Dustin Hartzler of Your Website EngineerDustin Hartzler is a Happiness Engineer at Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com and the host of the Your Website Engineer podcast. Today he shares tips on how to create a website and how it can grow your business.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Which types of businesses thrive most with WordPress and which don’t
  • How plugins have changed the website world in terms of user-friendliness
  • How WordPress gives business owners freedom to be creative with their website
  • Why adding new content to your website regularly is vital to growing a business
  • How having a business website increases trustworthiness with potential customers
  • Where Dustin sees websites going in the future

Resources Mentioned:

Dustin’s Podcast & Website: Your Website Engineer
WordPress Website Tutorials: WP101
Well Kept Wallet article: How to Start a Blog in Three Simple Steps

How to Contact Dustin:

Website: http://yourwebsiteengineer.com/contact/
Twitter: @dustinhartzler

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