25 Free Apps That Will Pay You to Scan Grocery Receipts

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Receipt scanning apps are an easy way to make money on every grocery store purchase. And since we all need to eat, grocery shopping is an activity where anyone can make a little extra money.

Taking a few seconds to scan grocery receipts lets you earn cash or gift cards. And all of these apps are free to use.

Apps That Pay to Scan Grocery Receipts

The apps and tips listed below are the best way to make money each time you shop.

1. ReceiptPal

One of the most flexible ways to earn money by scanning receipts is with ReceiptPal. Unlike the other apps listed here, you earn points for each uploaded receipt.

And the best part is that it can be from any store including some of the following unusual locations:

  • Convenience stores
  • Car dealerships
  • Gas stations
  • Clothing stores
  • Travel and recreation

In addition to scanning grocery receipts, you earn points with most other non-grocery purchases. These include oil changes, buying a cup of coffee or booking a hotel room.

After submitting four receipts, you earn 100 points. You can earn up to 300 points (12 receipts) each week.

You have three days from the end of the current month to submit your receipts. For instance, if you purchase in October, you have until November 3rd to upload a copy of the receipt.

ReceiptPal will not accept your purchase receipt if it is one of your regular monthly bills (i.e., mortgage payment or electric).

Also, payment processors (PayPal), peer marketplaces (i.e., eBay), distribution marketplaces (i.e., Groupon) and games of chance aren’t eligible. Other than that, your normal monthly spending is eligible.

When you are ready to redeem your rewards points, you can receive a cash payment or gift cards.

Also, you can try your luck at one of the weekly ReceiptPal sweepstakes. Or you might decide to redeem your points for a $1 Amazon gift card.

Download on Android or download on IOS

2. Ibotta

The largest and most popular grocery app is Ibotta. Maybe your friends or family have talked about it before. This app is one of the quickest ways to make money on grocery trips.

Ibotta makes it easy to earn cash back at over 300 grocery store brands. Some of the national franchises include Walmart, Target and Walgreens.

Most regional franchises like Kroger, HEB and Fry’s partner with Ibotta too. And you can earn cash back from online stores including Jet and Amazon for non-grocery purchases.

Also, each month you can earn extra shopping bonuses. It’s possible by buying specific brands or redeeming a certain amount of offers.

To begin, all you need to do is link your loyalty card or phone number to Ibotta. Before you pay, activate the offers on the items you buy.

You can either browse the offers by categories in the app. Or you can scan product barcodes to see if there’s an active offer.

It’s possible to save on a variety of items ranging from food, toothpaste and baby items. You can even save money on alcoholic beverages.

Many offers are for a specific brand (i.e., Crest toothpaste). Others are for “any item” like candy bars or AAA batteries regardless of which brand you buy.

Ibotta deposits most cash rewards into your account after 48 hours. After you have $20 in cash rewards, you receive payment with PayPal, Venmo or gift cards.

Plus get a $10 bonus after your first Ibotta purchase.

Read our full Ibotta review to learn more about how to start making money buying groceries.

3. Shopkick

To get started, download the Shopkick app (available for iOS and Andriod) to your smartphone and turn on your phone GPS within the app. You can earn points just for walking into a store.

Get a $5 new user bonus using the code WALLET5.

Once you are inside the store, see what product barcodes you can scan and enter price amounts.

When Shopkick states “no purchase required to earn points,” they mean it. Shopkick will pay you to scan barcodes of items you don’t purchase. Of course, you earn more points by purchasing items.

Also, you can earn points by scanning items at non-grocery stores. And by browsing online stores and watching videos online.

You can redeem your points for gift cards to your favorite restaurants and retail brands.

So if you enjoy shopping or want an excuse to exercise, Shopkick can make it easy to earn gift cards. Plus you have fun shopping at the same time.

Tip: Get an additional 10 cents for each grocery coupon you print and redeem with Swagbucks.

4. CoinOut

Do you buy groceries at Walmart or Sam’s Club? This app pays you a flat 1.8% back on all food purchases.

Fans of the tv series Shark Tank may well remember CoinOut. You don’t have to redeem any offers. CoinOut only requires you to upload store receipts.

If you buy groceries at Walmart or Sam’s Club, CoinOut gives you rewards points. And you can use other apps to redeem single item offers to boost your earnings.

