23 Places to Get Furniture For Cheap

Woman testing out couch at furniture store

Furniture is one of life’s staples that you have to have. It can be expensive to furnish your home or apartment, yet affordable furniture stores do exist. If you know where to look, you can get great furniture pieces at …

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10 Best Vacation Rental Sites

A woman wearing a large hat sitting next to her friend at bench enjoying the water nearby

Accommodations are often the most expensive part of a vacation budget. One way to cut that bill is to stay in a vacation rental rather than a hotel. Vacation rentals are houses, apartments, or rooms in homes that you can …

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Average Grocery Bill for 2 People

Person grabbing black or purple grapes to put into a bag and buy

Do you spend more than you need to on groceries? I know I used to. When I first started tracking my family’s spending, our grocery bill was high. Not high compared to the country’s average  (we’ll talk more about that …

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14 Ways to Cut Your Household Expenses

There are two sides to a successful financial equation: increase your income and cut your expenses. The only way that you can improve your situation financially is by doing one or the other. Often times increasing your income can be …

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10 Best Grocery Delivery Services

Fresh produce for sale at a grocery store with prices

Do you like grocery shopping? Or hate it? Or, the problem might not be that you mind it at all. It may just be that you’re so incredibly busy. Have you ever thought about grocery delivery services? More and more …

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