15 Best Places to Sell Your iPad for the Most Money Online

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Replacing your current iPad with a new one can be expensive. But your old iPad doesn’t have to collect dust along with your other phones and devices. 

Instead, recoup some of your money. Now is the best time to sell your old iPad. In this post, you will find the best places to sell your iPad for the most money possible.

There are plenty of places to sell used electronics, many of which let you sell used iPads.

Editor’s Top Picks

Buyback BossOne-stop shop to compare best-selling options
SwappaPays well for products in great condition
SellCellOne-stop shop to compare best selling options

Where to Sell Your iPad

The easiest way to sell your iPad is to trade it into an online store for cash or gift cards. You mail your iPad using a free shipping label.

Once the iPad reaches its warehouse, they do a final inspection, and you get paid within a few days. 

A second option is finding your own buyer. You either meet them locally or by mail if they live far away. 

Finding your own buyer requires more effort, but you can make the most money. The trade-in companies still have to sell your iPad for a profit from the final buyer.

It only takes a few seconds to get a free quote from all of these recommendations. Ensure you get at least two quotes to see who offers the most money for your iPad. 

1. SellCell

Trustpilot: 4.3 of 5 Trustpilot score

SellCell is great if you are short on time and want a one-stop shop to compare buyers. The site lets you sell not only your cell phone but also iPads, wearables, and more.

To find the best price for your iPad, go to SellCell and select Tablets. From there, select your tablet, answer some questions, and SellCell will show you the best price offered to you.

The list of buyers are legit as SellCell also provides their TrustPilot score, BBB score, and shipping options. This way you have all the information to make the right choice.

2. Buyback Boss

Trustpilot: 4.5 of 5 Trustpilot score

Buyback Boss is one of the highest-rated buyback programs. You can sell your iPad, smartphone or Apple Watch.

Shipping is free, and your trade-in quote is valid for 14 days. You can be paid by check or PayPal once BuyBack Boss inspects your iPad.

Why We Like Buyback Boss

  • Free shipping
  • Check or PayPal payment
  • Quote valid for 14 days

3. Decluttr

Trustpilot: 4.3 of 5 Trustpilot score

Decluttr provides an instant trade-in estimate for devices in good, poor, or faulty condition. Shipping is free, and you can take your package to most UPS drop-off locations.

You do not have to mail your charger, accessories or original box like other places may require. 

You can sell your unwanted items to Decluttr, including phones, books, and Legos. Decluttr inspects each item to assign a final value. If the final price for your iPad is less than the initial offer, Decluttr returns your item free of charge. 

You will be paid by PayPal or direct deposit the day after Decluttr receives your iPad. 

Why We Like Decluttr

  • Next-day payments
  • Free shipping
  • Do not need to mail charger, accessories or original box

4. Swappa

Trustpilot: 4.9 of 5 Trustpilot score

Swappa is a nationally known used electronics marketplace. While Swappa doesn’t offer trade-ins, you can make more money. 

You upload pictures of your iPad and get to set your price. Try looking at the current listings and recent sales to price your device accurately.

You can’t sell any tech device with cracked or chipped glass or water damage on Swappa.

When your device sells, Swappa pays you via PayPal, and you ship it directly to the buyer. Swappa also lets you sell to local buyers in select U.S. cities. The Swappa Local option helps you avoid shipping costs and still get paid via PayPal.

Why We Like Swappa

  • Can set your own price
  • All payments are sent via PayPal
  • Swappa Local lets you sell to local buyers 

5. Gazelle

Trustpilot: 3.9 of 5 Trustpilot score

Gazelle gives you a free quote by answering five quick questions about your iPad. For example, does your iPad power on? Are there any scratches or cracks? Gazelle will also buy your other electronics.

You have 30 days to mail your iPad with the free shipping label for USPS or FedEx.

Once Gazelle gets your device, they perform a final inspection to determine the final trade-in value. Gazelle returns your iPad for free if you don’t accept their final offer.

If you accept, Gazelle can pay you with PayPal, Amazon gift card, or a paper check. Expect your payment within ten days from when Gazelle receives your package. 

Why We Like Gazelle

  • Instant trade-in offer
  • Multiple payment options
  • Free return shipping
  • Earn bonus points you can redeem for cash rewards

6. OfferUp

One of the best apps to sell locally is OfferUp. Simply download the mobile app and post your listing. Buyers can accept your offer or make their own offer. 

OfferUp pays you through direct bank deposits. Cash payments are also possible when you sell to local buyers. 

Unlike other apps like Craigslist, OfferUp lets you ship items nationwide for items that cost $500 or less. Although buyers usually pay shipping costs, sellers pay a service fee for nationwide sales. 

Why We Like OfferUp

  • Can sell locally or nationwide
  • No seller fees for local sales

7. OCBuyBack 

Trustpilot: 4.8 of 5 Trustpilot score

Another instant trade-in site to consider is OCBuyBack. They offer free shipping using the USPS. Using the Postal Service can be less hassle than finding a UPS or FedEx location.

You can also drop off your device at the OCBuyBack warehouse in Brea, CA.

Your two payment options are a mailed check or PayPal. You will pay a 3% transaction fee if you select PayPal payment. Although it’s more hassle, cashing a paper check boosts your income. 

Why We Like OCBuyBack

  • Instant trade-in offer
  • Free USPS shipping
  • Paper check or PayPal payment options

8. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is too big to ignore if you want to sell locally for the most money. Make sure you list your iPad on the Marketplace and other relevant buy and sell groups. If you sell items regularly, you might already use Facebook. 

