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  1. Thank you for the review! These are useful pieces of information!

    • You’re welcome!

  2. So, I tried to open an account with Ally Invest, with $25K, for their $200 bonus and free trades. Because I had an old TradeKing account years ago, when they bought Tradeking, they will not treat me as a new customer. There’s no money in the account and it never had any activity, but they never closed it. The 2017 activity they talk about was them buying the account! They aren’t bright.

    I told them to treat me as a new customer and get my funds, or I will not trade with you. But, nope, not my table. Sorry, we can’t be bothered.It’s very frustrating. Ally does not want new business. Also, they took 5 days, 4 emails, and a call to answer my question!


    Dear Scott,

    Thank you for contacting Ally Invest.

    Unfortunately, you’re considered an existing customer, and as a result, the offer does not apply. You have some account activity that was conducted at the end of 2017. If you would like to close this account, please let us know and we’ll be able to complete the request for you.



    Client Services
    Ally Invest
    PO Box 49050 Charlotte, NC 28277
    (855) 880-2559

    • I’m sorry you did not receive a satisfactory response from Ally Invest. I wish you better luck with your investing in the future.

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