Most of us shop online because it is convenient and can save us money.

That is one reason why Amazon has become so popular and is arguably the most successful e-commerce site in Internet history. Now, it is even possible to shop for free when you shop through Amazon review sites.

If the prospect of free products sounds appealing to you, then you need to check out these sites to start saving money today!

How Amazon Review Sites Work

Before we find out which sites can allow you to get free products, there are a few important details to cover. These Amazon review sites partner with sellers to offer products for free or at a steep discount in exchange for a review.

Customer reviews are very important to boost a product ranking. Offering a product at a discount is a great incentive to acquire customer feedback and boost sales simultaneously. Due to recent changes to Amazon’s customer review policy, most of these sites might require that you place a disclaimer stating you purchased the product at a discount price.

You complete the entire sale through Amazon and enter a discount or promo code on the checkout screen to get the product for a rock-bottom price. You will still be responsible for any shipping costs.

For products shipped or fulfilled by Amazon, you can waive the shipping costs when you sign up for Amazon Prime or Amazon Student with complimentary two-day shipping.

These discount codes will often be for at least 50% off. As Amazon still wants to maintain a high level of credibility for the customer reviews, sites don’t offer as many free products as they did in the past.

Also, each Amazon review site can limit how many discounts you can redeem each month. Limiting discounts ensures other customers can also find great deals and helps verify you are taking the time required to test a product accurately.

Unlike Amazon’s in-house Vine review program that is invitation only, anybody can apply to become a shopper on these Amazon review sites. If you like trying out products and leaving honest feedback, you are an excellent candidate for reviewing products sold on Amazon.

The Best Amazon Review Sites

These are the best Amazon review sites from which to choose. As you will notice, there are many different sites to choose from, and each one will have a varied product selection to complement your shopping needs.

Each site might only offer a limited number of discounts per item. If all the discounts are claimed on one site, check to see if the item is on more sites. You may still be able to get the free product on another review site.

1. Snagshout

Snagshout is one of the most popular review sites because you can theoretically test one new product every day when you redeem a “snag.” You get a new snag every three days and can accumulate up to five snags at once. They will send you a regular newsletter to make it easier to find snags.

An easy way to find the best deals on Snagshout is browsing their “Under $5” section that includes snags from every product category. While the deals are always changing, one example from this section is a premium Berberine supplement for a 95% discount.

Buying the same product directly from Amazon would cost $19.95. With Snagshout, you get it for only 90 cents! It’s the same product for a whole lot less money.

2. Vipon

Vipon offers a variety of products for 50% to 100% off and is also one of the oldest review sites. They were previously known as AMZ Review Trader. It is free to join and a great option if you want to test several products at once.

One advantage to shopping on Vipon is that you can apply to try 20 products at once. The downside is that each merchant must separately approve your request. Many other review sites treat deals as “first come first serve” with instant approval. The merchants from Vipon might approve you by the next business day, or it can take several weeks.

Once you receive your trial products, you have two weeks to complete a review. Once you provide the review, you can apply for more products to test.

3. Product Elf

Another Amazon review site with a wide product selection is Product Elf. There’s a little bit of everything to try out here from the latest fidget spinner to kitchen gadgets, to beauty accessories. It is also another good site if you like testing products that typically have a retail value of $5 or less.

When you want to try out an item on Product Elf, you click the “Get Coupon” button. Some sellers have their products set up for instant approval while others need to be manually approved by the seller. Once your request is reviewed and approved, they will email the coupon to you.

As Product Elf has grown in popularity so quickly (they have over 40,000 reviewers), discount codes can disappear quickly. New offers are uploaded on a daily basis as sellers are launching new products all the time.

4. Deal Go!Go!Go!

Deal Go!Go!Go! is a relatively new review site but many shoppers like it because you can apply for up to 10 products at once and be automatically approved.

Most products are 50% to 99% off, and there are a few free products as well after the discount is applied. For example, you can try out a plastic bread cutting slicer for free or buy women’s clothing and purses for $30 (70% off the regular price of $100).

Most of the product categories are for fashion, electronics, health, home, and mom & baby. Their inventory is expanding, but Deal Go!Go!Go! is still a relatively new and growing review site.

5. Elite Deal Club

Elite Deal Club is unique in that they do not require you to place a review for products purchased at a discount. Their homepage even states they are not a review site or endorsed by Amazon.

If you like no strings attached, this might be your best way to get free products sold on Amazon! Most deals are 50% to 100% off.

