15 Nifty Uses for Shoe Organizers

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Over the past year, I’ve noticed a number of post ideas using simple shoe organizers. Turns out, these nifty, inexpensive organizers can be used for more things than just shoes.

What do I mean by “shoe organizer,” exactly? Well, something like this one at Amazon for just under $10:

Now that you know what I’m referring to, I’d like to share a short collection of ideas for how you can use them to organize your home. Simply click through the links for the tutorial!

  1. Frugal Gardening: Smart and Safe Re-Purposing – The Coupon Project (use to organize your garden supplies in your shed or greenhouse)
  2. The Ulitmate Household Organizer – Hanging Shoe Sorter – Wondermom Wannabe (several ideas for organizing household, garage & pantry supplies)
  3. Easy Way To Organize Winter Accessories: Use an Over-The-Door Shoe Organizer – The Thrifty Couple (use to organize your small winter accessories)
  4. Organize Your Cleaning Products In an Over The Door Pocket Shoe Organizer and Homemade Cleaners – The Thrifty Couple (use to organize cleaning supplies)
  5. Organized Boys’ Bedroom – Organize Your Stuff Now (use to organize small toys)
  6. Easy Way to Store & Organize LEGOs by Color – Kids Activities Blog (use to organize Legos)
  7. Pantry Organization – House Organization (use to organize pantry supplies)
  8. Vertical Vegetables – Instructables (use to grow a small vertical garden)
  9. Over the Door Organizer for Winter Storage – The DIY Village (use to organize your small winter accessories)
  10. Backseat pockets – The Krazy Coupon Lady (use to organize small toys and supplies for your car)
  11. Organize Tanks – A Bowl Full of Lemons (use to organize your tank tops in your closet)
  12. Advent Calendar Made from Shoe Organizer – Elizabeth Joan Designs (use to make a fun advent calendar for the holidays)
  13. Oh Baby! – Susie Harris (use to organize baby blankets, accessories, shoes, etc.)
  14. New Year, New Closet – Playdates and Pearls (use to organize Barbies and all their clothes and accessories)
  15. Small Pantry Organization Tips and Tricks – Pretty Providence (use to organize small pantry items like spices, straws, measuring cups, etc.)

Inspired? Amazon has a wide variety of shoe organizers to help you get started. I’d also love to know what additional ideas you may have! Please leave a comment below.

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