of your monthly auto expenses.

Consider checking out these companies to determine which one fits your driving habits. 

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