25 Secret Places to Hide Money Around Your Home

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Person hiding money in a sock basket

Looking for places to hide money around your home? Perhaps you have found your own hiding places over the years, but are they as safe as you would like them to be?

Here is a list of some of the best places to hide money around the house. Some hiding spots are free, while others are products you can purchase that blend into any house decor.

Top Secret Places To Hide Money

Since I am all about saving money, I thought I would start by mentioning the free options.

1. Inside a tennis ball

When was the last time you looked for a tennis ball canister to find some money? It never would be my guess.

Slice an opening just big enough to be able to slide bills in and out. Then, place the ball back in the canister with the regular tennis balls.

Of course, if you don’t have other sporting equipment, it might appear strange if you have just a collection of tennis balls.

2. On the bottom of a dresser drawer

You might think this is too obvious and that the money will be found easily. That might be true if you just placed the money at the bottom of your sock drawer.

Instead, tape an envelope underneath the drawer. People could rummage through your socks all day and never find your envelope.

3. Inside of a Pen

Did you know that can hide money inside a pen? Yep, you can roll up a $100 bill around the inner part of the pen, then put it back together.

Not only is your cash hidden, but you have a perfectly good working pen as well. Just make sure you don’t let anyone borrow it or you may be out one hundred bucks.

4. Under your mattress

This is a common place to hide money. Perhaps so common that it would be the first place someone would look. But it is better than having your money out in the open.

5. Inside your shoes

While we are on cliches, why not add another one?

If you have shoes that you don’t wear too often, why not remove the soles and store some hard cold cash underneath them?

6. In an empty food container

Empty out your Lean Cuisine box and turn it into a safe within your freezer. The money will be cold when you go to use it, but it will be safe.

Or, if you don’t want to stash your cash in the freezer, you could do the same thing with an empty cereal box as well.

Just make sure that someone else in your household doesn’t throw it away thinking that it is empty.

7. Inside a curtain rod

Many curtain rods have ends that detach. If that is the case for your curtain rods, then you can take the ends off, roll the money with a tight rubber band, insert it into the end, and then put the cap back on.

8. Inside couch cushions

This is an easy thing to do because most cushions have a zipper where you can quickly open the cushion, stuff some cash inside, and zip it back up.

Some bar stool seats do this too!

Not only can you store cash in your home using items you already own, but you can also buy items that will blend into your home as well. Here are a few of my favorites below.

9. Fake Electrical Wall Outlet

I had one of these when I was younger.

It was a slick place to hide money, however, just make sure to get one that matches the color of the rest of your wall outlets otherwise it may stick out like a sore thumb.

For instance, if all of your outlets are white and the fake outlet is beige, it might give away.

10. Coca-Cola Stash Can

This is another great way to hide your cash, but only if you’re a Coca-Cola drinker.

Also, make sure that it matches your other Coke cans; otherwise, it might be a dead giveaway that it is not supposed to be there and draw someone’s attention.

11. Barbasol Can Safe

Since almost everyone has to shave on a regular basis, almost everyone has had a Barbasol can at one point. This could be a great way to hide money in your bathroom.

Just hope that one of your guests doesn’t try to shave, finds the canister is empty, and ends up throwing it away.

12. Corn Can Safe

If you want to hide cash in the pantry, then this is a great option. Just remember to actually have another can on hand in case you really need to use the corn.

12. Pringles Can Diversion Safe

This would be a tough sell for me because if I had a can of Pringles in my cupboard, it would be hard to tell our guests, “Sorry you can’t eat those Pringles, I am saving those for a special occasion.”

But if you don’t have a lot of guests, then maybe this could still be a good option for you.

13. Hair Brush Stash Safe

An actual safe that is functional. It brushes hair and stores cash at the same time. This is one of my favorite places to hide money because you can actually use it regularly.

Many of the other options are just for show, while this safe has some utility to it as well.

14. Dictionary Diversion Book Safe

Want to hide your cash in your books like Andy from Shawshank Redemption? Here is your chance. While Andy did use a Bible in the movie, this dictionary will have a similar effect.

15. Wall Clock Safe

This might be a good option if you don’t want to access the money you are hiding too often.

If you do hang up this clock, you might need to get a step ladder to retrieve your cash. However, it will not likely be a hiding spot that gets discovered.

Like the hairbrush, I like this one because it is functional as well as being a safe.

16. Laundry Hamper

Another idea: Tape an envelope with money to the bottom of a laundry hamper. Or put the envelope inside the hamper underneath the cloth or plastic liner.

Pretty much everyone has a laundry hamper, which makes this a convenient choice.

17. DVD Case

Even with the best streaming services readily available, you shouldn’t give up your old DVDs yet.

Keep a few to hide your money in. Simply snuggle the cash neatly inside the DVD cases. And put the cases with money behind several DVD cases that don’t have cash in them.

That way you’ll throw super-smart criminals off track.

18. Lego Structure

I have to say, this is one of my favorite ways to hide money. If you have kids and have Legos around, have them make a Lego structure with a hidden storage compartment.

