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  1. My husband and I never had cable and we have been really happy with that decision! We save a ton of money and avoid the TV time suck! Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and an Antenna for 3 channels keeps us occupied when we need to chill out.

    • I can totally relate. We cut our cable and havent looked back. We watch Netflix, primarily, but we do watch things on Amazon from time to time as well.

  2. I gave up cable forever ago. I live on a sailboat now, and I get all our shows and movies from the library! We don’t even go out to movies anymore. This has been an amazing way to cut back, and you’d be surprised by how many new releases there are. 😉

    • That’s awesome, Kristin! I was just at our local library yesterday and happened to walk by the DVD section for the first time. I was amazed at the large selection they had! We are definitely going to consider visiting it in the future.

  3. Can you please help me. I live in Mexico. I have a Shaw box and get cable from Canada. They are changing so I need to change. I have no idea what to do. Some people here have Roku, others have Netflix. I have a JVC and Samsung purchased in Mexico. I like to watch the British dramas Shaw offers on my 5 PBS channels. I also watch HGTV and vet shows. I have read a lot, but am confused. What do I do?

    • I would start by contacting those service providers to find out what is changing and how it affects you. Then you should be able to decide whether to stay with them or look for other options.

  4. All the alternatives that you mentioned consume a lot of data. So you must have the internet connection with unlimited data. Fortunately, Spectrum in McAllen provides internet data with NO Data Caps so you can enjoy all the alternatives completely.

    • Good for you! I’m glad you are getting a good deal. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Kindle Owners’ Lending Library is a part of Amazon Prime membership program that costs $99 a year. KOLL lets you borrow one Kindle book a month with no due dates.

    Kindle Unlimited is separate from Amazon Prime and Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. This is a standalone ebook subscription service with a monthly fee of $9.99.

    • Thanks for letting us know. We’ll double check and make corrections as necessary. We appreciate you telling us – not everyone would take the time. 🙂

  6. If any of these options think they are worthy to cause one to cut the cord they are all sadly mistaken. Once you add the total cost these options charge, just to get the more highly desirable stations most people expect, you run into limitations: how many devices you can stream simultaneously, how much bandwidth you would need to even maintain stability, and how much more speed you’ll have to pay for with your internet provider to get it. It’s almost as if they are pushing potential cord cutters right back to their cable providers. Not to mention, Comcast/Xfinity, as much as I despise them, gives more reasonable offers for less cost, with anywhere DVR – both local and cloud based.

    There isn’t a single offering out there that makes any sense for most family homes. None. 5 TVs can easily get the complete Comcast lineup of TV stations, including all of their premium channels, plus anywhere DVR hardware to boot. Additionally, if the cost was itemized apart from the Comcast Voice, and GB internet they give me, I am paying WAY, WAY less than any streaming service out there. That just plain sucks because not one other provider is available where I am, so the competition is non-existent. I, for one, think Comcast is over-priced. But, based on what I would have to pay to get what I want in a cord cutting option, I would be even worst off. These alternatives are only beneficial for single TV homes.

    My take is that they are focused on the areas that get NO cable service because they know it’s a slam dunk so they charge rates that are more expensive for what they offer because they can. It’s like this, if they want my business, they have to have the same TV channels for less and they are so far from it. Also, if they do undercut any pricing, it’s marginal because they are trying to maximize their profits exponentially. Take a look at the free trials they all offer. They’re almost all the same: 1 week, or maybe 5 days, and then the monthly rate kicks in. What a joke. They’re greedy.

    • It could be true that choosing one of these options won’t get you all of shows you could get with cable. However, if you truly want to get rid of cable, knowing what some of the options are can help you choose the BEST one. Then you can make the decision of whether or not it is worth it to spend the additional money to get the extra one or two channels through cable OR sacrifice one or two shows to save a BUNCH of money. It just depends your priorities.

  7. It’s not uncommon for people to pay $100 a month, $200 a month, or more for their cable or satellite TV packages? Are you kidding? Do you think these alternatives are any better?

    By the time you factor in functionality, premium channels, etc., most of these cord cutting options fall short in their ability to even keep up with what Comcast can provide a household. People paying over $200 for cable are also paying for their voice lines as well as their high speed internet, which, mind you, is required to even sustain these cord cutting offerings.

