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  1. These are great tips! I’ve been working from home for years! I’ve done some proofreader jobs on paper over manuscripts!

    • That’s great to hear. I’ve worked from home for two years and I hope I never have to go back to the corporate world again. Every day it seems like I find a new way to make money from home that I can pursue if I want to!

  2. As long as we have a tendency to still write articles, books, and anything that may be browsed, there’ll be a requirement for proofreaders. There are not a lot of writers that proofread, which means that there’s perpetually a requirement for paid proofreaders.
    Since you’ll work from home (or anyplace with an online connection), you’ll work as many hours as you would like. This could be a superb part-time financial gain that may, step by step, be changed into a regular financial gain as your skills improve.

    • You’re exactly right. That’s how most career transitions happen. Little by little, you replace your daytime income with your freelance income. It doesn’t matter if it’s proofreading or one of the many other income streams we recommend on WKW.

    • There’s something very wrong with your second sentence.

      • Good catch, Teddy! We’ve corrected it. Auto-correct strikes again, huh?

  3. I greatly appreciate the many avenues for proofreading presented in this article. As an English major, and part of a large hospital’s marketing team, I am often asked by friends, “Can you take a look at my paper?”, or hear the desperate cry of, “Help! This is about to go to print. Can you fix it?”. I thought it might be fun to try my hand at one of your recommended sources for proofreaders.
    I see others have caught some of the, “oops”, in this article. We are sorry. We just can’t help ourselves!

    • That’s awesome that you can find the “oops!” It’s also why I’m not a professional proofreader. You have a talent.

  4. Can someone who did a lot of medical transcription and proofreading break into this field? I would like to try some of the tests here to see how I would do.

    • Yes. Medical transcription is in high demand because it’s an advanced skill. If you have the prior experience and the proper credentials, you should have no problem. You might consider TranscribeMe as one of your first considerations, but there are many options.

    • I don’t see why not. It would be something different and a change in pace. You might even find that you really like it.

  5. Prove our work, not by words.

    • Excellent insight!

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