Right now, it doesn’t work at other stores that sell groceries. But you can also get cash back at non-food retail partners. These include eBay, Office Depot, Hotels.com and others.

There isn’t a minimum to receive payment via direct deposit or Amazon gift cards. With a $10 rewards balance, you can request PayPal payment.

5. SavingStar

Another long-standing digital coupon app is SavingStar.

With SavingStar, it’s possible to receive cash rewards at most grocery store locations. You link your store loyalty card to SavingStar and select the weekly offers to earn cash back.

SavingStar lets you cash out once your balance reaches $20. Your payment options include direct deposit, PayPal or charity donations.

While many offers are for packaged food, SavingStar also offers a Healthy Offer of the Week. This offer helps you save money on select fresh fruits and vegetables.

They also offer tiered “One or Many” rewards. These offers let you earn cash back if you only buy one item or several of the same product.

One unique savings tool is their “Always On Programs.” With this tool, SavingStar activates the same offers each time. This means you never forget to activate offers before you pay.

6. Coupons.com

Coupons.com is one of the leading online digital coupon apps. You can download their app and activate in-app offers. Most stores let you scan your store loyalty card to save money at checkout.

With stores that don’t have a store loyalty card, snap a picture of your receipt. Then Coupons.com sends immediate payment to your PayPal account regardless of your account balance.

This app can replace buying the Sunday newspaper to clip coupons. There is more than $500 in potential savings when you buy name brands.

Downloading digital coupons is probably the easiest way to make money with Coupons.com. But you can also print coupons if you prefer this classic method of saving money.

7. TopCashback

TopCashback is an online app that can help you earn cash back rewards for your online shopping.

Most likely, you will earn cash from non-grocery retailers. But look for offers from any national stores in your city. They might offer rewards when you order online and pick up in-store.

Also, you might earn rewards by buying from online food merchants like Vitacost or Boxed. Or for ordering grocery delivery services.

Getting cash back is easy with this app. Type the store name into the app to activate your shopping session. Then the app routes you to the merchant website.

Once you make a purchase in that shopping session, TopCashback tracks your purchase. Usually, within 24 hours, your cash back credits to your TopCashback account.

These cash rewards are payable by direct deposit, PayPal and gift cards including Amazon. When redeeming your rewards for gift cards, you can usually get a redemption bonus.

With the potential to earn cash back at over 3,500 retailers, you can use TopCashback for more than just grocery shopping. You can also find discount codes and digital coupons to save money.

8. Rakuten

A favorite online cashback portal is Rakuten. You can use them to save money at online grocery stores. Some options include Vitacost, Jet, GNC and Blue Apron.

You will never have to scan your receipt because Rakuten tracks your online purchases. Within two days, most purchase rewards credit to your Rakuten account.

Once your rewards balance reaches $5, you can get paid by PayPal or check. Rakuten pays on a quarterly basis.

You can earn between 1% and 40% at over 2,000 retailers. But you most likely won’t earn cashback at your local grocery store. To earn cash, start a shopping session from your computer or the Rakuten app.

To never miss a cashback session, download the Rakuten browser extensionPlus, first-time users will receive a $10 cash bonus after their first $25 purchase.

9. Fetch Rewards

If you like to buy name brand items, you can earn rewards points with the Fetch Rewards app. Some of the discount product categories include the following:

  • Baking
  • Beauty and Personal Care
  • Beer, Wine and Spirits
  • Beverages
  • Breakfast and Cereal
  • Condiments and Sauces
  • Dairy
  • Deli
  • Frozen
  • Grocery
  • Snacks

Usually, receipt scanning apps don’t include local mom-and-pop stores. But chances are, you buy at least one of these brands on a regular basis. So the good thing is that these offers are good from any store.

Fetch Rewards only requires your store to provide an itemized receipt. That’s a receipt that lists the exact product you buy.

You will earn rewards points for each item you purchase with an active offer. For each dollar spent, you earn ten points. These points are redeemable for Visa gift cards, retail gift cards or future grocery visits.

Make sure to enter the referral code C8MNU to get 2000 free points. That is a free bonus of $2.00 just for signing up and scanning your first receipt!

10. Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is available to U.S. and Canadian grocery shoppers. The offers update each Thursday and are available on a “first come first serve basis.” So if you wait too long to claim it, the offer may no longer be available.

