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  1. The average person who leans to the right should read this report. Many people complain about ” welfare” but have no idea how it works. Undocumented people are said to be on food stamps, but there are rules which prevent them from qualifying on this and other programs.

    • I do think there are plenty of people from other ethnic groups that abuse the system too, if that is what you are implying. You have a good point. Everyone should find out more before making judgement.

  2. “The average person enrolled in Medicaid in 2014 received $5,736 in benefits, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Some groups had significantly higher payouts. Elderly recipients of Medicaid received an average of $13,063 in medical benefits. Additionally, individuals with disabilities received an average of $16,859 in healthcare benefits.”
    Unfortunately what this data does not show is just how much of these total “benefit” payouts did not go to the “average person” but instead went to the Managed Care Organizations, or MCO’s (MCO’s are mostly large insurance companies), that run the Medicaid program. Medicaid is now 80% managed care where services are routinely limited or outright denied. These Medicaid MCO’s receive federal and state dollars in lump sum capitation payments (per head/individual). The MCO gets to keep this money whether there is over or under utilization, essentially incentivizing these big companies to routinely lemon drop the sickest or highest users of care.

  3. Diversity Visa recipients are abusing the welfare system. The majority of Diversity Visa winners from East African countries are said to be claiming disability and living off Social Security Disability payments in public housing complexes.

    • Maybe they truly need the money. Of course it’s also possible that the East African countries need to crack down on their qualifications for some of those government assistance programs. It’s hard to say without knowing each individual’s circumstances.

  4. The article states that “No undocumented residents are able to qualify for any government assistance”, UNTIL they give birth to a child. Once they have a child born in US, that child (and family) qualify for all benefits…the taxpayers, i.e. government also pay for the hospitalization for the birth of the child of the undocumented immigrant. Check how much California pays each year for health care of undocumented immigrants. It’s astonishing.
    Illegals are very costly to our economy.

    • Thank you for your comments and your viewpoint.

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