10 Best Places to Sell Disney VHS Tapes For The Most Cash

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Disney VHS Tapes

Disney VHS tapes are a collectible commodity for movie lovers who want rare copies or prefer the nostalgia of popping a tape into the VHS player. You may also be able to sell videos that are not on DVD or streaming platforms.

Several places exist to sell Disney VHS movies online and locally to collectors. 

Where to Sell Disney VHS Tapes

Consider listing your movies on several platforms to reach more potential buyers. I routinely try a few of these when I’m selling collectibles. Be mindful of seller fees and shipping costs to make sure you earn a profit.  

1. eBay

eBay sell Disney vhs tapes

Selling on eBay can be one of the best places to sell VHS tapes online, as the marketplace is known for finding antiques and collectibles. It’s my preferred place to sell online because it has many daily visitors, and popular items can sell quickly.

Be sure to include several photos and provide a detailed description of your tape collection. You can also list it as an auction or buy it now to achieve your desired selling price. Seller fees are approximately 15% of the sales price plus shipping costs. 

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2. OfferUp

OfferUp allows selling locally fee-free or online with a 12.9% seller’s fee ($1.99 minimum). You can view the profile of a potential buyer before agreeing to a sale, which can help prevent no-shows and scams. Both parties can leave ratings to help future sellers know if a person is legit.

You can quickly upload photos from your phone and name your price as a seller. Buyers can make an offer during the negotiation process. The app lets buyers see any additional items you have for sale, making it easier to sell several listings.

3. Craigslist

Craigslist can be an effective option for local sales as you won’t pay any listing or selling fees with Disney VHS tapes. You can list your collection through the platform’s app or website. The platform lets you choose how interested buyers can contact you by text or email.

There are several strategies to sell items on Craigslist fast. Most of the listings in my area are for a Disney VHS collection instead of for a single item. One potential benefit of selling a movie lot is earning more on a single transaction and trimming down your collection sooner.  

4. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is another popular platform that I like to use to sell locally and avoid platform fees. It’s one of the busiest social media sites in many places, including my semi-rural community. I can usually sell here when my listings on smaller apps generate minimal interaction.

You will communicate with potential buyers through the Facebook app and can see seller reviews from previous transactions to estimate their reputation. In-app communication also helps protect your privacy, and you can schedule contact-free porch pickups to save time.

It’s also possible to sell online, although sales requiring shipping incur a 5% fee ($0.40 minimum). This fee is still reasonable compared to competing online marketplaces, and it helps you reach more buyers who live outside your local area.

5. Mercari

disney vhs tapes on Mercari

Mercari is also worth trying for online sales as the platform has a sizable user base and charges slightly lower seller fees than other marketplaces. For example, your total seller fees and payment processing charges come to 13%, potentially saving several dollars.

The user-friendly selling app lets users verify their profiles to provide more confidence to buyers and sellers. Buyers can submit offers to negotiate a personalized price. Shipments using the platform’s prepaid shipping labels are also eligible for shipping protection.    

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6. Amazon

It can also make sense to sell on Amazon as this online retailer has many new and used products plus a loyal shopping base. You can list Disney tapes for sale as a third-party seller and ship the item to the buyer when it sells.

Seller fees depend on whether you’re an individual or professional seller. Individual sellers pay $0.99 per item sold plus 15% of the final sales value. A $1.80 fee applies per media item, making Amazon one of the priciest places to sell old movies. 

7. Etsy

Etsy can provide a couple of ways to sell old Disney movies. First, you can sell vintage items at least 20 years old. Another option is making crafts from invaluable tapes, such as an LED nightlight listing I saw.

The seller fees are competitive at $0.20 to list plus a 6.5% after making a sale. Frequent sellers may consider upgrading to Etsy Plus to access additional listing tools and receive fee credits.  

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8. 5miles

An excellent option for major cities is 5miles, which lets you sell locally and offers shipping to long-distance buyers. All communications occur within the marketplace’s mobile app, and you must link your Facebook account during enrollment for extra security.

Service fees are approximately 10% of the sales price, which is relatively low. You will receive payment once the buyer confirms receiving the item. Other buy-and-sell apps may offer instant payment, deterring you from using this service. 

9. Yard Sales

A yard sale is a classic way to declutter and earn extra income. This selling method can require less effort than listing items on various selling apps and meeting the buyer or preparing it for shipping. However, buyers are looking for a bargain and may not pay the top price.

Consider using online yard sale sites to advertise your valuables to receive more traffic. Timing your event for a community-wide yard sale can also help you reach more buyers.   

10. Pawnshops

Local pawnshops may buy collectible VHS tapes, but you should call before visiting. You may also consider stores specializing in used movies and games. Additionally, the pawnbroker’s offer will be below market value as the shop must make a profit and find a buyer.

While your earning potential is lower with a pawnshop, it can be worth pursuing when you need money now and can’t potentially wait several weeks to sell an item yourself. 

How Much Can I Sell My Disney VHS Tapes For?

Sealed Disney VHS tapes typically sell from $5 to $100, but some ultra-rare ones sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars. Used tapes sell from $1 to $10 in most situations, depending on the movie and product condition.   

Several factors determine the value of Disney VHS tapes:

  • Rarity: A Disney Black Diamond VHS almost always has more collectible value than cases with a different diamond color. Approximately 20 videos produced between 1984 and 1994 display a black diamond containing the phrase “The Classics.”
  • Movie: Some movies are more valuable, depending on the release date, customer demand, and pop culture factors.
  • Special editions: A special edition or a limited release of a particular movie may include exclusive content. Additionally, original releases may contain scenes edited out in subsequent editions.  
  • Condition: New videos still in the factory packaging are more valuable. So are VHS tapes that still work and have an intact video case.

Consider selling VHS tapes for money at several places, as the listing price and seller fees can vary.   

While researching this article, I saw several listings from $300 to $5,000 on various platforms. I also saw a few data points where people sold rare editions and pre-1984 VHS tapes for these price ranges, although most people should set reasonable expectations of a few bucks up to $30 per movie.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are several questions you may have about selling Disney VHS movies for the most money.

Are Disney VHS tapes worth anything?

Sealed tapes, rare editions, and Black Diamond releases are worth the most and typically sell between $10 and $100 per item. Used videos typically sell from $1 to $5, and you may be better off selling as a lot to offset the shipping costs and give the buyer more viewing options. 

How do I know if my Disney VHS is a black diamond?

The clamshell video case will have a black-colored diamond containing the words “The Classics.” A similar design may also be on the VHS cassette label. This series consists of 20 titles manufactured between 1984 and 1994.

Is The Little Mermaid VHS worth money?

Depending on condition and demand, the Black Diamond edition can be worth from $20 to $100. This edition is worth more due to the controversial cover artwork on the video case that’s removed from secondary releases. 


If you enjoy watching movies, selling Disney VHS tapes can be an exciting way to flip items for a profit. It can be an effective way to downsize your video collection as well.

You won’t necessarily get rich unless you have a rare movie, but you can easily earn a few dollars. And if you have a handful of Disney VHS tapes, that can mean a good chunk of money.