Also, you must scan all receipts by Wednesday at 11:59 PM in your time zone. Once the weekly offers reset, you can’t claim last week’s offers.

While some offers are store-specific, you can redeem almost all of them at any store in-person or online.

After activating the offer(s), buy the item and upload a copy of the receipt to Checkout 51. People like using Checkout 51 because you can browse offers from your computer in addition to the mobile app.

Once your balance reaches $20, Checkout 51 will mail you a check.

11. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog tries to make grocery and non-grocery shopping fun with their interactive app.

You might consider this app because you get paid for shopping at any retail store. Even when you don’t buy a single grocery item, you earn rewards. But most offers are for grocery stores.

After shopping, snap a picture of your receipt and wait for Receipt Hog to credit you with rewards coins. What makes Receipt Hog fun is the multiple ways to earn bonus points.

You get free spins each time you upload a receipt, or a refer a friend to join Receipt Hog.

And you can also earn extra coins by taking paid surveys. Or by attempting challenges like uploading a certain amount of receipts in a single month.

You can redeem your reward points for Amazon gift cards, PayPal cash, magazines and sweepstakes entries. Cash payments are available when you earn 1,000 coins which is the equivalent of $5.

12. National Consumer Panel

National Consumer Panel works a little differently than some of the other apps mentioned here. With most apps, you activate offers before you shop. But with National Consumer Panel, you activate offers after you’ve paid.

This app works for all grocery and non-grocery purchases.

All you have to do is scan the barcode of each product you buy along with the purchase price. It takes about one hour a week to share your shopping history and receive your points.

With each purchase, you earn points that you can redeem for cash, gift cards and prizes. They also have cash drawings each week, month and quarter.

As a loyalty bonus, you earn more points by scanning your purchases every week. Your earnings increase the longer you remain an active member. And you can also earn bonus points for completing paid online surveys.

But if you are one of the few holdouts that don’t own a smartphone, don’t despair. National Consumer Panel will mail you a free barcode scanner to scan your barcodes.

Apple and Android device owners only have to download the app to start scanning.

13. Cellfire

Cellfire lets you download digital coupons to your store loyalty card through their app. This app can be a great all-in-one option if you have several loyalty cards in your wallet.

All you have to do is have the cashier scan your loyalty card as usual. The savings are instant.

The nice part about Cellfire is that every coupon is digital. But you can also print coupons to save even more when you pay.

14. BerryCart

Finally, an app for organic food! BerryCart will give you cash rewards for purchasing organic, non-GMO and gluten-free foods.

Most grocery apps might don’t offer much in terms of holistic lifestyles or special dietary conditions. That’s changing with BerryCart.

To reap the savings, you need to activate the offers online. Then you can go to any store that carries that item. After buying it, upload the receipt to BerryCart.

Within 24 hours of receiving the receipt, they pay you via PayPal or gift cards.

15. Basket

The Basket Savings app can help you save money in two different ways.

First, you can activate in-app offers at your favorite grocery store. These offers pay cash back on select grocery, baby and personal health items.

Getting cash back is the primary feature for all the receipt scanning apps. And Basket is no exception.

Second, the other way to earn cash rewards is by creating a shopping list within the app.

After creating a list, Basket sees what other app users paid for similar items. Then Basket recommends the cheapest store for your list. During the comparison, Basket also includes any in-app offers.

This app makes knowing how much you’re going to spend more predictable.

16. Mobee

For a unique twist on shopping for groceries, you might download Mobee. It is a shopping app that pays you to shop and review your shopping experience. Also, you might have the chance to mystery shop at a local grocery store.

After answering five to ten questions, your shopping trip review will be complete. Then you receive your points within 24 hours of completing the mission.

Redeem the points for PayPal cash, gift cards and merchandise prizes.

17. Grocery iQ

Grocery iQ is another app that lets you create a shopping list. And you can download store coupons to your store loyalty card. Also, you can print coupons to redeem at checkout for instant savings.

If you are looking for an app to make a shopping list, Grocery iQ is very thorough.

You can scan an item barcode to add it to your list. Then you can organize your list by aisle. Plus, you can save products for future shopping lists to save time.

Maybe you use a shopping assistant to buy the items for you. If that’s the case, Grocery iQ stores your lists in the cloud. So multiple devices can view you the list with ease.