There are no limits to how many deals you can claim each day after 2 pm EST. Each morning, you are only allowed to claim one deal to provide opportunities for other club members. Elite Deal Club sends out a daily email with 100-200 offers. Many people recommend Elite Deal Club for electronics and accessories including phone cases.

You also have the opportunity to win Amazon gift cards by shopping with Elite Deal Club too.

6. Giveaway Nation

Giveaway Nation has a very simple website and a fast-growing membership base. When offers become available, you will receive an email with the products available for free or deeply discounted.

They are reported to send a lot of emails. If you do not like to clean out your inbox constantly, you should probably avoid Giveaway Nation. Otherwise, you can find some lucrative deals on their site.

7. Giveaway Service

For high-end products worth at least $50, take a look at Giveaway Service. You do need to be approved by each seller before you can receive the discount. They also offer a lot of free giveaways too.

You can test cameras and wireless speakers for deeply discounted prices. It’s even possible to get free cell phone cases too. Products are available from the many different product categories listed on Amazon.

8. I Love To Review

iLoveToReview offers discounts on many accessory products that cost less than $10. If you like testing charging cables, fashion accessories, or small kitchen tools, you might enjoy iLoveToReview. They also have offers on more expensive items like clothing, cookware, and high-powered flashlights.

You will receive a daily email about the latest offers and can expect to receive a handful of trial products each week. Competition can be fierce, so you will have to act quickly to claim the items you want most.

9. EtekCitizen

If you like trying out technology, EtekCity is a good place to begin shopping. What is unique about them is that they only sell products they produce with the EtekCity brand label.

By enrolling in the EtekCitizen program, you can receive discounted promotions and free giveaways. EtekCitizen is broken down into four different product categories: healthy living, smart living, active living, and practical living.

A few of the products you can buy include scales, power strips, camping supplies, and other items that can be useful for DIY projects around the house.

10. VIP Amazon Review Club

VIP Amazon Review Club by Premier Deals Club offers many products that usually sell for $20 to $50 for only $3 to $5. You won’t get many free deals which can be a downside. When you do receive a discounted product, you just have three days to post a review. Three days is a quick deadline (relatively speaking) when compared to other Amazon review sites.

11. Dollar Deal Reviews

All products are at least 75% off at Dollar Deal Reviews. Some products are also free. On top of that, Dollar Deal Reviews never requires a review for any product purchased!

The process to claim coupon codes is different than other sites. It is free to join the Buyers Club, and you get 200 credits that you can redeem for two coupons (i.e., 100 credits equal one coupon code). Leaving reviews allows you to get more credits.

Since leaving a review is optional, you can also buy credits for $1 if you do not wish to leave a review or want to supplement your credit balance after leaving a review. You can also earn credits by referring friends to join Dollar Deal Reviews.

12. Deals for Review

Deals for Review allows you to get deals for at least 50% off. They even partner with sellers to sample products before they launch for feedback. Most of the products available on this site are for lower-priced items. But, you can still find some good deals on items you will use.

You have two weeks to complete a review once the item is received.


AMZRC has a wider inventory than most sites because their seller fees are lower. The savings are passed onto you, the shopper, with more coupon codes. So, more people can try out a single product, and there are more discounted and free products from which to choose!

It is easy to filter the deals for free (or nearly free) products. There is a sliding bar that allows you to adjust the range of the discount. You can also view discounts by category or keyword.

Most of the deals will be found in the electronics, sports & outdoors, and clothing, shoes, and jewelry categories.

14. VIP Power Club

Like a few other review sites mentioned here, VIP Power Club will notify you when deals are available instead of crawling through their database and applying for products. Most offers are between 90% and 100% off, and you can expect to pay no more than $5 for most items.

Only being able to receive offers through emails can be annoying, but they do have better savings opportunities than some of the other online review sites. Other users have reported that to qualify for more offers, you need to demonstrate a regular buying history on Amazon and a history of leaving credible reviews. Joining VIP Power Club is free.

15. BuView

BuView is more of a focus group, but it is another way to test products that are pending release or will be soon. Like other paid survey sites, they base product offers on your profile and interests and the vendor’s target audience.

Joining BuView is free. It is also a good way to try out products completely free, instead of only buying them at a discount.

16. Home Product Testing

Home Product Testing has a relatively smaller base with only 28,000+ registered product testers. They do have good offers if you are looking for products to use in your kitchen or around your house. It is also possible to try out supplements, fashion accessories, and other items like sleeping bags.