If you don’t have kids, make a structure yourself and add a couple more to a display area to give the impression that Lego building is your hobby.

19. Flashlight

Take an old, broken flashlight, remove the batteries, and hide your rolled-up money in the battery compartment.

Then, store the flashlight with other flashlights and tools for inconspicuous storage.

Worried about would-be burglars getting suspicious about the lack of weight? Add a rock or two to the battery compartment.

20. Garage

A garage can be a great place to hide money because few people would think to look there.

Garages are often messy and sometimes unsecured.

Think about using your garage to hide your money:

  • Under a toolbox
  • Behind or under a shelving unit
  • Under a large appliance such as a fridge or freezer
  • In a tackle box

Or in other places in your garage or in items in your garage. Be sure to keep your garage doors and windows locked for safekeeping.

21. Board Games

Board games are another great option for hiding money. Hide your cash in an envelope under the components of your favorite board game.

For instance, you can hide the cash between a folded game board or tape it to the inside of the game’s box.

22. Old Coat Pocket

You know that old coat you never wear? Don’t give it away or throw it out.

Instead, hang it in the back of your closet. Put a stash of cash in an inside or outside pocket. Or sew your cash into the liner of the coat.

23. Entertainment Center

Entertainment centers can be great places to hide money. There are many nooks and crannies where you could tape an envelope of cash or stash a roll of cash.

Use DVD and VHS collections, board games, DVD players and other items to increase invisibility.

24. Water Bottle

If you’re like me, you’ve got a cupboard full of metal and plastic water bottles ready for reuse.

Why not designate one of those water bottles to be your own personal piggy bank? Stash the bottle in the bank of the cupboard for extra safety.

25. Printer or PC

Printers and PCs can be great places to hide cash as well. Tape an envelope of cash to the bottom of your PC or printer.

Or stash some cash inside an old, unused PC or printer.


As you can see, there are several ways to hide money around your house, even free options to choose from. Your best bet is to pick the one that makes the most sense for you.

For instance, I have a two-year-old so I would stay away from hiding money in my shoes because she would be likely to find it and then put someplace where it is lost forever.

The Wall clock would be a much better option in my scenario.

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  1. Lancy Pinto says:

    Whenever I travel I use two wallets; one with greater amount of cash and cards and other with smaller amount of cash and credit cards which is lesser value with small change which I need to take out while purchasing so I do not to show off large amount of cash to someone watching. Always dress simply and do not be centre of attraction. Be prepared to give away small amount without important documents than risk physical harm; most thieves will not think you have another wallet on you.

  2. Ronnie Pigg says:

    When traveling always carry some cash in your wallet but your larger roll of cash, hide somewhere on your body or clothing. If you are rob(I have) and you hand the thief an empty wallet or purse your in trouble. All thieves know that travelers have cash. They will pursue their search till stash is found. Mine lead to a bloody mess in NYC. I was lucky to have survived. He should have never chased me. He paid a lot more than I.
    Unless you consider the nightmares I been having for the last 35 years.

  3. Wayne Johnson says:

    Or just trade it all for Bitcoin easy!

  4. I have hidden thousands of dollars safely many times! I’ve simply tightly rolled up several 100 dollar bills together and stashed each roll of money, “but2but” completly all around the rubber seals of my refrigerator and freezer doors! Who would look there for money?

    1. It’s good to have some extra cash lying around for emergencies. That a creative place to stash it too!

    1. That’s not a way to hide money around the house, but it is a way to hide money when you are out and about, as long as it doesn’t slip out. πŸ™‚ It’s not a bad idea.

  5. If I had to hide it anywhere I would get a 1/2-3/4 empty oat meal container and put the money in a smaller one and bury it in the oatmeal. No one looks in there.

    1. That’s another idea!

  6. Nanette M Shekell says:

    I hide mine in crazy places, like inside re-rolled toilet paper rolls. I have some water and fire proof boxes buried around my property. Inside Kotex is another great hiding place. Inside my third bath shut off water valves is great too. I’m focusing on buying material things like gold, jewelry, etc. Now is not the time to sell material items, it’s the time to buy.

    1. Thanks for letting us know of your experiences and opinions. πŸ™‚

  7. Gr. Hawke says:

    Put them inside a clean tampon holder. After rolling bills into it, put it back into the box. I always did this while traveling. I mean, who looks there?

    1. That’s a great tip! Thanks for mentioning it. πŸ™‚

  8. Hi, I have put money in a small metal box and put it in the floor vents. Also if you have carpeting and lift your floor vent, you can put your money in an envelope and slide it under the carpet and put the vent back. I don’t think anyone would think to look there. ????

    1. Those are good tips. Thanks for mentioning them!

  9. Jannette Stewart says:

    I think all these ideas are great. Unfortunately, in 2015 my house was robbed twice, and the thieves tore my bedrooms apart and broke my furniture while taking valuables and all my televisions, including the pennies I have been saving to count on a rainy day. Thieves are dumb but savvy, and reading your comments provides power to those who choose not to work for a living and prey off working class citizens instead.