18. SnipSnap

You don’t scan your grocery receipt with SnipSnap, but you can scan the barcodes of paper coupons to store them on your phone. SnipSnap lets you browse the current offers for many grocers and non-grocers.

If your grocery store partners with SnipSnap, this app helps you never forget your coupons at home again.

19. Amazon Coupons

If you do your grocery shopping on Amazon, you might also consider searching their coupon page before shopping. Coupons are available for Amazon Prime members using Prime Pantry and non-Prime members.

For those who shop Prime Pantry, you know that you have to pay $5.99 to ship a box that can weigh up to 45 pounds. These coupons can offset the shipping costs.

Even with shipping costs, Amazon can still be cheaper than your local store. All coupon savings apply instantly at checkout.

20. Hopster

Hopster is a mobile app that offers printable coupons with a trackable barcode.

Be sure to redeem your coupons by uploading a snapshot of your receipt. This is how Hopster verifies you use the coupons you download. For each coupon you redeem, you earn bonus points.

You can even earn bonus points for liking them on social media. And by completing other tasks including watching videos.

Once they verify your receipt, Hopster will send you an immediate cash reward on PayPal. And you can enjoy larger savings with future coupon redemptions.

You will also like Hopster because their coupons are redeemable at any store.

21. CheckPoints

CheckPoints is a multi-faceted app. You can earn points by scanning barcodes of your favorite products at your local grocery store. And you can earn points for your other online activity too.

These actions include watching videos, answering surveys, shopping online and searching the web. Plus, you can play bonus games to win even more points.

If you currently use Swagbucks, this site will have a familiar platform. However, with CheckPoints, you can scan product barcodes for points. This is one task that Swagbucks doesn’t currently offer.

Redeem your points for gift cards and merchandise.

22. Makeena

Another healthy eating app to try is Makeena. You earn money purchasing healthy and eco-friendly products. It’s is a good app if you want to save money on fresh produce. And by buying those “healthy brands” in the special supermarket aisle.

Other apps don’t offer much in terms of fresh produce. So this app can be worth trying just for this unique advantage.

You can create a shopping list and activate offers before you shop. At home, scan the product barcodes and your receipt. Once your balance reaches $20, you can request PayPal or Venmo payment.

23. Snap by Groupon

You might think that Groupon is only for finding good deals on dining and travel experiences. Snap by Groupon provides weekly offers for food and non-food purchases.

When you want to buy food at online stores like Vitacost or Target, search Snap for discount codes. You can enter these codes when you checkout to see instant savings.

Sadly, you won’t find savings offers for your local grocery stores.

Compared to other apps on this list, your savings potential isn’t as high. But if you use Snap for non-grocery savings, take a look.

This app is better at helping you save money on merchandise and experiences.

The digital coupons you activate and redeem will reduce your total purchase price. That means no hassle with trying to earn a minimum rewards balance or waiting to complete a PayPal transfer.

24. Target App

Target’s App is another app that lets you activate coupons for many different grocery categories. Plus you can save on non-grocery goods.

To capture your savings, have the cashier scan your barcode. As a result, you will receive your cash savings instantly when you pay. It’s just like using a store loyalty card at a supermarket.

Target publishes most of their new offers on Sunday mornings. But you might be able to see new deals during the week. So look right before you shop to see the most recent offers.

25. Your Favorite Grocer’s App

You might also want to download the official app for your favorite grocery store. The deals found here might not be as lucrative. But you have access to store-only coupons.

These coupons can be in addition to any savings you get from other coupons. Or from using a third party receipt scanning app like Ibotta.

Grocery store apps can also offer exclusive perks that third-party apps can’t. These perks may include free delivery or a pickup discount when you order online. Some of the apps you might consider:

Although this is just a partial list, you get the idea. The next time you receive a weekly flyer or visit the store, look for an ad about their mobile app.

Also, it may tell you that first-time users can get a one-time bonus.

Tips to Maximize Your Cash Back

Receipt scanning apps are an easy way to make money on every grocery store purchase. However, following the tips below can maximize your efforts.

In some cases, you might only save a few pennies more. Other times, you can save a few extra dollars following these tips.

Get a Grocery Store Loyalty

Most supermarkets offer store loyalty cards. They scan these cards at checkout so you can enjoy instant discounts. For instance, you get five items for $5 with your card. But you pay $1.25 each without your store loyalty card.

These cards are free and offer exclusive discounts. Sometimes, you can redeem these offers along with any paper or digital coupons.

