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Do you have an audience that you would like to be encouraged and inspired when it comes to managing money? Need a Financial Speaker that can provide practical advice that people can actually understand?

If so, send me an email with the details as I would be glad to come speak about a variety of financial topics.

My Background

When my wife and I got married, we combined our finances and realized that we had $52,000 in debt outside of our mortgage. This included a car loan, credit cards, and even student loans.

We knew we needed to make a plan to tackle this debt but we didn’t want it to take forever. So I made an ambitious goal of paying it all off in 18 months which even my wife thought was impossible at the time.

She was a teacher and my job 100% commission and was tied to the real estate market which was doing poorly at the time.

Well, after a lot of hard work and sacrifice, we were able to pay off the entire $52,000 in debt in only 18 months!

It was such a great experience that I decided I wanted to find a way that I could help others do the same thing full time. Obviously i needed to pay the bills, so I couldn’t do it for free (although I was meeting with friends at coffee shops and giving them free advice at the time).

After much research, I decided to become a Financial Planner with a very large RIA (Registered Investment Advisor). It was a great company and they were doing amazing things, but I realized that there focus was on helping the 1% grow and maintain their wealth.

But what about the other 99% of America that need my help?

Our story about paying off our debt started to gain some traction and was featured in the US News and World Report. Because of this story, I was able to get on national television, and it just snowballed from there.

I would do more media including radio, magazines, and television, and realized that I had a message that resonated with people.

It was an amazing feeling!

Opportunities to speak began to pop up, which at first I was nervous about. But the more I spoke, the less nervous I became. I realized it was not about me and my story, but it was about the audience and their story.

That I was just inspiring them and motivating them to change their financial story for the better. I can’t stress enough how fortunate I am to help others achieve their financial goals and it would be an honor to speak to your audience.

Where I have spoken

Speaking Topics

I have spoken on a variety of topics, so this is not an exhaustive list. I am able to customize talks based on the needs of your audience as well.

How to Develop a Financial Game Plan

This 60 minute presentation will give people the tools and resources they need to get their financial house in order. It includes:

  • The importance of a Starter Emergency Fund
  • How to eliminate consumer debt quickly
  • The impact of purchasing large ticket items
  • How to earn extra cash on the side
  • How to negotiate a lower price for products and services.

How to Get Your Spouse on the Same Page

This 60 minute presentation will provide insight on how to get their spouse on the same page to help them achieve their financial goals. It includes:

  • Why it is important for couples to share the same vision
  • Techniques to get your spouse on the same page
  • Brief overview of psychology when it comes to money
  • Forms to put together a Financial Game Plan and Eliminate Debt (if applicable)

Topics Other than Finance

I can also speak on a wide variety of topics tailored to your needs. Some examples include:

  • How to Start a Business without Debt our Outside Investment
  • How to Get on the First Page of Google
  • How to create and Monetize a blog
  • [Insert Your Topic Here]

If you have a topic that you would be interested in having me speak about, please send me an email at