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  1. I have the My K cup thanks to my husband who gave me a Keurig AND the cup for Christmas in 2011. You are right. It is a huge savings, AND I get to continue to use the brand of coffee I enjoy. I get my beans locally at a coffee shop and they certainly don’t package it up in little cups.

    • My wife did the same thing as she bought the Keurig as a Christmas gift for me. I’m glad to hear that you are a fan as well!

  2. I’m not a K-cup guy only because I like how a paper filter gets rid of the oils and such. I don’t particularly enjoy them and they appear in my coffee cup otherwise. If you don’t mind that, then your suggestion is spot on.

    • They actually have paper filters that you can use with the Keurig as well. 🙂 You can find them on Amazon. They’re called EZ-Cup Filter Perfect Pod Filters.

  3. I didn’t even know about this. Thanks for the info, Deacon. We have a grinder at home and that is the best coffee. I might have to put this on the wish list.

  4. I recently heard about the reusable K-cup inserts and they are a great idea. From what I’ve heard, that same reusable pod isn’t available on Tassimo and other pod coffee makers. It’s a really great idea and it definitely reduces the cost of a cup. Thankfully, I don’t like coffee so I haven’t added the cost of coffee yet to my wallet.

  5. You can save that much? Nice. That’s a really good deal. I’m going to get myself a Keurig and brew my own cup of coffee.

  6. I have a quick question. Wouldn’t the 1/2 lb really be $6 and then 40 cents instead? Then it’s not that great of a deal unless you can get a deal on buying the coffee….

    • The half pound of coffee would produce about 30 cups and therefore would still be about 20 cents per cup. However, I have switched to generic store brand coffee now which comes out to less than 10 cents per cup!

  7. What measurement should I use for filling the resueable K cup? I’m a novice at coffee.

    • Well, it really depends somewhat on your personal preference. If you like strong coffee you may want it a bit fuller. If you like a milder taste, don’t put as much coffee in it. Experiment a few times to find out what you like best! I hope you enjoy it!

  8. I use the reusable cup and I get grounds in my cup every time! What am I doing wrong?

    • Sometimes it helps to make sure you don’t overfill the cup and make sure you don’t turn the cup the wrong way or you could puncture the screen in the bottom of it. Also, you can get tiny filters to insert into it to hold the coffee. Some people use those to keep from getting grounds in the cup. Lastly, if you are grinding your own coffee, or having someone do it for you from whole beans, make sure it isn’t ground too fine. I hope some of those tips help.

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