    Also, all of the channels available from any of these cord cutting options are not offered by Comcast. The premium line-ups have to be purchased separately. So, trying to get multiple TVs with full DVR functionality, as well as keeping enough bandwidth for those times when a household is very busy, means not one of these cord cutting choices make any sense. They are over-priced, unless you are a single TV household or live in an area where OTA TV, cable, and phone service is very limited. I hate that Comcast has the upper hand. Verizon was blocked from putting FIOS in my area because I live in Comcast’s backyard. They have all the local politicians in their pocket. These companies like Sling, VUE, and the rest of them, want to see more cord cutting. They need to start putting all the preferred channels in their line-ups and making some offers where packaging premium stations gives a discount. This ala-cart pricing sucks to high heaven. It only benefits those who NEED a cord cutting option. But, it does nothing special for those who are using Comcast.

  8. I take it you have done your homework and it sounds as though you know your stuff! However, I do not know who you are or if you are a “plant” by the cable industry to down talk these alternative methods to cable. Having said that, I need to do my own research and I know I have to start somewhere, so I consider your remarks and opinions as that start. The problem I see in doing research is “who to trust”! Call me cynical if you wish. However, I detest these things about cable: 1) The major cable companies (Comcast, Spectrum, et al) control the perimeters of choice for consumers by, as you stated, “blocking” given areas; 2) If you want to watch a given number of channels, the cable companies mentioned control the “plans” for the channels that include my favorites like sports, local channels, documentaries, etc… I could not care less for the so-called movie channels that show hardly anything but smut movies. I have to pay an astronomical monthly fee to get the preferred channels and pay for channels I do not want or watch. I suppose I could list much more disgust that I have for cable. However, all I would be doing is frustrating myself more. The task of searching for the best solution is to me, much too tedious and not as trustworthy as is being touted by these “cable cutting” enterprises. So, until I can find a more realistic alternative, I will stay with the blood-sucking cable company which I currently have.

    • I’m sorry that you are disgusted, but I understand why you are wary. Keep in mind that some of these options let you try their services for free before you commit to anything. Also, if you have a few friends, as most people do, there’s a possibility one or more of them is already using one of these cable alternatives. Why not ask around to see if any of them do? That would give you the opportunity to receive a review from someone you know and trust to tell you how things really are. I wish you luck and encourage you not to give up on finding a replacement for cable.

  9. As someone who has to watch MSNBC Live, none of these options work for me. I also love PBS and that’s not available either. I do have a fixed income, but all of these other channels are not as important to me. Do you have any advice?

    Thank you!

    • Unfortunately I don’t think there is a magic formula to get every channel you want. You just have to look over what is offered and decide which option gives you the most of what you want. But, if you want to drop cable and pay less each month, there are some ways you can and, hopefully, still get most of what you want to watch.

  10. If you have internet you can purchase an android box from Ebay and download several different apps to watch free live cable TV channels, such as Live NetTV 4.7. New Cloud TV has free channels, or you can get a plan with 120 channels for $7 a month. Mobdro has free cable channels. The Black Panther app has free TV shows and new movies.

    • Thanks for those additional options.

  11. I live on the NC coast and have tried about every type of antennae …including putting the antennas on a pole 20 feet above our roof line…and still cannot get even the basic local channels which are within 50 – 60 miles as the crow flies! I would love to cut cable ties! I would even be happy to receive ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Ion, and PBS without other channels, but cannot even get those! Do you have any suggestions? PLEASE!

    • Do you have internet? If so, you may be able to stream some of those shows. I don’t know for sure if you can get local channels, but you might be able to get ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. that way with Hulu or Sling. Check them out with the links in this post.

  12. For Joan who was looking for MSNBC and PBS: I watch both and have found after cutting the cord that I can have both. MSNBC is live on an app called Pluto TV, which I watch thru my Apple TV or just on my iPad. As far as PBS, I watch it thru the PBS app with the Apple TV also. If you don’t have, or don’t want, Apple TV, I’m sure both are available thru Amazon Fire Stick which is more reasonably priced. I hope this helps!

  13. I live in an apartment on the ground floor. Is there an alternative to cable? I’m on a fixed income and my Spectrum bill keeps going up and up. I get no premium channels and I pay almost $150 a month. Also, what about a DVR with these alternatives?

    • If you’re thinking about streaming content, I don’t think you are required to get a DVR. However, the absolute best way to know about any equipment requirements is to check it out on the sites you are interested in. That way you have no surprises after having already signed up.

