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  1. I want to start a car renting business.

    • Check out the links in this post to help you get started. I hope you have success!

  2. What about customers getting tickets?

    • Tickets will go on their drivers license record so they do not effect the car.

  3. In New York City, for instance, there are many different types of tickets.
    1-25 mph speed limit fines that are checked by camera — so, They keep a record of how many times the car is being charged and it would look bad on the person who owns the car. The DMV may not be so aware that you were not the one who is driving the car.
    How do you make sure that the person who is driving and who rented it is the one paying the ticket?
    2-What about if the person drives the car through a toll and you are stuck with the bill?
    How do they handle tolls in the system?
    3-With regards to parking tickets that get lost or fly off of a car and you don’t find out about them until many months later, how do you charge back to the person who rented the car the time?
    4-What would happen if the renter leaves the car in the towaway zone and the car gets towed? How is that handled?
    5-What if the person wants to borrow a child car seat? Is there a way to add that to the cost?

  4. My car is located on St Thomas USVI! Do you know of any online platforms operating from VI?

    • Many services aren’t available out there quite yet, but are constantly looking to expand to become more available! I would check the sites and see if they have a FAQ Section or contact information where you could find out if there is something that could work for you!

  5. Customers will be ask for reimbursement but if they don’t want to pay Turo will pay.

  6. What if my car breaks down in another city?

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