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deacon giving financial advice on CBS 5
Deacon Hayes, Personal Finance Expert being interviewed on Channel 3

Deacon Hayes is a Financial Expert based in Phoenix, Arizona. He has been featured all over the press, including the US News and World Report, CNN Money, MSN Money, Yahoo Finance and more.

He is passionate about helping people get their finances on track and he is available to speak on personal finance related topics as well as to do media appearances when an expert is needed.

His Story

As a wood flooring salesman, Deacon realized that he had accumulated $52,000 in consumer debt. Being fed up with being in debt, Deacon decided to study sound financial principles by reading books, watching videos and even taking a personal finance class.

After developing what he calls a Financial Game Plan, he was able to eliminate the entire $52,000 in debt in 18 months. Being fired up from the whole experience, he decided to pursue a career in Financial Planning for a large investment advisory firm.

He began to realize quickly that the people he worked with as a Financial Planner were mostly high net-worth individuals and they had, for the most part, been successful with money. He had a heart for the average individual and knew that this would not be his long term career.

In February of 2013, Deacon was presented an opportunity to share his debt success story on Fox News and at that point he knew there was a greater way to impact the average guy.

He quit his job as a Financial Planner to start his own business of helping people with their finances through his site Well Kept Wallet. This switch was exactly what he was looking for.

He was able to reach average people with sound personal finance principles to help them get out of debt as well as help them achieve the rest of their financial goals.

Press Appearances by deacon hayes
Deacon on jobs that pay six figures per year

More About Deacon

Deacon and his wife, Kim, first met as part of a bible study back in 2008. The two graduated from Arizona State University – Kim earning a Master’s degree in education and Deacon in philosophy and business. The two currently live in North Phoenix with their son, Finn, and daughter Avery.

Since beginning his career as a financial expert and coach, Deacon has devoted his time to improving others’ financial situations, and, in so doing, to improving their lives. In what free-time he does have, Deacon enjoys spending his afternoons with his son and pursuing various entrepreneurial side-projects. Having offered his financial services to people from all walks of life, he has helped thousands since founding Well Kept Wallet!

Interview Topics

There are a variety of personal finance topics that he can speak on, here are a number of options.

How to Pay Off Debt

How tracking your finances, taking classes and planning ahead helped he and his wife to eliminate their debt.

Tips for Financial Success

A series of tips for helping to get your finances in order, such as surrounding yourself with successful people, talking about money and slashing the big things.

Marriage and Money

How financial tracking may significantly contribute to both financial and personal freedom.

Financial Resolutions Everyone Should Make

Deacon discusses universally applicable financial strategies like creating a financial nest egg for retirement and sticking to a budget.

Eliminating Consumer Debt Quickly

A detailed talk on how to eliminate debt using the “debt snowball method” – paying off the smallest things and working your way up for paying off debt.

Creating a Financial Game Plan

How the first step to financial success is creating a plan of action.

Why Discussing Money is Important

How he and his wife’s original decision to not discuss money before marriage contributed to their accruing more than $52,000 in debt.

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