  14. Nothing I saw addressed getting the WiFi signal to stream. I have Roku and blu-rays, but I have to use a modem or my mobile phone to stream. Please let me know how to bring in the signal.
    Thank you,

    • Edie, you will probably have to have internet in most, if not all, cases. In addition, some options may require additional equipment. Check out each website you are interested in to make sure of what the requirements are before settling on one. Then, to get internet, you’ll need to call a provider in your area.

  15. OMG… it is so overwhelming to try to save $50 a month!

    • It’s up to you if you want to give it a shot or not. 🙂

  16. Laurie and Deacon,
    Just a note of thanks for the information you’ve provided. This comes on the heels of being on a Comcast Tech Support phone call last night which, again, just wasted precious time and left me more aggravated than prior to the call. I’ve felt so helpless, and strong-armed by Comcast for many years now, receiving subpar service despite countless attempts to have issues resolved. I pay over $200/month for this and I just can’t stand it a moment longer. To me, it doesn’t even matter which channels I want to watch because all too often I’m not able to watch them anyway due to mysterious cable TV problems (the Comcast Tech staff call them “glitches” I guess to make them sound less serious or annoying – WRONG!). Next month my 2 year contract will end (and who knows what kind of outlandish price they will then try to charge me) but I am going to do some homework now so I’m prepared and can drop them like a hot potato. Thanks again.

    • So glad this article was able to help! Cable provider’s customer service is definitely known to be less than stellar. I hope you find something that works for you!

  17. I have Playstation Vue and love it. There have been no issues at all. They have raised the price twice since I started 2 years ago (from 34.99 to 44.99) and of course I still have internet through Cox Cable. But with the weather in Oklahoma, cable was always going out and I don’t have that problem with PSV.

    • That’s great to hear! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  18. I want to change from cable because it is just too expensive. My concern is my son that is a big hockey fan. He watches a lot of sports but more hockey. I need the sports channels that he would watch. I want basic TV, don’t need HBO or Showtime or any other pay channels. Need advice for the best on to get.

    • Hey Kathleen! Check some of the different options in the article. Some of the sites, e.i. SlingTV, offer live TV and give the option to select different tv channel bundles so you are getting channels that you specifically would want to watch! You can try to find a bundle that includes channels like ESPN or similar that would have hockey! I hope you find something that works for you!

  19. YouTube tv , everyone, all live channels that cable has for $50 a month. You can use 3 simultaneous devices and have 5 separate accounts in your household.

    • Good to know! Thanks for the suggestion!

  20. Any of these offers give you Hallmark?

    • Yes! If that’s the channel that you’re wanting, do a little research and figure out which option can work best for you! Some offer all channels, and some give you more specific channels based on what you like to watch.

  21. I know nothing about streaming but we pay over $300.00 a month for cable. If I get a streaming device, it looks like I also need to keep Comcast Cable for my internet & landline, correct? Also, if I decide on a package, can I use it for 3 tv’s or do I need a package for each tv? I’m assuming I’ll need a streaming device for each t.v. Help! Thank you!!!

    • It’s true that you will need internet service as well for your streaming! If you still have a landline and are paying for the internet, you may be getting a better deal from bundling all that together. If you own a cell phone, you might be able to save by ditching the landline and just keeping the cell phone and then you’ll only have to pay for the internet service. This can bring your cost down a lot and make it so you’re saving money by using a streaming service. It depends a lot on what you want, such as certain channels, or if you need a landline, or what speed you need your internet to be. If you find that it is cheaper to go with a streaming service, (depending on which one you go with), you will NOT need a different one for each TV. Services such as Hulu with Live TV and Netflix will only cost you one price for the month, and then you will just have one login that you can use on any TV! I hope that this helps!

  22. There are only a half dozen channels I regularly watch and I like watching videos on YouTube as well. My husband likes watching Univision and Telemundo Spanish channels mostly for news from back home. I have not seen in of the streaming services list those channels. We both want to kick Dish to the curb. Any advice?

  23. Does anyone have any experience with ORBY?

  24. I have been tempted to cut the cord but WiFi alone is 100.00 plus and is not unlimited data I believe. I have 2 kids always playing games and by the time I find other alternatives I’ll be in the same boat.
    Xfinity knows what they are doing to keep you.

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