It’s free to list and sell your items to local buyers. All conversations with the buyer happen on Facebook Messenger. You may appreciate this if you want to protect your privacy by keeping your phone number or email a secret.  

Why We Like Facebook Marketplace

  • Free to list and sell
  • The largest social media network (i.e., lots of potential buyers)

9. Craigslist

Craigslist might be the most well-known platform for selling items locally or online. It’s free to list and sell. 

Because Craigslist is so popular, buyers may trust this platform more than other apps. List your iPad in the “electronics” category to get the most views.

When you find a buyer, schedule a local meetup. Only accept cash payments to avoid scams.

Why We Like Craigslist

  • One of the best-known online marketplaces
  • Free to use

10. Apple Trade-In

When you plan on upgrading to a new Apple device, try Apple Trade-In. You can get an online quote and mail your device for free within 14 days. Another trade-in option is taking your iPad to a local Apple Store.

Your payment options are instant store credit or an Apple gift card. If you mail your iPad, the entire trade-in process takes up to three weeks. The trade-in methods are the same if you sell your iPhone to Apple too.    

If your iPad doesn’t have resale value, Apple recycles it for free.

Why We Like Apple Trade-In

  • Free shipping or Apple Store drop-off
  • You can get instant Apple credit or an Apple gift card
  • Free device recycling

11. Amazon Trade-In

Do you want to upgrade to an Amazon Fire tablet? Amazon Trade-In buys working and non-working tablets from any brand. 

It’s even possible to sell older models that other buyback sites won’t. For instance, Amazon might pay you up to $4 for a 1st generation iPad.

You mail your iPad to Amazon, who inspects it within seven days. Your payment is an Amazon gift card.

While you might sell your Amazon gift card for cash, consider this option. Amazon makes your trade-in balance worth 25% more when you buy an Amazon Fire tablet.   

It’s also possible to trade in your other tech devices, video games and books. To see all the trade-in options, browse through your Amazon purchase history. If Amazon offers buybacks, you will see a trade-in option.

Why We Like Amazon Trade-In

  • Buys working and non-working iPads
  • Trade-in value is 25% more if you buy an Amazon Fire
  • Get an Amazon gift card for all accepted trade-ins

12. Target Trade-In

Target Trade-In lets you mail your iPad with a prepaid shipping label. Participating Target stores also accept device trade-ins. You will get a Target gift card within a week of sending off your device.

Most places don’t require you to include your charging cable to sell your iPad. However, Target may pay you more if you trade the cable in too. For instance, your trade-in value can be almost $10 more.

Other eligible trade-in items include:

  • Phones
  • Video games
  • Gaming consoles
  • Wearables
  • Voice speakers

Another fun trade-in fact is you can sell gift cards you don’t want. Target lets you exchange non-Target gift cards for a Target gift card.

Why We Like Target Trade-In

  • Might earn more if you include charging cable
  • Free shipping or in-store trade-ins are available
  • Buys 1st generation iPad models    

13. Walmart Trade-In

Walmart Trade-In partners with CExchange to buy your used tech gadgets. CExchange runs the trade-in programs for many brands, including Microsoft and Costco.

You can mail your iPad to CExhange for free using FedEx Ground. Walmart doesn’t currently offer in-store trade-ins. Like Target, you can get more money if you include the power adapter with most iPad models.

Try trading in your other tech gadgets at the same time to make more money. Payment for every trade-in is a Walmart gift card. 

Why We Like Walmart Trade-In

  • Get a Walmart gift card for online or in-store purchases
  • Free shipping
  • Can make more money if you include the power adapter

14. Best Buy Trade-In

The Best Buy Trade-In program also buys back most iPad generations. You can take your iPad to a local store or mail it in using the prepaid shipping label. 

Best Buy gives you 14 days to send your iPad in for the initial quote amount. After the final inspection, you get a Best Buy gift card. 

It can’t hurt to look at Best Buy’s current in-store promotions. They may offer a discount on your next iPad purchase.

You can also trade in devices like Apple TVs, phones, DSLRs,s and smartwatches.   

Why We Like Best Buy Trade-In

  • In-store trade-in or free shipping is available
  • May qualify for a trade-in promotion
  • Receive a Best Buy gift card for the trade-in value 

15. eBay

Another tried-and-true online marketplace to sell your iPad is eBay. What makes eBay fun is that you can sell your iPad with an auction-style listing. Buyers can also submit offers if you opt for a fixed-price listing instead.

Sites like eBay can be a good option if your iPad needs repairs. Or if your iPad is lightly used and the trade-in value is too low from other stores. 

It’s free to list on eBay, and you only pay a seller fee when your item sells. You can ship your item to a distant seller. Offering local pickup helps you avoid shipping costs. eBay will send the buyer’s payment to your PayPal account. 

Why We Like eBay

  • One of the oldest online marketplaces
  • Free to list items
  • Might earn more from auction listing than charging a fixed price

How to Sell Your iPad

Before selling your iPad, make sure you take these steps:

  • Backup your device data
  • Sign out of your iTunes and iCloud accounts
  • Erase all personal information

If equipped, disable the Find My iPad and activation lock features. A full device erase should disable these security tools but still double-check. If you are trading in your iPad, the trade-in site will provide additional instructions to prepare your device. 

Trade-In or Sell Your iPad?

Most online vendors let you trade in your iPad. This is the easiest way to sell your iPad, but you may not make the most money. After all, these companies still need to make a profit.

For more money, you can sell it directly to the final buyer. You can charge prices similar to what the trade-in vendors sell. However, it can take longer to find a buyer if you sell it yourself.


You have plenty of options to sell your iPad for cash or gift cards. It only takes a few minutes to get several online offers and the best price. 

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