    1. I suppose you’re right that thieves might read these posts too, just so they’ll know more places to look for your valuables. Hopefully not all of them. However, I am sorry you lost so much in your break in.

  10. I like to hide money in between my decorative bedcovers. I open the stitchs and slide the money flat and fold them at the foot of my beds. Crazy I know but I have done this for years and no one has ever guessed it.

  11. Start up savings account #2 at your bank or credit union that has no online access whatsoever. Have saving account #1 deposit a small monthly allowance into #2, if possible, having only access at your leisure. It’s your little secret between you and your bank. If there’s more than one bank in your town you can have more savings. If you get paid weekly, at $10.00 a week, that’s $520.00 next year. Also, opt not to have account information sent to your home address. If you’re one of those people that thinks you may need get away money in the future and no one else needs to know about it, go for it. Or, get that golf club you always wanted next year. Jason Bourne would be proud.

    1. That is another way to hide money without others knowing about it.

  12. Like everyone, I have things that take batteries, and I don’t use a lot of them. I just hide bills in the battery slots and then just put the cover on. No one wants to take your 5 dollar RC car, crappy alarm clock, or random freebie flashlights.

    1. You can also put nickels, pennies, or dimes in C or D battery slots.

    2. That’s another good option for hiding money. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I keep fake money and jewelry in obvious places (mattresses and drawers), and I keep the real stuff in my daughter`s toy bear. I’m actually convinced that the best place to hide money is a place that isn’t adapted for it.

    1. Those are good ideas!

  14. I like to keep mine under the cats litter box – like if someone would like to go through the cats litter box, what world are we living in?

    1. Deacon Hayes says:

      Haha, that is awesome. I would have never thought to hide money there!

  15. Jessica Rodriguez says:

    In your underwear drawer. No one wants to go through your underwear.

    1. Deacon Hayes says:

      Haha, that is a good one!

  16. LOL. I like the toilet idea. No one would think to check there! πŸ™‚

  17. I like to tape envelopes to the back of pictures and keep it hanging on the wall. I have also taken the cardboard backing out of picture frames on my desk and slipped money in there. Who is going to check your pictures for money? My mom used to do this too.

    1. Deacon Hayes says:

      Those are some great places to hide money. Thanks for sharing!

    2. Yes, this was a good one. But, too many people know that one. But, if it works for you, right on.

    3. That’s a good place to hide your money.

    1. -3.5%/year if you factor in inflation, but who’s counting…

    2. I was pretty impressed with hiding it in a curtain rod. That’s good thinking. I really like this idea. Thank you.

  18. Mo' Money Mo' Houses says:

    Haha. I love the clock idea. It’s brilliant.

  19. My Wealth Desire says:

    I like the idea of keeping the money inside the curtain rod. Actually, this is the first time I’ve heard of hiding it inside the rod.

    These are really practical and helpful tips.

  20. Felix Lee says:

    I usually insert several bills in my drawer, usually on the bottom edge. This has been my hiding place ever since I was a kid.

  21. I don’t hide money purposely around the house, but sometimes I find it at the bottom of my backpack, purse, or pocket of my pants. However, my parents were notorious for storing money in the sock drawer (and still do). With the items mentioned above, I think I’d go with the hair brush (I mean, who really wants to touch someone else’s hair?!)

    1. The hair brush is a good one, for sure. The fact that it is functional makes it less likely that anyone would ever think it has cash inside.

      1. Do you remember those old German cartoons where the guy had a wheelbarrow full of bank notes to buy a loaf of BREAD? Hopefully, it won’t get that bad.

  22. The wall socket is a cool idea! I’ve read about people finding a stash in old houses’ walls where the old owners would have an empty brick full of cash. I don’t think I’d like to have a lot of cash at home. We have a safe, but it rarely holds more than $100.

    1. I remember hearing something about that in the news as well. It seemed like it was a lot of money. I want to say over $100,000 that someone found inside the walls of their house. Crazy, right? I’m with you, Pauline. I don’t keep much cash lying around my house either.

    1. Coffee Cans would be a good “low budget” safe. Thanks for mentioning that one, KK.

  23. Fun stuff! My wife’s dad loved to store cash in his freezer. He also had some hidden in a cigar box above the ceiling tiles in his office.

    1. Hiding stuff above ceiling tiles – I totally forgot about that. That’s classic.

    2. The freezer is one of the better locations as no one would look there to begin with. Do you need more sound reasons? If your house burns to the ground, the freezer will survive. It’s also rodent and critter proof. I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea.

  24. These are definitely some interesting ways to hide money! Right now, we just hide money in my closet. Good luck to anyone who actually wants to search through that mess.

    1. Haha! That is too funny. I often find cash in my jeans in my closet when I go to wash them. It is such a good hiding place that I don’t even know it is there. πŸ™‚