The Best Hacks to Save Money on Black Friday

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Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping days of the year, will be here before you know it.

Shoppers will be racing through stores and online shopping portals to find the best deals on Christmas gifts and other items they want to buy.

Some of the biggest sales of the year happen on Black Friday, and we can show you how to save even more money on those great deals.

Here are some of the best shopping hacks for helping you to make the most of Black Friday shopping deals.

Use Paribus for Finding Refunds

Paribus is a free service that helps you save money when you shop online by finding sales prices based on your recent purchases. It works like this:

You give Paribus access to the email account that you use for online shopping. The Paribus bot checks your email inbox for shopping receipts.

When it finds an item that has dropped its price, Paribus contacts the store and gets you a refund of the difference.

The best part about the Paribus service is that it’s totally free!

For example, if you order something from Target online, and it goes on sale for $20 off when the next weekly ad comes out, Paribus will contact Target and request $20, which the merchant will then credit to your account provided you qualify for the refund.

So, basically, you get $20 for doing nothing. No more monitoring ads for sales or worrying that you didn’t pay the lowest price. Just download Paribus and it’ll do the work for you.

Sign up for Paribus here.

Shop Via Ebates

Ebates is another great way to save money while shopping online Black Friday deals. When you shop via Ebates you can get up to 40% back on your purchases at over 2,000 stores.

They even have occasional sign up bonuses such as a $10 welcome bonus. All you have to do is join Ebates (it’s free), and then sign in to the Ebates portal before you start shopping.

The Ebates portal will direct you to any of its over 2,000 partner stores websites. When you complete your shopping, Ebates will credit your account for the discounted amount.

As you see your Ebates cash balance rising, you can request that money to be transferred to your PayPal account or you can request to be sent a check via U.S. mail.

Sign up here to join Ebates.  

Join Ibotta

Ibotta does money savings a bit differently than Paribus or Ebates. With Ibotta you use the free Ibotta app before you shop to check offers on the things you want to buy.

Ibotta will ask you to do short, fun tasks such as taking a short survey or playing a game to qualify for the offer. After you complete the fun task the offer is added to your account.

After the offer is added to your account you can shop and get your money-saving discount deposited into your Ibotta account and you can withdraw that cash at any time after you’ve earned discounts totaling at least $20.  

Go here to sign up for Ibotta

Buy Discounted Gift Cards Through Raise

Using a gift card exchange site like Raise is another way to save serious money on Black Friday purchases.

With Raise you can either sell gift cards you won’t use to get cash, or buy gift cards to your favorite Black Friday shopping stores for a discount.

Raise offers free shipping on all gift card purchases, and they’ve got a new, free app for you to download as well to make buying and selling gift cards easier.

Buy Discounted Gift Cards Through Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny works similar to Raise in that it is a portal that will show you how you can sell unwanted gifts cards for cash or buy discounted gift cards to save money when you shop.

One bonus feature with Gift Card Granny is that if it’s sold out of the store gift card that you want, it will populate other places you may be able to get a discounted gift card, such as EBay.

Using discount gift card sites could be a great way to buy gift cards as gifts for those on your shopping list as well.  

Join Walmart Savings Catcher

If you do a lot of your Black Friday shopping at Walmart, the Walmart Savings Catcher program is a great shopping hack to sign up for.

With Savings Catcher, you simply enter your Walmart receipt number and purchase date into your Savings Catcher account.

Savings Catcher scours local ads looking for lower prices on items you purchased at Walmart, and refunds you the difference if they find another store that offered a better deal.

As your balance adds up, you can transfer it to a Walmart e-gift card and use it on your next Walmart shopping trip.

We’ve been members of Walmart Savings Catcher for about three years now and have earned over $115 in refunds just by entering in our receipt numbers after we shop at Walmart.

*Note: Not all Walmart locations participate in the Savings Catcher program. Check your local Walmart to find out if receipts are eligible.

Join Store Specific Loyalty Programs

Most stores these days have some type of loyalty program that you can sign up for to qualify for members-only discounts.

Two store loyalty programs that we use often in our family are Kohl’s and Justice for Girls. By being members of the stores’ loyalty programs we routinely receive discount coupon offers for between 15% and 40% savings.

If you know which stores you’re going to be shopping at on Black Friday, check their websites now and become members of their specific loyalty programs to start receiving discounts and advanced notice on upcoming sales.

Shop on Thanksgiving Day

More and more stores are opening on Thanksgiving Day in the evening and offering online shopping deals on Thanksgiving Day to help shoppers get ahead of the Black Friday rush.

If you know where you want to buy and you can sneak away from Thanksgiving Day festivities for a bit, shopping on Thanksgiving Day may entitle you to extra discounts from certain stores.

See specific store websites for Thanksgiving Day shopping deals.

We all know that there are great bargains to be had by shopping on Black Friday, but by taking advantage of the shopping hacks above, you can turn a good deal into an even greater deal.

Which of these shopping hacks have you used?

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