DHGate Review: Is It Legit?

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Whether you are buying items in bulk or just need to purchase a single product, making sure you get the best price is important. DHGate is an online marketplace that might be able to help you save money on your next purchase.

But before you get drawn in by the low prices, you may have some questions. For example, how does DHGate.com work? Should you use it? Most importantly, is it safe? 

In this DHGate review, I’ll share information and tips to help you determine if it’s the right option for your shopping needs.

Overall Rating


DHGate is a wholesaler marketplace that helps buyers purchase in bulk and get super low prices on what they buy. The company facilitates sales between wholesalers and the public.

  • Ease of use


  • Selection


  • Return policy


  • Customer Service



  • Expansive selection
  • Attractive prices
  • Helpful seller review tools


  • Buy in bulk to get the best prices
  • Limited customer service options
  • Some risk with reliable sellers

What is DHGate?

DHGate home

DHGate describes itself as the first and largest online wholesale marketplace. It serves 2.2 million sellers and 26 million buyers in over 222 countries and regions.

According to DHGate.com, a transaction is completed on its website every 1.3 seconds. With over 22 million product listings, it’s no surprise that it is one of the heavy hitters in the space.

Although the site is meant for people who want to buy in bulk, you can purchase some items individually. However, you won’t get much of a discount if items aren’t purchased in bulk.

Additionally, DHGate supports sellers by facilitating sales. DHGate buyer protection and seller protection is made possible through this facilitation.

Is DHGate Legit?

Yes, DHGate is legit. Don’t let the cheap price listings deter you.

DHgate.com is one of the third-party e-commerce platforms recommended by the Ministry of Commerce for foreign trade.

The E-Commerce Management and Certification Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has listed it as a demonstration and promotion unit.

As of 2017, DHgate platform has more than 1.7 million registered suppliers, 7.7 million online products, and 15 million registered buyers in 222 countries and regions around the world.

DHGate prides itself on building a sound structure to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. They are a leading Business To Business and Business To Customer e-Commerce marketplace that has revolutionized global online trade with China.

How Does DHGate Work?

DHGate.com works as a go-between for buyers and sellers. Here is a rundown of how the site works for both parties. 

For Buyers

DHGate featured products

DHGate allows buyers to purchase items ranging from clothing to electronics to toys and more directly from manufacturers. 

The actual purchase transaction is made with the seller via the DHGate website. For that reason, all terms and conditions (such as the return policy) will vary based on which seller you choose. 

If you have a problem with the order and your complaint falls within the individual seller’s posted guidelines, DHGate will help you with a resolution. 

DHGate does work to minimize issues with sellers by monitoring their activities both manually and automatically. 

Keep in mind that returns are typically not available through DHGate unless the product does not meet the specifications listed in its advertising.

If you do get authorization to return an item, be prepared to pay for shipping company charges. 

Also, if you have an issue with an order, you must open a dispute ticket with DHGate within 10 days of receiving that order. Otherwise, you’ll have no options to resolve your issue. 

You’ll need to keep this window in mind and make sure to open a dispute in time. If you don’t open a dispute in time, you’ll be out of luck and won’t get a full refund or a partial refund.

Fortunately, it’s easy to open a dispute, so there’s no reason to miss this window.

DHGate sellers aren’t paid until the buyer marks the order as received. When you receive your order, be sure to assess it thoroughly for accuracy and quality before you mark it as received. 

The platform uses these supported payment methods:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Skrill
  • Apple Pay

It’s important to note that DHGate does not accept PayPal. 

For Sellers

DHGate for sellers

Most sellers can use DHGate as a means of advertising their bulk wares and other items. 

You can sell the following types of items on DHGate: 

  • Cell phones and cell phone accessories
  • Electronics items
  • Clothing
  • Toys and games
  • Health and beauty items
  • Sports and outdoor items
  • Shoes and accessories
  • Jewelry and watches
  • Automobile and motorcycle accessories 

And much more. As a seller, it’s important to recognize that DHGate isn’t necessarily one of the best places to sell fine jewelry. You may want to consider other platforms to earn the highest profit for this type of item.

