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Austin Netzley retired in his twenties, and he can teach you how to retire early too.

Our guest for this episode is Austin Netzley, an athlete turned engineer turned investor turned entrepreneur and #1 Amazon bestselling author of Make Money, Live Wealthy. He is also the founder and host of the podcast and blog, YoPro Wealth, and is best known for retiring at 27 years old.

Austin helps the ambitious build the financial foundation and the unstoppable mindset necessary to turn their drive into actual results by building massive wealth and finding complete freedom.

Here are the highlights:

• What YoPro Wealth is all about and how he went from college graduate to finding financial independence at the age of 27.
• His definition of retirement and the lifestyle he is trying to achieve now that he has acquired financial freedom.
• The considerations you need to ponder on in order to get over your fear of leaving your corporate job and pursuing your passion.
• The key components in getting your finances in order on your road to financial freedom including being very clear with your situation and your goals.
• Mapping out a plan to get to your goals by making progress by taking things one step at a time and strategizing how you can get to your destination.
• How you can build a passive income stream by doing research and trying out things to find out which fits you.
• What his book, Make Money and Live Wealthy, is all about and his motivation for coming up with it.
• Mindset, money, investing and the focus topics of his blog.

Quotes that Austin shared in this episode:

“The retirement that we’re really after is the freedom to do whatever we want. Once you don’t have to do anything for money for a long, long time, even the rest of your life, that’s when you are technically retired.”

“You have to focus on finances first so you get the flexibility to follow your passion.”

“People talk about big goals but the key is to lower the bar and make progress by taking one small step at a time.”

“In the dictionary, wealth is an abundance of money and possessions but when you talk to people who are actually wealthy, they talk about freedom, family, health, passion and purpose. Once you understand what wealth is, then it is easy to obtain.

“Mindset and money: once you take care of these two things, everything else will fall into place.”

“Have the perspective that financial freedom is possible and simplify the process. Get guidance and just take it one piece at a time. If you do this over a period of time, you will see that compound effect and it will add up to excellent numbers.”

Listen to the Well Kept Wallet Podcast in iTunes

Listen to the Well Kept Wallet Podcast in iTunes

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