I drink coffee almost every day and it can be an expensive habit. If you own a Keurig, which is a single cup coffee maker, then you know how pricey it can be for just one cup of coffee. I was at a Starbucks yesterday and a 12 pack of Pikes Place K-cups was $11.95 which comes out to about $1 per cup of coffee.

Although you can buy other brands of K-cups that are cheaper, it still generally comes out to .50 cents or more for one cup of coffee. In order to save money with my Keurig, I use the Ekobrew reusable K-Cup. This saves me hundreds of dollars per year and all I have to do is buy coffee that is ground and fill the K-cup myself.

Reusable K-cup


A reusable K-cup can save you hundreds per year on coffee.

Why the refillable cup saves me so much money

Yesterday I decided to get a 1/4lb of Starbucks Pikes Place ground coffee. They ground the coffee right in front of me and it only cost $2.98. I then figured out that in order to fill the refillable k-cup, it takes about 1/8 of a cup of ground coffee to fill it to the line. I was able to get 15 scoops from the bag which means that I could have about 15 cups of (10 oz) coffee for a total of $2.98!

Let’s compare some of our single cup of coffee options

The long-term savings

It is amazing how much every penny adds up over time. If I was to buy just a tall coffee from Starbucks every day of the week, it would end up costing me just over $600 per year. Now, if I was to have one cup of coffee using the Ekobrew Refillable cup, it would only cost me $72 for a year’s worth of coffee! I understand that it is very rare to find someone who will buy coffee at Starbucks every day, however, this helps to show how great the savings is to have a refillable cup for the Keurig versus buying a cup from a store.

What to keep in mind when grinding the coffee

When you go to have the coffee ground, it does matter how fine the coffee is ground. There are essentially two ways to grind:

A Fine Grind – The finer you grind the coffee, the slower the water will pass through the refillable cup. This is great if you like your coffee to have a bold taste. You do not want a grind that is too fine because that could potentially cause the Keurig to back up and you may get some overflow.

A Coarse Grind – With a coarser grind, water will pass through the refillable cup faster. Because of this, the coffee will not be as strong. If you like a milder cup of coffee than a coarser grind would be your best option.

Want to start saving money with your Keurig? You can buy the Ekobrew reusable k cup for the Keurig for only $10.99 right now on Amazon!

Note: This post was revised on 5/13/2013 when I realized that Starbucks had accidentally given me 1/2 lb instead of 1/4 lb. The article has been updated to reflect the most accurate information.

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