This is a site where quantity trumps quality. You won’t find authentic name-brand items here. Instead, you’ll find replicas. 

Keep in mind that sellers are given ratings by buyers. If you’re interested in having a successful store on DHGate, treat your buyers well and give them a reason to rate you highly. You’ll make more sales if you implement this strategy.

Make sure you don’t give buyers a reason to open a dispute.

Little things like checking the tag size inside a shoe if someone purchased shoes to ensure you are shipping the right size or verifying the shipping address so you don’t ship items to the wrong address can go a long way.

Verifying the shipping method and providing a tracking number to customers can be wise as well. This way customers can use the tracking number to keep track of their order, helping to prevent unsatisfied customers.

See the DHGate website for more information on how to sell on the site. 

How Much Does DHGate Cost?

Costs vary depending on if you are a buyer or a seller.

For Buyers

As a buyer, you won’t pay anything to DHGate for joining and using the site to purchase goods. It’s completely free to join the site as a buyer. There are no monthly or annual fees. 

In addition, many of the wholesalers listed on DHGate provide free shipping on orders. However, if you want to expedite your shipment, you will have to pay extra. 

For Sellers

As a seller, you will pay a commission on each sale just like you would if you were selling on eBay or similar sites

Depending on the size of the order, the commission you pay will be between 4.5% and 12%. 

The general rule on commissions paid by sellers is as follows:

  • 4.5% for orders of $300 or more
  • 8%-12% for orders under $300

The higher-end commissions are similar to (and often lower than) what you’ll pay if you were selling on eBay, which charges up to 15% and even more for selling some items. 

Whether you are selling directly or running a dropshipping business, the DHGate website has additional information on selling via the site.

DHGate Key Features

DHGate has a number of features that can make it an attractive place to buy and sell a variety of items. 

Searching on DHGate is simple. Just type the keyword for the item you’re searching for into the search bar at the top of the homepage. 

A list of sellers, offerings and prices will populate. 

DHGate search

From there, you can click on a seller’s listing and get additional information on the product you’re considering.

You can see available color options. You can also view available coupons, discounts and pricing, which are based on how many of each item you decide to purchase. 

You’re offered the option to search by keyword, category, supplier and more as you browse through the site.

Also, make sure to review the seller ratings in their online store to ensure you choose a reliable seller.

Flash Deals

DHGate offers flash deals to buyers. Flash deals are rotating deals where you can get excellent discounts on certain items at certain times. 

As you browse the flash deals, you can sort them by Best Match or by Recently Listed. Check the Flash Deals page often since it is updated with new deals regularly. 

Coupon Center

DHGate coupon deals

DHGate’s coupon center has both monthly coupons and coupons based on specific offered deals. 

Although you can find coupons in the Coupon Center, you can also find coupons on the shopping pages as you’re browsing. 

DHGate prices are lower than most store prices already. However, if you add in a flash sale and/or a coupon, you can get some amazing deals. 

Customized Services

DHGate customized

Under DHGate’s Customized Services tab, you’ll find two options. These include an option to work with sellers who will let you design your own deal and an option to buy customizable items. 

In fact, if you can customize the right item in the right way, you may even be able to create your own dropshipping business

VIP Exclusive

DHGate’s VIP Club is reserved for members who purchase from DHGate frequently. Every time you buy something on DHGate, you are awarded a score.

The higher your score, the more VIP benefits you’re entitled to. There are three tiers for buyers, and you’re automatically entered into a tier as soon as you make your first purchase.

The three tiers include:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

Each level comes with different benefits:

There is absolutely no cost to become a VIP member. Your DHGate account is automatically monitored, and you are awarded different status levels based on your purchasing history. 

Membership is reviewed and renewed daily. Your status may change based on those reviews.

U.S. Three-Day Delivery

DHGate delivery

DHGate also has a promise of three-day delivery on its site. However, when you click on the tab, it will refine that by saying 3+ day delivery. 

Furthermore, when you browse offerings on the site, you’ll see estimated shipping carrier arrival times that are often much further out than three days. The shipping cost can vary.

