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Lemonade Insurance Review

Life happens. Bad things happen to cars, homes, and even apartments. Although you may be lucky for years at a time, it is likely that you will need to file an insurance claim at some point. If you have already

auto insurance featured

15 Best (And Cheap) Auto Insurance Companies

Most American households own a car. One expense you can’t avoid is auto insurance. With so many auto insurance companies to choose from, it can be hard to choose. For a few minutes, forget about the jingles and celebrity endorsements.

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Bestow Life Insurance Review

If you want to provide a good sense of financial security for your family, life insurance is an essential purchase. This review will help you decide if Bestow Life Insurance is for you. For most people, term life insurance is the

Next business insurance

Next Insurance Review: Is It Right For Your Small Business?

Small business insurance is essential if you want to protect your finances and reputation. As a result, it’s vital to find the right coverage at a competitive price.  Next Insurance offers policies that will financially protect your company from injuries

AIG Life Insurance Review

Let’s be real: Most people don’t want to think about death at all, let alone sit down and make a plan for theirs. However, that’s precisely what shopping for life insurance requires you to do. While the process may be

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10 Best Disability Insurance Companies

Disability insurance is an important tool in a person’s finance arsenal that often goes ignored. Building a solid emergency fund is a good start. Still, it will only carry you so far if you become disabled and can’t work for

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What Happens To Student Loan Debt When You Die?

The question of what happens to student loan debt when you die is complex because the answer depends on a variety of factors. Since part of working to be financially stable means having plans for your money both before and

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10 Ways to Get Cheap Health Insurance

Even if you are young and healthy, it’s crucial that you have health coverage to protect against injuries or medical scares. But health insurance isn’t always cheap. Even low-cost plans can cost you hundreds of dollars a month. In fact,

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9 Best Burial Insurance Companies

When it’s your time to go, you may end up leaving your loved ones with thousands of dollars in expenses for a proper funeral. It’s not be a pleasant thing to think about, it is something you may want to

Haven Life Insurance Review

When you’re looking for a life insurance policy, there are many options on the market. A quick Google search for “term life insurance” returns about 369 million results. This makes it difficult to wade through all the information and purchase