Use In-Store Coupons Too

You will need to research the terms and conditions of each app, but you can usually “double coupon.” In this case, you can use a store’s coupon plus the app discount.

Of course, not every in-app offer is going to have a digital coupon. But it still pays to be on the lookout for both.

Double couponing lets you earn an instant cash back discount with the in-store coupon. And earn an additional reward using the digital app.

Shop with a Rewards Credit Card

If you have a rewards credit card, you can earn rewards points for each dollar you spend. And these points are separate from any app offer.

But this piece of advice only applies if you pay your credit card balance in full every month.

Remember, the shopping app doesn’t care how you pay for your purchase. All they are looking at is if you purchase the correct product and upload your receipt in a timely fashion. It’s that simple.

Scan Your Receipt ASAP

Instead of putting away your grocery receipt as soon as you unload your grocery bags, scan it right away. Some apps might only give you three days to scan your receipt.

Waiting to scan means you are more likely to forget to submit the receipt. So if you wait too long, you miss earning any money for that trip.

It only takes a moment to share your grocery purchase and earn cash rewards by using the free apps mentioned here.

Maybe you have already stretched your grocery budget to buy groceries at the lowest price. If so, these apps can put more money back into your wallet with each visit.


As you can see, it’s possible to make money on every grocery store purchase. Some apps pay you to buy certain brands. Others give you rewards points regardless of which brand you buy.

So the next time you shop, take a few seconds to scan grocery receipts. Because no matter how you shop, these apps put money back into your pocket.

Happy Shopping!

Which apps give you the most money back? Do you prefer instant savings, cash or gift card rewards?


45 responses to “25 Free Apps That Will Pay You to Scan Grocery Receipts”

  1. Kristin @ The Wayward Home says:

    I use Ibotta and love it. I had no idea there were so many others out there!

    • Josh Patoka says:

      Ibotta is definitely the largest and one that my relatives use. The other ones can be exciting options too. Since Wal-Mart is one of two grocery stores in my town, we have others that use them and like it as well!

      But, I also encourage you to use some of the others on this list too depending on what type of shopping you do.

      • Sandra sorto says:

        I think the best apps are Fetch Rewards, Shopkick, Walmart Saving Catcher, Ibotta, and one that pays you for unlocking your phone is called S’more .

    • Deacon says:

      Yes! Ibotta is a good one. Let us know if you try any of the others!

  2. Marcia Doublin says:

    I want to say that a lot of these apps are so useful. Thank you to the creators for making shopping, which I hate, kind of fun. Now, if you could teach me to be a coupon demon queen, like on TV, that would help me too. I suck at using coupons.

  3. Chandra says:

    You totally need to add Caddle. It’s another cash back app for groceries as well, and it also pays you for answering quick questions, too.

  4. Gilbert says:

    Fetch is the easiest way to earn cash or gift cards. All you have to do is scan receipts and it gives you points.

  5. Mel says:

    I really like receipt hog. I’ve only had it a month and did pretty well scanning all my receipts for anywhere and everywhere.

  6. Jesse says:

    Does anyone know of a receipt scanning app that gives cash back or points for receipts from anywhere that don’t expire? I have around 500 receipts, but they are all about 5 to 6 months old. ReceiptPal would be the perfect app if receipts didn’t have an expiration date. Does anybody have suggestions?

    • Deacon says:

      I’m not sure about older receipts. Most of them allow a week to two weeks for you to claim them. But, the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll start getting cash back.

  7. Vrimee | EarnFreeDollars says:

    Josh Patoka,
    This is a great list! Thanks! I have not heard about many of these apps before. Is there any validity period for the receipts? Like, I can use only receipts that are less than 6 months old.

  8. Leisa says:

    I am new to these apps. Which one, or ones, should I try first. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Deacon Hayes says:

      I would suggest starting with Ibotta. That is the primary one that I use as it is intuitive and generally has deals on items I am already going to buy at my local grocery store.

      • Vickie says:

        Hi, Deacon. I love your input. Besides Ibotta, do you also use Ebates and any of the other apps? It seems like more apps than my phone can handle.

        • Deacon says:

          I have used Ebates before. But you’re right, some phones just don’t have enough space for you to have so many apps on them. That can limit your ability to scan items and get money back.