The bottom line is that you may receive your order in three days, but don’t count on it. Instead, plan on waiting two to four weeks for most shipments to arrive.

You will likely receive faster shipments if the items you’re ordering are stored in a DHGate warehouse. Warehouses are located around the world, including in the United States.

DHGate Reviews

When deciding whether or not to use DHGate, hearing from customers who have used the site can be helpful.

Here’s how DHGate is ranked across the various rating platforms:

WebsiteRatingNumber of Reviews
Apple App Store4.5 out of 5277k+
Google Play4.3 out of 5451k+
Trustpilot2.0 out of 528,000+
BBB1 out of 546

When it came to negative reviews, DHGate did not rank well on Trustpilot or BBB. Negative reviews pertained to not receiving items, slow shipping speeds or complaints about the worst customer service.

Some customers even complained about issues like having a seller send the wrong size shoes.

Here are some DHGate reviews from customers:

95% of my purchases have been absolutely incredible! Be sure to read seller reviews before you buy! Know what you’re getting ahead of time.” – Shara

“I ordered a pair of DC volt synchronous motors from the website. I never received them or any tracking information. My money is gone and so are the motors. Buyer beware.” – Phil Slate

“I’ve ordered several products on here and all have been outstanding!!! Shipping varies but saved a ton.” – December

“I got scammed by a seller with a fake product and the customer service took the side of the seller, the have a lot of scammers and they are helping them to scam buyers, full of fake products.” – Hany Gaafar

Alternatives To DHGate

If you aren’t sure whether or not this platform is right for you, these DHGate alternatives might be better solutions.


GeekBuying has a few features that may make it more appealing than DHGate. First, they have warehouses located globally, including in the U.S., the U.K. and Spain. 

The platform does offer some fashion accessories for sale. However, it mostly focuses on “geek” items such as electronics, gaming devices and accessories, smart home accessories, auto accessories and more. 

GeekBuying tries to ship orders within 48 hours and provides free shipping when possible. 


TomTop offers great deals on everything from camping gear to sporting goods to electronics, fashion and more. 

The company has warehouses all over the globe and does check its items for quality before marketing them. They offer free shipping whenever possible. 

See the site’s returns page for details on guarantees and returns. 


Everbuying, like DHGate, is based out of China. Although the site focuses on electronics, you can find other items there, from clothing to factory machines and more. 

One downside about Everbuying is that pricing isn’t as transparent as it is on the DHGate website. 

To find pricing, you have to navigate through a few screens to get bulk pricing numbers and other information. That said, the site can be a good choice if you’re looking to buy electronics. 


eBay is another alternative to DHGate. This platform allows individual sellers to list their products and enables buyers to get deals on the items they need.

Similar to DHGate, there are selling fees for people who want to sell their items on the site. For buyers, it is free to use the site to buy items now or place bids on merchandise they are interested in purchasing.

Although eBay’s Trustpilot ranking is the lowest of all DHGate alternatives, it is one of the most well-known competitors in the space.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are still on the fence about using DHGate, these frequently asked questions might be able to help you determine if the site is right for you.

What DHGate customer service options are available? 

DHGate customer service offers 24/7 online chat, social media communication or the option to send an email.

If you are interested in contacting DHGate customer service by phone, there is no phone number listed on the site. 

Is DHGate secure? 

Yes. DHGate processes payments via PCI-DSS certification for added safety and security. The site also uses VeriSign. 

What is DHGate’s return policy? 

For the most part, buyers must adhere to each individual seller’s return policy. However, if there is a quality issue with an order, DHGate will assist you with the return process.

Which payment methods does DHGate accept? 

DHGate accepts payments via Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Skrill and Apple Pay.


DHGate can be a great place to get super low prices on thousands of items. You’ll get the best deals if you buy in bulk. 

That said, be prepared for long wait times for shipments. Additionally, try to minimize potential issues with your shipment by only buying from highly rated sellers who have many positive ratings. 

Taking these steps will help ensure you have a successful relationship with sites like DHGate.com.