To take advantage of the discounts, you apply for a specific product, and the seller will email you the discount code if approved. Reviews are optional to reflect the changes in Amazon’s terms and conditions regarding customer feedback in exchange for discounted and free products.

17. Secret Deals Club

Once a day at 10 am PST, Secret Deals Club will email you the latest deal offers. Deals start at $1, and all you need to do is claim the discount code on a first come, first serve basis. An advantage of Secret Deals Club is that all deals are exclusive to this review site. You cannot find them on any other third-party review site.

Secret Deals Club can also be advantageous if you live on the U.S. west coast as other sites send their deals out to the Eastern time zone. If you aren’t an early riser, you might miss out on the best deals if you use another review site.

18. iReviewHome

You can find many items for free or only $1 at iReviewHome. You do need to be approved by each seller before you can claim the discount code. To improve your approval chances, complete an A.R.T. profile that can quickly help sellers decide on your request.

As you post more product reviews, it is also possible you’ll receive more offers from sellers. They look for frequent shoppers who provide detailed and credible feedback.

19. Better Discounts

Better Discounts isn’t exclusive to Amazon products, but you can be emailed promotional codes for Amazon when they become available. It can also be a way to find discounts for other online retailers as well, since you can’t find every good online deal on Amazon.

In regards to Amazon deals, they tend to offer a lot of discounts on supplements.

It is free to sign up, and all you need is an email address as it is a mailing list. You can also view Better Discounts’ deals on Facebook and their website. No reviews are required for any site, including Amazon, to get the promotional codes. But, leaving a review can be a great way to pay it forward for future customers who rely on your experience.

20. Honest Few

Honest Few offers deals of 80 to 90% off Amazon products when you sign up for their mailing list. When relevant offers are available, you will receive an email with a discount code.

They offer discounts for a variety of products, although, health and beauty tend to be the most common category. The offerings largely depend on their merchant partnerships, so the deals are always changing.

It is free to join Honest Few, and the platform has a reputation for being a relatively small and loyal community of sellers and reviewers.

21. Loot Hoot

Loot Hoot has offers for every Amazon marketplace, not just the U.S. and Canada. As a result, it can be difficult at times for American shoppers since many items are listed with foreign currencies and even have shipping prices already included. You can filter by country to make searching easier.

Everything for sale on Loot Hoot is 40% to 100% off! Another cool reason to try out Loot Hoot is their weekly contest for a $25 Amazon gift card. You gain entries every time you apply for an offer, share a Loot Hoot offer on social media, and for each day you log in to Loot Hoot.

To get started, you need a Facebook account. Most sites either require an email address or valid phone number, so this registration method is a little different but makes sense as Loot Hoot is a global website. Joining Loot Hoot is free.

22. Honest Society

Honest Society is very similar to Honest Few but emphasizes the community aspect more. They have a wider product selection, and you can connect and share reviews with other platform members.

They email all offers, and you can expect to receive between two and four offers each week. Honest Society is also rolling out a product launch option that allows you to claim offers directly from their website. You will know when new products are available because of the countdown clock.

Most products are free or discounted 90%. It is free to join Honest Society, and you can start the enrollment process by logging in with your Amazon account details.

23. Trust Review Network

Trust Review Network has some enticing offers on their homepage. You can buy valuable items like unlocked smartphones, laptops, and mini espresso machines for pennies on the dollar. In regards to the smartphones, the regular retail price is $179.99, and you can purchase them for $0.99.

To sign up, you will need an active cell phone to verify you are a real human being. The signup process is free. You can apply for offers on their network website, and they will also send you new targeted offers via email too. The site expects you will leave a review within 14 days of receiving your products.

24. KabelDireckt

KabelDireckt is open to the U.S. marketplace and several European marketplaces. Like EtekCitizen, the product offerings here are for only one brand, KabelDireckt. Their catalog is very slim as they specialize in computer cables. If you want to try one for free and are willing to write a review, this can be a good option to save a few bucks.

25. Oz Naturals

Oz Naturals is another review site that only sells products for their brand. In this case, you can review skin care products for only a few dollars. This site can be a good option for the health-conscious as Oz Naturals only use natural and organic active ingredients.

You can test eight different types of their products ranging from cleanser to moisturizer to sunscreen. Most products cost $1.95 each after you use the discount code sent to you by email. Joining the Oz Naturals VIP email list is free.