  9. Marie says:

    I use many. My favorites are Ibotta, Fetch Rewards, Walmart Savings Catcher, and ReceiptPal. I have cashed in many times.

  10. Tricia says:

    Is eBates the only rewards app that lets you manually input your receipt info? I do all of my shopping online and have all digital receipts only.

    Thanks, 🙂

    • Deacon says:

      I don’t know if any others allow you to manually enter receipts. However, Shopkick states you can purchase online and earn rewards so it might work for you. I suggest checking each app you are interested in and don’t forget to also look at their FAQ section. If that doesn’t work, try contacting them directly to find out which ones might work.
      I will point out that many will work with mobile apps. You might try this option to get your rewards.

  11. Michell Webb says:

    I want apps that allow any stores and any items! I don’t have a lot of the big name stores around me to use store specific apps!

  12. Katie Creech says:

    Mobisave no longer works. Savings Catcher is changing to only being able to use it with Walmart Pay after October 29.

  13. Gary Klimmer says:

    I’m a Walmart kind of guy. I shop there for groceries all the time because they have the best prices. I used to use the Savings Catcher App, but then Walmart changed it, and no one at Walmart knows how to use it anymore. As a matter of fact, I had over $350.00 on The Savings Catcher App when they changed the App the first time, and I figured out how to use it the first time. They also stashed my $350.00 somewhere, but I can’t find it, and no one at Walmart can find it. Then they changed it for the second time eliminating the need to scan the receipt to get them to shop for a better price. But now, no one knows how to do that! Now I try to scan the App, but that doesn’t work and I have money in that old App Place Savings Catcher App but also can’t find it. So, they have figured out how to screw everyone out of a lot of money again. I’m very disappointed in Walmart right now. I may go as far as saying they are crooked and know they are cheating people.

    • Deacon says:

      I’m sorry you are having bad luck not only using Walmart’s app but also in getting help from anyone. Maybe a different app would work better? You could always try something else. Just because one isn’t working well for you doesn’t mean they’ll all be the same. Good luck!

  14. Amy Bontempo says:

    Snap by Groupon is no longer active. Also, Savings Catcher is no longer available and neither is Mobisave.

  15. Tracy says:

    Hi! Thanks so much for not only the list but also telling what they require and what they pay. It has saved me tons of research time! I have one question. though. Can you use the same receipt on more than one app? Or, is it somehow voided after it’s been scanned?

    • Deacon says:

      One way to find out is to read the policies, terms, and conditions for each of the apps you are using. Some prohibit using the same receipt to collect twice.

  16. Jackie Smith says:

    Hi. Thanks so much for this list! I will be checking out all of them! I didn’t realize there were so many ways to get cash back! Also, I’m in the same boat as Gary Klimmer – I used the Walmart Savings Catcher and had $120 saved. Now, no one knows where my money is located! This is a shame! It’s actually false advertisement and Walmart could have a big problem if several people are in the boat with myself and Gary Klimmer! I’m just saying!

    • Deacon says:

      I’m sorry to hear that you had trouble using Walmart Savings Catcher. I hope you have better luck if you try a different way to save on your groceries.

  17. Ms. Vetta says:

    Thank you so much for this list! I have never used any of these apps, just the regular store apps and my rewards card. But, I will definitely be downloading a few of these apps. I shop all the time! I have also shared this article with family members!

  18. Gina says:

    I’ve been using Receipt Hog for a couple years now! If you scan every week, it gives you bonuses too! I’m considering ibotta. I do most of my shopping in-store, and I really like Receipt Hog because you get PayPal or Amazon. I use PayPal. It does take some time to get enough points to cash out, but I enjoy it!

    • Deacon says:

      Those two are a couple of the more popular apps that people use. I am glad to hear they are working well for you! 🙂

  19. Gina says:

    I am so sorry to hear of those of you that are having such difficulties trying to locate your saved funds. I did see that Walmart was putting the monies on a gift card on the app under the Walmart pay option after one of the changes – or at least that’s where I was able to find what I had accrued. I went ahead and used my funds early on during the changes, so after the additional ones I’m not sure how the monies were adjusted. However, I do agree Walmart does have an issue if those funds are lost, because those were accrued under the previous policies. Therefore, they are yours to keep and to be honored.

  20. Julie says:

    Inbox dollars is a great way to earn money by making purchases, playing games, shopping, watching TV, etc.

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