7 Simple Money Moves That You Can Make Today

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If you want to be wealthy, you have to think like wealthy people do. Some of the richest people in the world like Warren Buffet and Mark Cuban are not there by accident. They have done certain things consistently over time which has helped get them where they are today.

Here are 7 things you can do to increase your wealth:

1. Make More Money This Week

One of the best things you can do to increase how much you can invest is to find ways to increase your income. Here are a couple of ways that you can do that starting today:

Lyft will pay you to drive people around. This side hustle is a great way to make money around your already busy schedule. They are even guaranteeing new drivers $1,000 of earnings in the first month.

Survey Junkie will pay you for taking surveys in your spare time. They have over 6,000,000 members, and this company is cool because they will pay you instantly with cash via Paypal.

Swagbucks will pay you for doing every day tasks like searching the internet and shopping online. They have a Trustpilot rating of 8.4 and have paid out over $279,000,000 to its members.

2. Open a High Yield Bank Account

Traditional banks pay next to nothing on savings accounts these days. I was tired of getting such a low return on my money, so I started to research banks that were paying the most interest. I came across Aspiration which is FDIC insured and pays 2% interest. This percentage is crazy because this is much higher than the normal savings account.

They have free access to all ATMS across the world, and they have no monthly fees. Definitely check them out if you are getting less than 1% in your savings account.

3. Refinance Your High-interest Debt

If you have any credit card debt at all, then DO NOT overlook this option. With the average credit card interest rate around 15%, this could save you a ton of money over the long haul.

One of my favorite companies is Credible as they will provide you with lenders that can help you refinance your credit card debt to as low as 4.99% so that you can pay your debt off even faster.

If you have student loans to refinance, you can also use this link to refinance your federal and private student loans.

4. File Your Taxes Online for Free (Yes, really!)

According to the IRS, most people are filing their taxes online these days, which isn’t surprising considering the times we live in where pretty much everything can be done online.

But, did you know you can file your taxes online for free?

While most tax filing companies let you file a free federal tax return, they’ll charge you to file your state tax return. Whomp!

Luckily, that’s not the case with H&R Block’s free online filing product. It really is free!

But H&R Block also has several paid products that offer other benefits to fit any tax filing scenario. Plus, as part of an exclusive offer with Well Kept Wallet, you can save 35% on the cost of filing your taxes with H&R Block.

5. Make Money By Renting Out Your House or Apartment

If you have an extra room in your home, consider using Airbnb to rent it out. Whether you list a room, your basement or your entire place, Airbnb is such an easy way to make extra income.

Airbnb recommends a price for you to list your space, so you can stay competitive with other listings in your area.

All you need to do is take clear photos of the space (clear out clutter!), and write a description that explains amenities and what you have to offer.

It’s also helpful to include how close you are to the airport, public transportation and what your neighborhood is like. The more detailed, the better.

6. Stop Paying Investment Fees

Tired of losing money from your investments because of high fees? Blooom is here to change that.

Blooom helps assess your 401k fees, your stock/bond mix, and the opportunity cost associated with your investments. Opportunity cost is how much you could be missing out on by not investing more, or by investing too conservatively.

7. Check Your Credit

It is important to know that your credit is in good standing. A couple of years ago, my wife had a fraudulent account opened in her name and the only reason we found it was because we checked our credit on a regular basis. We ended up getting her credit report cleaned up, but it could have been worse if we weren’t paying attention.

I use a site called Credit Sesame which will give you your credit score almost instantly for free along with a credit report CARD with a letter grade that shows your utilization. Make sure to check your credit at least a couple of times per year to make sure that there is no fraudulent activity and that your credit is in good order.


What money moves are you taking to increase your wealth this year? Please share in the comments below.

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37 responses to “7 Simple Money Moves That You Can Make Today”

  1. Florence C. Johnson says:

    Well, “…to find an accountability partner that will cheer you on, keep you on task, and get on your case a bit if you drop the ball”.
    This is not my case. 🙂 I already have one who doesn’t care about savings…

  2. Gail Johnson says:

    I want to earn extra money.

    • Deacon Hayes says:

      That is great to hear. There are several ways you can make extra money like driving for Lyft, taking surveys online, etc. Just pick the one that works best for you and will work with your schedule.

  3. Jacob Sartin says:

    I made connection with a personal business wellness company from here, and now I’m building my own business from home because of the connection of this link. It’s given me extra money each month and I’ve paid off 4 of my credit cards. Financial freedom is on the way…Thank you.

  4. Eric Starks says:

    I really need to get into something that is in supply and demand. I also need to be more careful about myself indeed. A man should always keep a plan b just in case plan a doesn’t work for him.

  5. Harry McRae says:

    I like investing, but I think that if you really want to save money, you have to trade commission free on Robinhood (link below in website). Saving is really important because how can you invest without first knowing how to save? Fico Score? Well, balance is usually the name of the game!

    • Syl says:

      Robinhood has many limitations. For example, you’ll never be able to really day trade or use leverage with Robinhood. I’d rather pay a small commission and be able to maximize my profits with a traditional broker than save a few bucks on every trade. Though it adds up, profits issuing margin far outweigh commissions (depending on how much you wtcan trading with of course)

    • Nate says:

      As for me, my dollars will always go to investing rather than savings. Just buying an ETF that tracks the S and P will get you 150 times the returns of a savings account (based on the history of the stock market since 1920).

      Just open a Vanguard account and buy VOO, commission free.

      • Laura Sue says:

        Can you give me more advice on all that?

        • bil says:

          You can create an account on Vanguard. The easiest mutual funds to use there are their targeted retirement date funds. You find one that’s tied to when you think you might retire, and they rebalance it for you. But, you should first get together $5000 to avoid fees. For that, good places to look are Credit Unions, rather than banks. Mine lets you open a Roth IRA for as little as $25.

          • Deacon says:

            There are lots of different, positive things you can do to increase wealth and grow your money. What the right thing is for each person may differ, depending on each person’s individual circumstances. The biggest step is usually just getting started.

    • Bob says:

      If you hardly trade, the problem is solved. Vanguard is an industry leader in low cost index funds.

  6. Jill Gregory says:

    Can you give more information?

  7. Amy says:

    Check your calculator. $400 a month for 40 years at 10% interest is $2.1 million.

  8. JoeHx says:

    I like my Ally savings account.There’s no minimum, and currently 1.25% APR. They also have CD’s providing up to 2.25% interest.

  9. Syl says:

    This article seems to be targeted towards those who are new to building wealth. You can’t invest in crowd funded real estate unless you are an accredited investor. If you are an accredited investor, I highly doubt you are reading articles like this one. So, you should probably remove this as an option. Non accredited investors can only invest in ETFs based on crowdfunding, which is not the same thing

  10. Alice says:

    Is there a charge for this subscription?

  11. Brian Vocana says:

    This is how you become wealthy:
    1) Spend less than you make.
    2) Stay out of debt.
    3) Invest your money in mutual funds, not savings accounts.
    It really is that easy. Most of the tips in this article will help you save money for a Christmas fund, not become wealthy.

  12. Devlet Destekleri ve Krediler says:

    I want to earn extra money but I don’t know how to earn it!

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