26. Product Review Club

By joining the Facebook group and email list, you can receive everything Product Review Club has to offer. Most items only cost $1, and you are asked to leave honest feedback after trying it out. There will be different offers each day, so it can always truly be a surprise. You can apply for as many offers as you want.

27. Jump Send

Jump Send has some of the best deals on the Internet. Physical items are not free, but their prices come close.

You can find many items as low as 10 cents. Sometimes, you can even buy something for a penny before shipping. While other review sites have a books category, Jump Send seems to be one of the few that usually has books available at discounted prices and several free downloadable PDFs.

Because of their large inventory and excellent deals, they are also one of the fastest growing review sites. Their site is also fairly easy to navigate which is a plus too.

28. is a newer review site, yet they have a sizable audience. They currently have over 150 sellers and over 41,000 buyer sign-ups.

New offers are emailed directly to your inbox every day, and you can also browse the savings on their website. Other websites might offer more products on a daily basis, but seems to offer quality items from a variety of product categories.

Discounts can range from 20% to 90%, and you will need to browse through the catalog to find the best deals. You can access exclusive offers by like on Facebook. You will also need to select your country of residence to view all the applicable offers.

29. Brand Awareness Club

Receive offers by email with Brand Awareness Club. Every item is discounted 70-99% and retail for $20 to $50 without the discount. And, reviews are not required to maintain your membership.

If you do receive a discount code by email, you will need to act fast as it expires in 48 hours. They are also noted for their speed as you will receive your first offer as soon as you complete the registration process.

30. Blue Ribbons Review

Blue Ribbons Review also has an extensive marketplace with discounts of at least 50%. You can also receive exclusive deals through their email that can be higher than those listed on the website. And, you can request products you currently do not see on their site as well.

In addition to Amazon deals, you can also find discount codes for Best Buy, eBay, Etsy, Flipkart, and Walmart.

31. AmzSpecial

AmzSpecial is a rare bird in that they charge a monthly subscription fee. For $0.99 a month, you can belong to their email list and save at least 85% on most deals. You will also receive deals several times a day, and there is no limit to the number of deals for which you can apply.

Having to pay to receive deals can be a turnoff for many, but being able to apply for limitless deals can be appealing.

32. TestZon

TestZon was only launched in 2016 and already shows multiple signs of being a great place to shop for nearly free. If it isn’t already, TestZon needs to be on your shortlist. They have products for almost every category imaginable and you can test many for free including video game headsets, swim goggles, and clothing. If something isn’t free, you can find many other items for sale for only a few pennies. 

33. BestOne Review

BestOne Review offers discounts of at least 80% for a variety of products. Joining their email list gives you access to exclusive offerings not posted on their website, and you will receive new offers each day.

Most discount items are related to beauty, health, and clothing. But, it’s also possible to find deals on cell phone accessories, electronics, kitchen, and home improvement items too.


If you like customized cases for your smartphone and other technology devices but don’t want to pay top dollar, you will like GMYLE. By signing up for their Laboratory Programme, you can sample upcoming and existing products for free. They have some neat designs that include marble, wood, bamboo, and galaxy patterns. These products can definitely turn some eyes.

35. Arctic

Arctic has partnered with Ryzen and Intel to test their electronics cooler units as a product tester. Their site can be a “cool” option if you like to make money playing games online. Their products are top-notch, and they are also partnering with two other prestigious computer technology developers. Using this site can be a great opportunity to help influence the marketplace.

36. Review.Directory

Review.Directory is another review site that allows you to sample free products and share your reviews on Amazon or other social media channels. You will be emailed promotions from a campaign director. This site can also be a good option for bloggers as some sellers also want to run giveaways. In addition to reviewing the product yourself, you can potentially get paid to help others enjoy the product.

37. Reviews 4 Success

Reviews 4 Success is another platform better for bloggers and social media influencers than the casual shopper. The registration process includes listing your Amazon profile URL, blog address, and Facebook profile address. Based on your profile and audience, sellers will choose you to test products for free and also help launch and market their product. If you are not interested in marketing products you get free online, it is best to avoid Reviews 4 Success.

Reviewing Products Can be Worth it

Just as you can buy almost anything on Amazon, it is also possible to get almost anything for free or nearly free. Whether you want to join a program with flexible shopping options or only want to join one that offers products for one particular brand, there is an Amazon review site for you.

Keep in mind that you can routinely find better deals when you join a mailing list in addition to browsing the offers on their homepage.

Have you tried out one of these Amazon review sites? If so, let me know your experience in the comments below.

I never knew you could get free stuff for reviews!

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